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Two of them test him by attempting to mislead the hero and instruct him to go in the direction that they did not. The only way to clear the forest is to follow a specific pattern through it. Link decides to lie down and rest in the woods, only to be awoken by Zelda via telepathy. The little twin steps over the little river. The Lost Woods also houses several Maiamais and a Piece of Heart. Although not appearing in the main story, the Lost Woods do appear in the bonus chapters. Nobody is allowed in there but Link and Saria; they enter it in an attempt to retrieve a Mask. The Lost Woods is a dangerous place where people will get lost if they lose sight of the exit. In order to reach its center, the Lost Swamp, the heroes must take the exit closest to the initial position of the enemy on the screen that is different from the rest, or follow the vibrations generated from Tingle's Tuner, which rumbles the most when the hero is next to the correct exit. The Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time are found in the southern portion of the Kokiri Forest. This special pattern is revealed when Link pays an Old Woman for information. Most importantly, it is the location of the legendary Master Sword, which is held in the Sacred Grove located in the northwestern portion of the woods filled with Animals. Link first goes searching through the Lost Wo… If picked up and given to Syrup the witch, Link can receive the Magic Powder. As soon as the fog begins to envelop Link, reverse direction and backtrack a few meters. The main method is to simply analyze the holes in the trunks. If you keep following them where the wind is blowing, you’ll end up here at two lanterns. After obtaining all three Pendants of Virtue, Link enters the Lost Woods and, while speaking telepathically with Sahasrahla, the young hero begins to have his doubts about whether or not the Master Sword will select him as his bearer. In Ocarina of Time, the Lost Woods are laid out like a map, with each screen having something unique about it. However, once Link enters it, he finds that exiting the forest in any direction (except east) will cause him to simply appear back at the same spot. While searching, he was knocked off his Horse by the Skull Kid, giving him the opportunity to steal the Ocarina of Time and Epona before Link woke up. It is populated primarily by Deku Scrubs, who all swear allegiance to Ganon. The only way to clear the forest is to follow a specific pattern through it. The Lost Woods are also where the Skull Kid encountered the Happy Mask Salesman, whom he stole Majora's Mask from. [1][2][3][citation needed] Its layout is usually designed to make anyone who enters to become irreversibly lost, and the only way to exit the forest is by navigating it in specific directions. This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 06:36. Every so often, you should stop and see if the wind has moved. Link travels into the Lost Woods in search of his lost friend, Navi. Notice where the embers are pointing due to the wind. One Poe offers to bring him deeper into the Lost Woods if he can follow the correct one. The woods are connected to Goron City and Zora's River which Link can use to warp to these places. This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know from the locations and solutions for every shrine to Captured Memories, the best meal in the game, The Master Trials DLC and more. Once you walk through the gate, look to your right, and you’ll see a lit lantern. When it does, it’ll be obvious if you pay attention to where the embers are blowing. They transformed the entrance to the Great Hyrule Forest into the Lost Woods to drive away intruders... Rumours of the legendary Master Sword swirl among legendary treasure hunters and at least one traveling gossip, but the Lost Woods prevent any intrusion by outsiders, so the existence of the sword's resting place remains a mystery.". Most of the woods are off-limits, with only a certain path available for travel. It serves as the only means of entry to the Korok Forest in the Great Hyrule Forest, connecting to the Korok Forest via an isthmus surrounded by the impassable Lake Mekar. The Lost Woods is a maze-like area of a confusing forest that has made several appearances throughout The Legend of Zelda series. [17] Afterwards, three Poes will attempt to mislead Link in the same manner. However, once Link enters it, he finds that exiting the forest in any direction (except east) will cause him to simply appear back at the same spot. They eventually make their way through the wood, and find themselves at Kakariko Village where they continue their search. The Lost Woods is where Link must chase down the Skull Kid to retrieve his Horse, Epona, back. A secret hideout for a gang of Thieves is located in the eastern portion of the woods, with a Piece of Heart found in a secret entrance under a bush. In certain games, it is said that if people wander in the forest for too long, they can turn into a monster such as a Skull Kid,[4] a Stalfos,[5][6] or a Deku Scrub.[7]. The wind should always be at your back, and you should follow which direction the embers are blowing toward. It was originally known as the Forest of Light, and under the White Maiden's control, until a thick cloud of darkness covered northwestern Hyrule and corrupted it into its present state. If Link has obtained Guru-Guru's Phonograph, the Deku Scrub will say that he likes the song and tell him to go in some specific directions in the Lost Woods. By following the music of "Saria's Song", Link can navigate through the hollow trees and get to the Sacred Forest Meadow, which is located in the northernmost portion of the Lost Woods and Saria's "secret place. It is said that those who become lost in the woods will become Stalfos. To quickest to get to The Lost Woods is from Woodland Tower. The Links arrive to the forest to search for the Dark Mirror, which is believed to be hidden away in a temple in the heart of the woods. [16] If Link goes in the proper direction, he will be met again by the Poes. If you do your job well, you’ll end up at a clearing. Strangely the forest appears to be home to only Skull Kids, Wolfos, and Moblins (under complete command of the Bagu Tree) that wish to reclaim the forest for their own with no Deku Tree at all. Hidden within the Lost Woods is the Forest Stage, where Link can be rewarded with item upgrades by showing off specific Masks in front of Deku Scrubs. Lost Woods is a location in Breath of the Wild. To successfully navigate the Lost Woods, Link must carry a lit Torch through the fog, following the trail of embers which come from the Torch and point to the entrance of the Korok Forest. [13] If he does this he will find the Noble Sword (or, if he already has the Noble Sword in a linked game, the Master Sword) in a pedestal. With care, there should be plenty of time to avoid fading completely to white. Lost Woods is a location in Breath of the Wild. The Lost Woods are also featured in the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori. According to the Deku Scrubs, those who wander and become lost in the forest turn into Deku Scrubs,[7] mirroring the myth how the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time turns people into Stalfos. [9] When Link first enters the Lost Woods, it is covered in a thick fog that makes it hard to navigate; however, once the young hero retrieves the Master Sword after acquiring the three Pendants of Virtue, the mist will disappear. Afterward, Link is ambushed by several Ball and Chain Troopers, although he easily defeats them with a single Spin Attack from the Master Sword.

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