maplestory mule gear guide

Quick guide on building a Kanna meso mule - gear, range, strategy, etc. Other than that you’ll have to invest in unique gear to get your MAX HP higher. You get differing amounts of EXP depending on your level and at levels above 110, you get quite a decent amount of EXP. You'll want to also grab yourself a Golden Clover Belt which drops pretty often. While higher star force maps give you more experience per mob, the mobs should not be red. If you need more range to one-shot with Kishin at farming maps: Pensalir set (CRA set if you can get a carry) + Pensalir cape + Pensalir shoes, Utgard fan (Fafnir or Empress fan if you can get a carry) + Second fan for HAKU, Magnus shoulder (you can get these from easy / normal magnus), Star your gear; Use epic potential scrolls / master cubes on them to get % int lines, Turn on buffs + blackheart curse + Haku’s blessing + soul summon if you have them, Spam Tengu twice, then Mana balance, then Tengu twice, then Mana balance, repeat, Set timer at 1:30, loot around the map for 25 seconds, reset Kishin (This is map-dependent; loot as often as you need to avoid lag from the drops). Hope it helps :) Some players would rather have "solo" progression, where they take down all the bosses themselves, but this makes gearing up a lot more time-consuming. A skill that has less than 60MP peruse and can 1 hit kill everything. On average, it'll take around 1 billion mesos for a legendary rank. You should now be at a point where you can finally take on Hard Gollux and Hell Gollux. Note, if you are looking for others to do the dungeon with you, most people will be doing the 105+ dungeon on hard on channel one. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. At end-game, star-forcing will drain most of your mesos, with a single piece of equipment needing around 30 billion mesos to get to the most optimal star-force level. Unlike the PC version, you should follow the questline as this is the fastest and most profitable way to level up. Click on guild attendance, claim attendance rewards and use guild skills. The first set becomes available which is called Pensalir. The problem comes when you get to higher levels like 160-170. So you can expect another update to come later this year. This dungeon rewards you with equipment, powder and a bit of EXP when cleared. Normal Monsters and Mobs will only drop up to level 140 gear which is Pensalir Gear. So… there are a few methods which you can do to increase your wealth. Speed for faster loot. This is not a dungeon, however, you can do a lot of your daily hunt in the Mini dungeon. A general rule of thumb in this MapleStory guide is that plus stats such as PHY ATK or MAG ATK with no percentages will matter less and less as you get more and more. Flames in MapleStory add extra stats to your equipment. Just having a clean pensalir set is enough. In that case, the Star Force Field is the way to go. If you decide to try and jump guilds, there is a day-long cooldown. The Pink Holy Cup is the hardest to obtain item and will likely take several runs for it to drop. Easiest way is to roll using honor exp until Unique, then use circ for legendary, then lock legendary to re-roll for lines or just keep using circs until you get the line. It is now reserved for end-game players, unless you can find a carry. If your phone doesn’t have enough memory the app will crash a lot, especially at Zakum raids and Netts. Also, you should note that all skills will eventually get maxed out for each job level. The Pensalir set is below: All set effects are cumulative; meaning if you have 5 pieces of gear, you'll get the set effects of 2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece and 5 piece altogether. Arcane Umbra gear will be replacing all of your AbsoLab gear. Let us know your thoughts below by adding a quick comment! 77x7 = 539 runs), Complete the Wonderoid Questline (all seasons), Join a group of players to take it down together. Selling equipment obtained from Elite Dungeons, Way #3. For my account, I’ve made a character for each of the 5 explorers and I’ve found that while on their 3rd job, Dark Knights are the most efficient for this method. if you rank around the top 20% you will get roughly 10k coins to spend at the shop. The most efficient way of doing this is making sure you get the extra ticket for the Mini-Dungeon from your guild for each character so that you can do them in 2-hour shifts. There are a total of 7 tiers for flame stats. This is usually quite cheap to do but not everyone can afford even to get to Epic rank. The only difficulty with getting Absolab gear is you need to take down "semi end-game" bosses. It'll take you 10 days to do this since you can only fight them once per day. In Reboot, you can use Cubes to reroll potential stats. If you can get a carry to Chaos Horntail, you can get the better and upgraded pendant Chaos Horntail Pendant instead. In some maps, it might be better to mix Tengu with (or replace Tengu with) Demon Fury / Spiral Corral. Hope that helps; message below if any questions. Just test out each skill as you get 1 point already allocated to each. As a newbie, you're likely going to take quite a bit longer because you don't have things like Legion, Link Skills or an optimal training route.

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