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Who knew I'd make a living from it? https://maternityweek.com/pop-culture/music/most-popular-funeral-songs/?l=a&utm_source=AOL.com&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=Direct&utm_term=e0cd843f-e72c-4bf3-b267-3ef7872f4baa. She is named after her mother's best friend, a woman named Michael. But a half-century after KQV-FM began its evolution into WDVE, the city's top-rated radio station continues to thrive. Having said that, it's still a kickass way to make a living. Her white father, Jerry, is an entrepreneur. He was greeted by colleague Michele Michaels, who does the mid-day show at WDVE. Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 102.5 WDVE! She was at DVE from 1982 until 1986. Nixon died in 1994. Their comedy show featured the pair's many alter alter egos - DJ Biff Bob, showbiz agent Murray "Crash" Brokewizt and wine aficionado O.T. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Want to know more about Michele Michaels? Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show and Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 102.5 WDVE. Ratt -- You're in Love. More Gender Diversity Appears On Pa.’s Ballot... Police Looking For 19-Year-Old Madeline... Pennsylvania State House District 44: Michele... ‘Women For Trump’ Holds Campaign Event In... University of Pittsburgh sophomore among first... Women For Trump Bus Tour Stopping In New Castle, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Holds Lead Over President Trump Among Likely Voters In Pa., Monmouth University Poll Finds, Been at DVE for 35 years of the station's 50-year history. |  Michele Michaels 102.5 DVE (WDVE-FM) M-F 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (Including. Read More Read More FCC Applications; Recently Played; Steelers Nation Radio; Contact; Advertise with 102.5 WDVE, Get Results; Download The Free iHeartRadio App; Find a Podcast; Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show and Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. "DVE is part of Pittsburgh history at this point. Tom Petty-- Zombie Zoo. On the set of ER (1994), she is known for shooting baskets between takes. It's made few on-air changes over the years, enabling strong bonds to be forged between the announcers and the listening audience. Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 102.5 WDVE! There's their family, their friends, their co-workers, their neighborhood – and then there's DVE. Number Of Positive Coronavirus Cases In... Pittsburgh Weather: Severe Weather Expected,... Baltimore Ravens: Player Tests Positive For Coronavirus,... Man Acquitted Of Murder, Found Guilty Of Involuntary... President Donald Trump Vows To Send Lawyers To Challenge... Allegheny Co. Health Dept. About Michele Michaels. Gave birth to her first child at age 38, a son named Brandon on December 21, 2004. |  ", (A reunion of veteran DVE on-air personalities in 2011. ", "What DVE has accomplished is incredible," Scott Paulsen, another former morning drive show co-host, told Patch. He and Krenn worked together until 2011, when Krenn departed as well. No one back then envisioned the station would still be going strong 50 years later - not even Shaw. When Paulsen decided to leave DVE in 2000, Randy Baumann was hired to succeed him. Allman Brothers Band-- No One to Run With. "I thought, in another 5 or 10 years this will all be forgotten," he told the DVE website recently. I used to get in trouble for talking too much as a kid in school. Get their official bio, social pages & articles on 102.5 WDVE! Meatpuppets-- Backwater. Zebra-- Who's Behind the Door. No clue. Front row: Chris DeCarlo, Linda Carducci, Marsy and Sean McDowell. We were like a good double-play combo or a quarterback-wide receiver pair who just sort of innately click.". But that role dissolved when she spurned his advances and she filed a sexual harrassment suit against him. Yes, people actually still call in old-school on the request lines, as well as hitting us up on social media. Or I'll get a song from a local band, like the Hawkeyes, Gene the Werewolf, or the Clarks stuck in my head, and I'll just ride that wave. My advice for young women would be the same as that for young men: Be versatile. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm super-blessed. "DVE is an anomaly for broadcasting in the year 2019.". About Michele Michaels. Who-- Magic Bus. "We just didn't see that it was going to go on for this long. Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show and Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. PITTSBURGH, PA - In 1969, Richard Nixon was president, man landed on the moon for the first time and the Pittsburgh radio station that would become WDVE-FM switched to a rock format. Chris DeCarlo believes she knows the reason why. John Sacksteder . Michele Michaels 102.5 DVE (WDVE-FM) M-F 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (Including the 12-1 p.m. longtime deep cut request show the "Electric Lunch") Time in … After high school, she moved to New York and quickly got commercial work. Want to know more about Michele Michaels? "The format obviously could work anywhere, but what made DVE work is that it developed street credibility at some point," former WDVE morning show host and one-time station program director Jimmy Roach said in an interview with Patch. Official Sites, Attended Howard Roosa Elementary School in Evansville, IN. - IMDb Mini Biography By: This led to a role in Eddie Murphy's 1989 film Harlem Nights (1989). Some of the biggest names in Pittsburgh broadcasting history have worked at the station: Roach, Paulsen, Steve Hansen, Jim Krenn, Randy Baumann, Sean McDowell and Chris DeCarlo. Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show and Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Jimmy and Steve also were strong proponents of local music acts and helped boost the careers of artists such as Donnie Iris, B.E. The program since has been known as Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show. DVE - as the station commonly is referred to around town - is the only one to have a large logo on the building visible to passing motorists.

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