misanthro pony rant

You’d otherwise have something like Michael Bay’s Transformers where most of the movie is action and explosions with little to no plot. But the reason why I was offended by Josh's review is because of what he stated and I quote; : "This is a show about characters and relations, not fueling some fan's headcanons." ~ 1 pose

MisAnthro has given his apologies. Enter and MisAnthro Pony always do anything possible to improve themselves.

He's last seen vanishing into. For the past few weeks I felt bummed that after a video about me was going to be made, it was going to be a negative one. "It's called Adult Swim for a reason, Karen,” @ArchonOf tweeted.

I actually wanted it gone anyway in preparation of reviewing the finale. If you try to touch her bandana, she will bite you. If I ignored his video and him in general I'm sure it would've gotten worse or if I retorted back viciously.

That’s a relief. It may be over the top, but I have my reasons for it.

Subverted. I'm really happy to hear that Golden.

You ever just look at how unique Adult Swim's current adult animation is?

Don't let it bother you. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by

“As in, not for children, playtime is over, send them to bed.” You can check out screenshots of the original post below, which features the woman referring to Adult Swim fans as "demons" who are coming out now that she "exposed darkness. So don't let him, or anyone else bother you. I don't see the point of the apology. It was directed at those people.Now don't get me wrong, I've called foul on the show for many things, mainly things like no entertainment value (Appleoosa's Most Wanted) or rancid morals (Somepony To Watch Over Me), which is what I personally feel are the important things.

Doug asked why the characters couldn’t battle on the moon instead of in Chicago when he reviewed it. When I commented on Mr. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.

Posts; Likes; Archive; My first video before I start work on reviews & rants.

It seemed like he didn’t acknowledge how irrational DHX and Hasbro were. In fact, looking back, most of the hyping was done by the fans rather than Hasbro and DHX.

fuck. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Her Analysis Anarchy video shows she really hates it when others don't take her seriously because of her cute looks. I just figured it was best you knew about this guy's plan sooner rather than later. So I hope that what's happened before is just a thing of the past. I didn't intend to say that Flight to the Finish was "Meaningless". MisAnthroPonyHater Even if some of your fans are foolish enough to base their opinions of you on someone else's there are still so many who won't listen to utter nonsense and will judge you based on what they know of you and what they've seen of you and your work.

- Rick and Morty- Tuca and Bertie - The Shivering Truth- Final Space- TigTone- The Venture Bros- 12 Oz Mouse- Robot Chicken- Ballmastrz 9009- Smiling Friends- Primal- Lazor Wulf. It wasn't the fault of the fandom for their expectations, it was the false-advertising and bait & switch technique. The video made good points on him. Nah not necessarily. ~ a color palate His approach in his rant videos though are a bit unnerving to say the least, but his reviews and tributes are better to watch. That's why I was offended by what Josh said.

So hopefully this should come to a much better closure, and take Season 4 as a strong learning curve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally, when I was alone from all the Skype calls, I decided to give his video a chance. *Full Body $5 It was heavily advertised as that.

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