monochrome factor season 2 episode 1

He leaves a possessed Kengo to fight Akira, while his subordinate, Ruru, appears. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. USER SCORE. It was revealed that when Shirogane and Akira were fighting inside the building, he asked Akira for a favor and said that he knows who the spy is and this said spy is trying to frame him up and to trust him for one last time. The story revolves around high school student Akira Nikaido, a typical slacker living a normal life. Kou is shocked by the numbers of Kokuchi's at his area. Haruka appeared and tells Kou he suspects that there's a spy among them. Jun admits to Akira that the incident that had occurred was a fraud. Still have questions? This anger interests Nanaya and he merges a Kokuchi and Jun Akira, Kengo, Shirogane, and Aya have to fight against Jun to save him. However, Maki (a talented actor who wanted Akira to play Hamlet) will only allow Akira to play Hamlet. Yuriko's parents are discovered to have been swallowed up by the shadows. But, before they were swallowed they entrusted their wishes in a statue that saves Akira and co. Akira and Co. then arrives and during the fight with Nanaya Akira gains a new weapon and stronger power. Is there a season 2 of monochrome factor? On his way home from school, he meets a man named Shirogane. Andrew asked Kou one last time if he will consider the offer he made, but Kou stood by his decision and the brothers finally left. The Master heals both of them and tells Akira about the Doppler item which allows Akira to regain his human form without Shirogane being his shadow, which frees Akira from Shirogane's constant flirting. Afterwards, Shirogane persuades Akira into having comrades. Akira gets dragged along by Aya and Kou to spy on Kengo's date. Akira, Kengo, and Aya are invited to Haruka Kujou's house, where they learn the secrets of the Kujou family. He runs downstairs and asks Shirogane what is happening, who explains that she's possessed by a Kokuchi parasite since she has darkness in her heart. The plan is for Akira to distract the enemy while Shirogane closes the hole from which the Kokuchis came from. He was instantly surrounded by love-stricken girls and started asking him questions but he looked uncomfortable when one of them complimented his beauty. Akira gets dragged along by Aya and Kou to spy on Kengo's date. Ruru arrives with Kokuchi and possesses the opposing sides. At the same time, Shirogane is being tortured but isn't showing any signs of weakness. Haruka invited the whole gang to his house and an assassin missed his shot, the bullet went into one of the pillars, and in turn was captured by Kou (he chased after him). Anonymous. Shirogane readies himself for an attack and Kengo sees this, calling out to her. (Episode 2) Munou na Nana (Episode 4) Kengo reflects on the situation when the blue haired guy appears and sent 3 kokuchis to possess Kengo. Akira aims Shirogane's stick at the Kokuchi's throat and succeeds, it fell on top of Ushi-sama's seat. A blue-haired guy appears and tells her that he'll help her... Akira is at Kengo's place who's happy with the visit because he rarely visits him. The group is then attacked by two sealed servants of the Kujou house, Kyou and Rin, who had escaped by manipulating Kengo. Reluctant at first, Akira eventually agrees to play Hamlet. Things. Shirogane has a weird dream and gets sick. Later, Mayu is heartbroken when she finds out the truth. However, as Akira, Kengo and Aya rush to deal with the numerous attacks, Haruka reveals Shirogane appears to have betrayed them. The next day Shou and Mayu go out on a date, but later Shou reveals to Akira that he is actually a. woman. Apparently, he knows Akira because they were friends back during their first year. "Shadow of the Cottage of Forgotten Laughter". Akira is silent along the ride (while Aya and Kengo cannot believe what happened - that Shirogane was a spy and that he and Kou are now dead) and tells Master to stay away from the house with Mayu so that they'll be safe. However, Kou is so fast that they barely can see his movements he defeats them easily. Both Aya and Mayu apparently fall in love with him. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting anime. A prince from a small place in Europe comes to visit Kou, with the excuse that he misses Kou. Join. Although he has no interest in what Shirogane has to say, the strange man reveals they will meet again. After resting in the hot springs, Nanaya shows up and traps them. Angry by the rejection, Kengo walks away and gets into a fight with a few guys, saving Haruka (from ep1) in the process (who was being bullied). Haruka takes the rest to his family's deserted island to talk about the Kokuchi and make a strategy, but in the middle of the night, Kengo is attacked... who is the culprit? What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? It is then up to Akira and the others to stop her. She says that he has become more handsome and wants to play with him, much to Shirogane's distress. On her way home, Mayu sees 2 blue orbs but when she looks again they have disappeared. He sacrificed himself to kill Shirogane. Watch Miss Monochrome - The Animation (Dubbed) Episode 1 - Fall Watch Miss Monochrome - The Animation (Dubbed) Episode 1, Fall, on Crunchyroll. Aira changes to a Shin and tries to make her realize what happened but Shirogane thinks it's useless since the parasite is nearly one with her. However, Maki (a talented actor who wanted Akira to play Hamlet) will only allow Akira to play Hamlet. Akira and Kengo have a fight that forms a rift in their friendship. Akira, Kengo and Aya encounter an old friend, Kouni who has been challenged to a fight by three strong-looking guys. Determinded to save Shirogane the team heads out to take him back. Shirogane confirms that it was not a dream and makes advances on him. Yuriko's parents are discovered to have been swallowed up by the shadows. After getting drunk, Mayu complains to the Master about her love life and tells him he's attractive (she has an attraction to good-looking guys). Monochrome Factor Full Episodes Online. No score yet. A few minutes later Kouni is challenged to a fight by three strong-looking guys. : Sport Climbing Girls (Episode 5), Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Episode 172), Love Live! Akira stares off into the darkness, angry that he couldn't save Shirogane.

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