mercane widewheel pro electric scooter

It has been designed for incredible power, speed, and riding comfort. With just about everything on the WideWheel Pro getting a makeover, this scooter might also be an intriguing option for those who simply need a powerful scooter with great range and speed. Acceleration is fun and very quick — getting you to 25 mph in 8.4 seconds — but tame enough to not be scary. The all-new 48V 15aH highly-efficient lithium-ion battery represents a significant step-up from the 2019 model. Now available in single or dual motor variant with free shipping to USA/CAD/UK/EU/AU/NZ. However, the length of it is sufficient and allows a multitude of riding positions. WideWheel changes that with some seriously fat tires. Lithium ion battery. Subscribe to our channel for more great videos. Because of this, we recommend an additional ultra-bright light with good optics to see the road ahead. This problem has been completely resolved with the new design of the Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020. Notify me when this product is available: Join the Club here → MERCANE WideWheel Owners Club, Collections: Best Seller Electric Scooters Mercane WideWheel. When locked into place, the handlebars are fairly sturdy but do have a bit of play in them. Notably: The new for 2020 WideWheel Pro is a uniquely fun electric scooter that we think is best suited as a weekend cruiser. Accept. Redesigned frame for increased strength. The 2020 WideWheel PRO by Mercane is the ultimate electric scooter. These changes are welcome as we’ve seen a surprising number of users reporting metal part failures … Finally, it is worth mentioning that the WideWheel is definitely not an off-road scooter. We keep the site ad free with affiliates. Orders will only be shipped if Billing Address and Shipping Address are the same. Though it can certainly serve as a daily commuter, its 54 lb weight may make it too cumbersome for everyone. Press both buttons (power and mode) to exit the settings menu when you are done. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms. This output allows the Widewheel to climb inclines up to 40 degrees steep. ", "This machine is really a thing of beauty, really impressed with the sleekness of the design as this is something you don't normally get with high performance scooters. It has some big new features, including an LCD display, upgraded grips, and an additional brake lever. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that your e-scooter is operated by all country and local laws. I’m a sucker for a well designed product and clever marketing. Single or Dual 500-watt motors. FREE US SHIPPING FOR UPGRADED 2019-2020 MODEL. Designed to last for minimum 500-600 charge cycles, the Widewheel 2020 battery should have a minimum lifespan of 2.5-3 years assuming 4 full charges per week. New metal composite blend for increased durability. The main benefit of the airless tires is not having to worry about getting flats. You can also check out our Editor’s pick of best electric scooters. Includes WideWheel scooter, charger, instruction manual, and assembly tools (very minor assembly required <10 mins). FREE US SHIPPING FOR UPGRADED 2019-2020 MODEL. This is a fraud prevention measure. A number of critical components in the new Mercane Widewheel Pro have been re-designed to improve durability. Despite having a large contact patch with the ground, the tires are prone to losing traction under heavy acceleration or braking. 4 Upgrades For a Safer Thrill Ride | Mercane WideWheel Pro Review. Thanks in large part to two 500W motors (rather than a single 1000W unit), the acceleration is significantly better than in other 1000W electric scooters. However, the downside is that they do not have as good of traction as pneumatic (air-filled) tires and perform much worse under wet conditions. All prices in USD. MERCANE ELECTRIC SCOOTER RANGE. Thanks in large part to two 500W motors (rather than a single 1000W unit), the acceleration is significantly better than in other 1000W electric scooters. The scooter has both a folding stem and folding handlebars that reduce it to a compact 43-inches by 9-inches by 16-inches. The Mercane Widewheel 2020 will easily handle city conditions – from rough curbs to potholes, the frame and suspension will absorb shock and vibration with high efficiency. The WideWheel Pro has thrilling acceleration all the way up to its top speed.

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