list of hindu demons

Demon of blasphemy and murder. His father was the king of demons who were attracted to the beauty of a buffalo and eventually married her. Murmur – (Unk) Demon of music. Pages in category "Demons in Hinduism" The following 17 pages are in this category, out of 17 total. In some accounts – a lesser demon. Kumbhakarna was a sleeping giant who could sleep constantly for six months. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Rakshasas are mentioned in a number of Puranic books and the Mahabharata too. Azathoth – Rules all time and space from a black throne at the center of Chaos. "List of legendary creatures in Hindu mythology", Learn how and when to remove this template message, Cattle in religion and mythology § In Indian religions,, Articles with incomplete citations from January 2015, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from January 2017, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A race related to the Nagas and Uragas, born of, A race related to the Nagas and Pannagas, born of, In a tale about Ganesha's birth, the elephant-headed demoness, In Hindu mythology there were three elephants by the name. Appears in a pleasant form. To purchase such goodies we suggest you try Amazon, Ebay or other reputable online stores. Behemoth – (Hebrew) Another name for Satan.

Why Did Brahma Marry His Own Daughter Saraswati? Sabazios – (Phrygian) the snake. Same as Ishtar.

Lilith – (Hebrew) in Hebrew myth – Adam’s first wife. Often misconstrued as being Satan. If mahabali was so good then why was he kolled by bishnu?

The only difference between them is the way of thinking and understanding the teachings of the scholars in a different way. Said to change things into its opposite. Although the name Hinduism is relatively new, having been coined by British writers in the first decades of the 19th century, it refers to a rich…. One of the major objectives of his birth was to kill the demon Tarkasur. Your email address will not be published. Budsturga – A blue, aetherial entity related to Order of the Nine Angels’ l3th path. Was It Klamille Or Klaroline? A demon most commonly involved in possession cases, particularily noted in the possession of the Louviers nuns. Learn how your comment data is processed.

He had an enormous body size who could even eat the whole world. Caacrinolaas – (Unk) Wierius’ demon of knowledge of liberal arts.

Was The Mogul King Aurangzeb A Good Or Bad Ruler? Also Haris. Ravana was also the first astrologer of the whole world with immense knowledge of Spirituality, Warfare, Arts, Science, and Music. If you wish to use our material in your essay, book, article, website or project, please consult our permissions page. Said to be chief of demons.

Satan, Shaitan (Satan/Hebrew Shaitan/Arabic) The Adversary. Said to be supreme president of hell.

Hela – (Teutonic) goddess of death, daughter of Loki. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Panis represents a class of demons. The Templar’s are thought, by some, to be one of the earliest sects of Demonolatry. How Well Do You Know The Cast Of The Vampire Diaries? This is merely another name for Satan. Ferries souls across styx and/or archeron.

Due to this he started a war with the people and defeated them. Zaebos – (Sumerian) Grand Count of hell said to have a gentile disposition. Putna dressed herself as a beautiful girl and entered the infant Krishna’s house to kill him. Fire Elemental. Lord of slaves/slavery. Contact us Tarakasura killed all the kings and innocent people. Awar – Son of Iblis. 1. All he had to do was to touch the person’s head with his hands. rcel.src = """&c="+(new Date()).getTime()+"&width="+(window.outerWidth || document.documentElement.clientWidth); Appears as a crow.

Cambions – (Unk) Offspring of Incubi and Succubi. Pytho – (Unk) a demon of lies. Adad, Addu – (Babylonian, Hittite) god of the storm. Also the prince of the air. Nybras – (Unk) an inferior demon who publicizes the pleasures of hell. Eblis – (Mohammedan) Also called the “Satan” of the Mohammedans. Pronunciation: Coming soon Cassiel, Caspiel – (Unk) Ruler of Saturn. Ansitif – (unk) Possessed Sister Barbara of St. Michael in 1643 during the possessions of the nuns at Louviers. Amon, Ammon – (Egyption) Sun God. Putana. They are two separate demons. Aeshma, Aesma – (Persian) One of seven archangels of the Persians.

For this reason, the practice of writing a formula to drive Lilith away on all four corners of the birth chamber was adopted by the Jews. Baalberith, Balberith – (Canaanite) Lord of covenant later made god of death.

After few years Surpanakha died but the cause of her death is still unknown. Barzabel – Associated with Machidael and Barchiel.

Also a prince of hell. Verdelet – (Unk) Master of ceremonies of infernal court. Bast – (Egyption) goddess of pleasure. For all media enquiries please contact us here. If you absolutely must visit a graveyard, at all costs avoid farting. Belial, Beliar – (Hebrew) The earth elemental.

Veltis – (Babylonian) Evil spirit who assaulted St. Margaret. Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated amongst the people from different parts of the world even today. Plural = Incubi. Orias – (Unk) Demon of divination. Succumbus, Succubus – female demon of seduction. (function() { Cunali – One of the demons of the 8th hour of the Nuctemeron. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Many legendary characters have more than one name.

Rahu – (Hindu) devil. Samael – (Unk) it is thought this angel of death was the demon who tempted Eve.

Welcome to Humor Nation. rcel.type = 'text/javascript'; • Amrita - The nectar produced from the Samudra manthan, which upon consuming, granted the gods immortality. Barqu – (Unk) The demon who keeps the secrets of the philosophers stone. According to Wierius a demon of music. And they will devour you from the inside-out. He mercilessly killed sages and innocent people, unable to bear this torture, people approached Krishna. Corrections? Hecate – (Greek) goddess of underworld and sorcery. Personally, I would have made it younger than that, for 4000 years ago marks the Noahic Flood, which was well before the Tower of Babel was constructed, and when God divided people by imposing a variety of languages upon them. According to Wierius, this demon is the first monarch of hell and appears as a three headed beast. Andromalius – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Not sure of the spelling? A marquis of hell.

The canons of sculpture instruct the artist to carve them with a terrifying appearance, complete with fearful side tusks, ugly eyes, curling awkward brows, and carrying a variety of horrible weapons. Tarakasura was an evil king who was a very powerful demon who defeated all his challengers and employed them as his servants. Merihim – (unk) the prince of pestilence. He delivers vengence only when called on. Hecate’s Consort. Pishacha. Baalzephon – (Canaanite) Captain of guard and sentinels of Hell according to Wierius.

Because of this, he was raised by the Kirtikas, far away from his parents to protect him from Tarkasur’s attempts to kill him. Bifrons – (Unk) Wierius’ demon of astronomy, geometry, and other such sciences.

Lord of fire. Speculation has suggested the name Belial comes from the Hebrew phrase beli ya ‘al meaning “without worth.” Prince of trickery. He was killed by Rama as Ravana abducted Rama’s wife Sita to marry her. It was after a thousand-year-long battle with Vishnu that he was defeated. Ashtaroth, Astaroth – (Phonician)- goddess of lust, seduction.

Find Out If You Can Survive In Mystic Falls Or Not? Decarabia – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Waking Kumbhakarna was considered as a tremendous task and no one dared to go near him. Snake worship. All the women in the village thought that the beautiful girl had come to meet baby Krishna. Chief of false gods. You have entered an incorrect email address! Try entering just the first three or four letters. Please do not copy without permission. Kartikeya is also known as Murugan and is worshipped in many parts of the world. Chax – (Unk) Grand duke of hell. Azanigin, patron of the few - Black Witch Coven, Top 10 Most Disturbing Cases of Real-Life Exorcisms - List Gecko, SHOCKING: 11 Frightening True Life Stories Of People Possessed By Demons – Life Facts Report, 10 Frightening True Life Stories Of People Possessed By Demons- You Will Be Shocked - FactBoyz - Top 10 Facts, Everything you need to know about “The Book of Abramelin”, Everything you need to know about Sebastien Michaelis, Michael Psellus: What you need to know about the famous demonogist, The Grand Grimoire Known as Le Veritable Dragon Rouge. Naburus, Naberios – (Unk) protector of the gates of hell. Beelzebub, Beelzebuth, Belzebath – (Hebrew) Lord of Flies. He was a great worshipper of the Lord and wanted people to be happy in his kingdom. Pyro – (Unk) A demon prince of falsehood. The name should be vibrated.

If you do encounter Pishachas, try clicking your fingers to scare them.

He will trade knowledge for the human soul. Commander of Hell. Satanchia (Hebrew/Greek) devil. Every religion and culture as a demon mentioned in their mythology. Uphir – (Unk) the head demon physician in the palace of hell. Agrat-bat-mahlaht – One of Satan’s wives and demoness of whores. Article last revised on November 04, 2018 by the Godchecker data dwarves.

Demon of discovery, invention, and riches. Turned male in christian mythology – Lord Treasurer of Hell.

Geryon – (literary- Dante) Centaur/Dragon who guards hell. One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Vetala. Pūtanā, a female demon, is well known for her attempt to kill the infant Krishna by offering him milk from her poisoned breast; she was, however, sucked to death by the god. Seen as androgynous. One of the 72 princes of Solomon. Anini – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Ronwe – (Unk) the demon of knowledge. So it was very difficult to defeat him, no one ever dared to challenge him. Haborym – (Hebrew) Another name for Satan. The name itself signifies in one sense the purpose of the cosmic cycles and the opening of the Gates since ‘Atazoth’ as a word means ‘an increasing of azoth. List of Demons from the Middle East and Asia.

Thamuz – (Sumerian) devil. During the battle, his blood spilled everywhere and thousands of Raktabija were born. Marquis of hell. Adriel – Mansions of the moon among the Enochian demons.

He destroyed the army in the battle but was finally killed by Ram. Many of what are considered “evil spirits” within Middle Eastern & Asian culture – and especially in Hinduism – are known as such because Christianity adapted their gods/goddesses as foes to their true God. Shurpanakha was a wicked demoness and was the sister of the demon king Ravana. Sonnilion, Sonnillon – (Armenian) goddess of hate. Reason Why Medical Pills And Tablets Have A Line In The Middle, Find Out The Hidden Meaning Of Codes Or Numbers That Appear On TV Channels. Dushtabudhi was a very greedy person and wanted Ravana’s kingdom. Adramalech – (Samarian) devil. Said to have started the inquisition and to have invented artillery. Orthon – (Unk) a demon of unknown origin who is said to have ties with possessions in France and with the Satanic-Masonic cult of Palladinism in 19th century Italy. Are You A True Shipper Of The Vampire Diaries?

Ravana was one of the very intellectual demons who mastered all the holy scripts of Hindu mythology. Hence Krishna along with his wife fought the battle and Krishna’s wife killed him in the battle. She even tried to attack Sita who was the sister in law of Lakshman, Lakshman got very angry and chopped her nose. If you include nicknames, official titles and honorifics, some gods have hundreds of names! Incubus – male demon of seduction said to invade a woman’s dreams.

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