liandry's torment vs morellonomicon

2018L - 2,880 = 862 Hp heal. Each increase of W will apply certain % of speed in the soldier(20%), so it would be 0,828 and for the lvl 18 will be 1,356. So for Liandry's, get it cuz you like an early Haunting Guise for the early game and upgrade it as your 6th item or if you are a champion that builds fairly tanky but deals magic damage. If your champion has high base damage but low ratios (Like Vel'Koz, for example), then you want to get those base damages thrown out as often as possible- thus the CDR from Morellonomicon. That's likely going to inflate the numbers pretty significantly in Liandry's favor. That's pretty much it, but examples of the champs which Morello's destroys is Mundo, Zac, Soraka (land a Morello's proc on multiple members before Soraka W-R's them and that's huge), Nid etc. For Morello's, you only really wanna get it if they have a champion that you need it for and/or they are all AD. Then, I complete the Liandry's as a last item. Liandry states as L, Morello states as M. Clarification: This was tasted in dummies, which they have 10,000 of hp. So this comes down to the question of whether you should get an item because it counters the enemy team, or because your champion benefits from it. So based on gut feeling I have always been building Lyiandry's Torment on Ziggs and almost never building Morellonomicon. People that get Morellos are either mages that don't need the mana as badly from Athene's but still need CDR(Brand as an example), Mages that traditionally get Athenes, but are laning against and AD champion and are replacing the Athene's with Morellos/Tear to avoid wasting gold on the MR. Liandry's is really best on a small number of champs because most AP mids scale better off of flat AP. If you did this in the practice tool and did this on target dummies, of course the liandries is gonna do massive damage, it deals a percentage of the enemy's max health, which in this case is 10000. That's actually pretty high MR, and reduces the effectiveness of Morellos a lot, especially if you also have sorc boots. Liandry's is good for sustained damage casters and generally benefits long range champions too. 2)How did we get here? It reduces healing once bellow 40% HP, so champs like Riven and Zed have a harder time sustaining after a trade, which should allow you to kill them fairly easily in extended trades or reengages. Joe Biden and the Launch of the Iraq War (narrat... Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H [Official Video]. This can help pro players and normal players to know which items are much better in just 10 seconds of doing the maths. (If the other team has nobody you can assassinate for example). It's an especially good pick up if you have to lane against an AD mid (Riven, Zed, etc.). I've been reading some guides and some state to get either of these two items. In general champs with dot make best use of Liandrys. Liandries is deadly on damage over time mages. Well if you don't need grievous wounds then morello is garbage. For any person that doesn't know anything about maths I recommend the book called Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang (Will take you from 1 to 2 years to finish it). However, it would be a choice between athenes and morello, not morello and liandries. Well why not buy Bramble vest for 1100g or executioner for 800g? The longer the cool down, the more effective the reduction. I used Ryze Q, Karthus Q, and Akali Q as case studies for Liandry's, showing the effective AP that the item provides to each ability for given health values and burn amounts. Champions who should not be gettting this are bursty casters such as Kat, Lux, and Fizz, as these champions don't benefit much from the passive, and instead would be better off focusing on burst through masses of AP. I personally dislike Liandry's in most situations as it is very expensive and doesn't give much stats. Which I will assume the healing of 160 will be 9 * 160 // 18 * 160 from the enemy per auto. Vel'Koz is an excellent candidate for having both of these items. here. Im so trying liandries on shyvana on a game soon. Most of it has been covered, but you should also note that Liandrys passive damage doubles on champions that are movement impaired so its more effective on champions like Anivia (Ult/Q), Teemo (shrooms), Cass (W/ult), etc. So messing around for this season I've been underwhelmed with the power boost from Morello and have almost always done Liandry's first item on Ziggs. 8 autos at lvl 1 will take 9,6 seconds. Apparently 90% of the Pro players have a hard on for Morello's still. Liandry's is for casters who rely on magic pen, or need the magic pen for their high poke and DoT such as Cassiopeia, and the magic pen for Elise and Kennen (Although I wouldn't rush a Liandrys on Kennen, Guise first.) So we assume the enemy has 20%, he attacks from 9 to 18 times, during 8 seconds, and the healing he will take from the 20% is 1,440 and 2,880 but applying the Grievous Wounds will be 864 and 1,728. The 2 situations that call for a Morellonomicon are against a lot of HP stacking champs (like Mundo) and heavy AD comps. Ziggs . Otherwise, go Athene's. I'm just wondering if I'm overlooking certain specific types of abilities which make these items quite good for certain champions. It has given me great insight that just building AP isn't what every AP champ needs. Yet I have to commend you on actually using stats to show that liandries indeed is a very strong item for damage. Numerous pros, academy players, twitch streamers, twitch chatters, and randoms on twitter. We see lots of lck pros still taking morellos. Liandrys also synergizes nicely with Brand because of his passive. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the leagueoflegends community. And because base damage can't be increased by any means (and building AP won't help much in the damage department on low-ratio champions/skills), Liandry's MPen helps your base damages approach their true value, which is about as much scaling as you can give them. The best way to illustrate this would likely be using actual examples from actual games, partially because lvl 1 is pretty irrelevant as well when it comes to complete items. These two items together are good on people with high base damage but low-ish AP ratios on low-CD abilities. Morellonomicon is good for the CDR and manaregen it provides, as well as obviously countering anything with strong heals (as you mentioned Nid, also Mundo for example). It's also very good against teams such as Swain/Vlad/Zac/Fiddle, who have insane spellvamp/lifesteal due to the grievous wounds passive, which reduces 50% healing. Let's apply Time but remember, it's relative xdxd, jk. People seriously underestimate Dcap, imo. The question then changes to "Will Liandrys damage be higher than the negated healing?". (Bonus speed W lvl 1 + 20%), The runes I picked was, from Inspiration, Unsealed Spellbook, Perfect Timing, Minion Desmaterializer, Cosmic Insight, and then from Precision I pick Presence of Mind and Legend: Bloodline this test was approached in the Taiwan Garena Server patch 10.3, During this process I notice some bugs, I will detail them down, in this post of .txt. in terms of dmg output might be and should be. At lvl 1 Azir 8 Autos Liandry and Morello (L and M) = 6,624 seconds. So we assume that he has 100 magic resist and he does 800 of dmg which the 20% of it heals 160. There's another efficient way to test these things, the methods can be tested with an API and creating a formula for the item comparison. The effectiveness of grievous wounds items is a popular topic these days. And for the AD thing, I still recommend you build Athene's over Morello's if you find yourself running oom with Morello's, just wait til later to build it as many AD champs will destroy you in lane if you build an Athene's first in lane. so if we assume that each auto of healing is 160 the 40% of it it's 64 will be denied, which in total will be 96 hp instead of 160hp of healing. (Actually I will clarify this, because maybe people will not realize that the hp is 10,000), These are situational purchases used for different reasons... and does the % hp dot on a 10k hp bot really seem like a fair/real game statistic? Being able to apply a constant CC helps a lot for this. So if I wanted to go the offensive build I would get morello, if I wanted the defensive build I would get athenes. However, without grevious, your entire team wont be able to kill a 2-3 item 16 level mundo. Morello's benefits mana using champions like Ziggs, Lux, Karthus, Malzahar, and Renekton >.> (jk), etc. I haven't seen anyone recommend it but since it kinda fits your description of those who would benefit I want to know your opinion, morellonomicon is benefited most by casters with short cd's. This is because ever time the damage from the main spell ticks, the debuff from liandries is reapplied. 464M - 864 = 400 Hp heal. What did you test this on? 464M - 1,728 = 1,264 Hp Heal. Yes o know liandry does some percent max hp dot. I guess I have to do some reading upon AP Pen and AP ratios! Well first of all liandrys torment is kind of a core item on vel u always buy it second item or third but most od the time u buy it as a second item And about morello its preety simple u buy only if enemy has stuf like: vlad, yummi, soraka, mundo, and if u feel that u need morelo vs irelia yasuo and stuff like that ask ur team to buy exc or thornmail People used to build Morellos too often, but now they build Liandry's too often. It's mind boggling how almost every single mage being played in the Pro scene rushes Morello's as a second item. 5 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Grabbing the Moon (by Boz) - Game Grumps Animated, Inside Star Citizen: Idris Attack | Winter 2020, Shark Attack - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts. Morellonomicon is almost never a bad buy, but it isnot always the best in normal situations. Against 100 Magic Resist, that denies the 50% of dmg taken. I test it in dummies, as I say it up, I would like to test it on normal champions but the champion tool is really limited in this case. Other champs that benefit similarly from liandries are malz, cassio, rumble, swain, and teemo. While Liandry's is absolutely better, it is slightly more nuanced than that. morellonomicon is benefited most by casters with short cd's and good ratios and when in a situation when you need to put a thorn in champions with high sustain. For instant burst could also prefer an oblivion orb, and morello is mostly just useful for healing reduction. I believe if the mad lions composition has gotten to late game (lvl 18) it would be much better morello, but I still believe Liandry is much better into earl/mid/mid-late game. flat AP is usually a better route for these champs though imo). Katarina is situational, but I would only get a Liandry's 6th item after my GA is down, I don't need banshees, and they have 5 tanks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, this subreddit's tank lover hivemind disgusts me. What type of champions benefit the most of these items ? liandrys: champs who scale very well with magic-pen(high base damage, %damage) or champs with very much cc(the dot is doubled if the target is cc'ed, lissandra for example) morellonimicon: mostly used as a counter item (against a swain, or a mundo) for the healing reduction, or if you are against a ad champ and you don't want to build athene's, you can build it too, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the summonerschool community.

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