lion monkey turtle camel personality test

That was all hard to hear when you always perceived you were doing the right things in the right ways so everyone got the most out of efforts. PS: Your answer will reflect your personality. With the benefit of hindsight, some of these otherwise great people were never going to be great in the new roles I gave them. So my desire to move quickly from gut feel, the lion in me, and get down to the party with a big group, the monkey in me, may not be the way everyone else wants things done. It also tells you which your dominant animal type is. As a Lion/ Camel I realise that things I sometimes see as weaknesses in others, can actually be their biggest strengths; I just need to adjust my perspective in order to be able to see it. Monkeys are animated, intuitive, lively. This looks like helping the Camel to understand that more than likely there will not be a perfect answer to the problem at hand. Turtles and monkeys are PEOPLE oriented whereas camels and lions are TASK oriented. I use four personality types (Lion, Monkey, Camel, and Turtle) from my book Make a Difference in order to create clarity around each conflict style. Monkeys have a wonderful skill of truly caring about and understanding people. Keep it Clean. Realize that his reaction may be strong and do not personalize his response. If you use it, your understanding of the Make A Difference personality types will equip you to better communicate with those that you love, live with, and lead. Trust is vital to the success of any relationship developed with Turtles. So what are these animals that I was talking about? This might look like having more than one conversation over a period of time in order to fully discuss the dilemma. Our coaches are equipped to offer growth-oriented feedback and resources, and trained to be relational in their approach. This means that my dominant attribute is to be a task-oriented extrovert. Take the test. Remember, this is not a label- it is a tool to help you invest in your own leadership and in your relationships, both professionally and personally. The Competent Camel tends to focus on the details, and on how a project is completed. TIBETAN PERSONALITY TEST. ... Well they are the Leading Lion, the Competent Camel, the Tranquil Turtle and the Fun Loving Monkey. These are the people that read the entire instruction manual for the new microwave in the break room cover to cover, and then file it away in an alphabetized, color-coded filing cabinet for future reference. Be the first to know. With such a high score as a lion, I am considered a thoroughbred. Let us schedule an initial meeting to explore the challenges you face and whether we think what I can bring to your company suits your needs. She has worked her whole career in finance and administration roles and frankly we couldn’t have achieved what we did together without one of us caring about the details. So with this as the basis that we want to build effective relationships and teams we all agreed you have to start with communication. They are ideas people, and can get very enthusiastic about their plans. Our product and tools bring practical application and successful execution to your leadership philosophy. Each animal has its own strengths and weaknesses. For a number of years we have put each candidate we consider hiring through a DISC test. Once I learned these skills, I looked back at my less enlightened times and some of the team members I most likely ‘broke’ with the roar of my badly behaved leading lion. Take your time with this test and you will be amazed. Many of you who read our newsletter may already be aware that we shut down most of our operation last month on a Friday afternoon to enable everyone from our team to get together and work ON our organization. Say a Lion is married to a Monkey, or Turtle and they understand these principles; imagine the potential headaches that they might be able to avoid if they know how to better relate to each other! The trick will be to learn who should adjust and when. The Camel is generally a linear thinker, and they need to know that they have received all of the information that is required before engaging in a new venture or project. This type of conflict can cause acute distress within the workplace. The unhealthy Monkey may approach conflict with inappropriate humor or by minimizing the situation at hand. I also realise that the Camel side of me will always have high standards, and I need to sometimes go easy on myself and others if I feel these standards haven’t been met. We can immediately identify with these animals as we read through the characteristics of each. The Lion . Speak to one of our experts today and see how we can help your business grow through fully managed IT support. As you may now realize this write up is part of my efforts to Observe, Consider and Discuss the event. Creating clarity is extremely important when facing a dilemma and is a real strength of the Monkey. Or if you would like to speak to us about how we use this in our business, get in touch by filling out our online contact form, or call us on 02036 574 489. I thought I would share my thoughts from the class and how we plan to leverage this kairos event in hopes that you might be able to use some of the teachings yourself. I’ve already been putting some of it into practice and have found it extremely useful. When dealing with a coworker who is a Camel it is best to make sure you have done your homework before entering into a conflict discussion. I even praise team members for something historically I would have considered was just them doing the job that I pay them to do. The goal of this assessment is to help you understand your own tendencies a bit better, and also to help you understand and communicate with those around you more effectively. Your values will likely have adjusted according to your new behaviour pattern. Before we got to the discussion around Make a Difference (MAD) we started with a brief discussion around what makes a team successful.

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