nfpa 70, national electrical code (nec handbook)

A one-stop source of National Electrical Code information, the 2014 NEC Handbook from NFPA does much more than bring you up-to-code -- it also explains the reasoning behind NFPA 70®: NEC concepts, provides real-world examples, and gives you the background behind Code … Commentary and examples are printed in blue. The inability to understand and apply the NEC can put lives and property in danger and result in failed inspections and significant liabilities. © National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2020. Privacy Policy This essential companion book to NFPA 70, NEC, includes the complete 2020 edition NEC text with new and updated commentary from the code experts and extensive visual learning aids that clarify concepts and improve insight of the code. Meeting notices and schedules are posted on the Next Edition tab. Terms of Use A one-stop source of National Electrical Code information, the 2014 NEC Handbook from NFPA does much more than bring you up-to-code -- it also explains the reasoning behind NFPA 70®: NEC concepts, provides real-world examples, and gives you the background behind Code revisions, so you can work with authority. Rewritten and extensively updated, the full-color 2017 edition NEC® Handbook is the most practical and powerful resource for electrical design and installation today. You are not permitted to print copies of the material from this subscription. The 2014 National Electrical Code® Handbook from NFPA® explains today's NEC® in full. Existing PDFs will remain in-market and will still be accessible in our National Fire Codes® Subscription Service (NFCSS™). Success in the electrical industry depends on your grasp of NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® requirements and your ability to apply them correctly. You are purchasing a license to access the information electronically only. The NEC handbook provides a narrative interpretation featuring expert commentary and informative exhibits that help you increase code comprehension and explain NEC requirements to clients and others who might not have professional electrical training. This item: NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC), 2020 Edition by (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association Hardcover $193.44 In stock on November 11, 2020. Stay informed about how the NEC addresses electrical technologies transforming the field. Order your 2014 NEC Handbook today from NFPA. Only the 2017 edition of the NEC Handbook has: The NEC Handbook is specially designed for electrical professionals. Get the resource utilized by electrical contractors, engineers, electricians, safety officials, inspectors, and architects throughout the US and around the globe to help ensure safe and compliant electrical work. [mp_product product_id=”6″ title=”6″ content=”full” image=”single” meta=”6″] Preview the 2020 NFPA 70®: National Electrical Code® (NEC®) Handbook, Editors: Christopher D. Coache, Mark Cloutier, Gil Moniz, and Derek Vigstol. There's nothing else like it! NEC Handbook 2020 Plus NEC Changes Online Training Series Toolkit More Info NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC) (2020) Essentials and NFPA 70E (2018) Classroom Training – Saudi Arabia NFPA extends sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. The NEC Handbook, 2020 Edition, helps get you up to speed with the latest in electrical safety and compliance. (Hardbound, 1,388 pages, 2020), Article 110 Requirements for Electrical Installations, Article 200 Use and Identification of Grounded, Article 220 Branch-Circuit, Feeder, and Service Load Calculations, Article 225 Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders, Article 300 General Requirements for Wiring Methods and Materials, Article 310 Conductors for General Wiring, Article 311 Medium Voltage Conductors and Cable, Article 312 Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, and Meter Socket Enclosures, Article 314 Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes; Conduit Bodies; Fittings; and Handhole Enclosures, Article 322 Flat Cable Assemblies: Type FC, Article 324 Flat Conductor Cable: Type FCC, Article 326 Integrated Gas Spacer Cable: Type IGS, Article 332 Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable: Type MI, Article 334 Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM and NMC, Article 336 Power and Control Tray Cable: Type TC, Article 338 Service-Entrance Cable: Types SE and USE, Article 340 Underground Feeder and Branch-Circuit, Article 342 Intermediate Metal Conduit: Type IMC, Article 344 Rigid Metal Conduit: Type RMC, Article 348 Flexible Metal Conduit: Type FMC, Article 350 Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit: Type LFMC, Article 352 Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Conduit: Type PVC, Article 353 High Density Polyethylene Conduit: Type, Article 354 Nonmetallic Underground Conduit with Conductors: Type NUCC, Article 355 Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Conduit: Type RTRC, Article 356 Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit: Type LFNC, Article 358 Electrical Metallic Tubing: Type EMT, Article 360 Flexible Metallic Tubing: Type FMT, Article 362 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing: Type ENT, Article 372 Cellular Concrete Floor Raceways, Article 374 Cellular Metal Floor Raceways, Article 393 Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems, Article 394 Concealed Knob-and-Tube Wiring, Article 399 Outdoor Overhead Conductors over 1000 Volts, Article 400 Flexible Cords and Flexible Cables, Article 406 Receptacles, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs (Caps), Article 408 Switchboards, Switchgear, and Panelboards, Article 410 Luminaires, Lampholders, and Lamps, Article 424 Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment, Article 425 Fixed Resistance and Electrode Industrial Process Heating Equipment, Article 426 Fixed Outdoor Electric Deicing and Snow-Melting Equipment, Article 427 Fixed Electric Heating Equipment for Pipelines and Vessels, Article 430 Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers, Article 440 Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Equipment, Article 450 Transformers and Transformer Vaults (Including Secondary Ties), Article 490 Equipment Over 1000 Volts, Nominal, Article 500 Hazardous (Classified) Locations, Classes I, II, and III, Divisions 1 and 2, Article 506 Zone 20, 21, and 22 Locations for Combustible Dusts or Ignitible Fibers/Flyings, Article 510 Hazardous (Classified) Locations — Specific, Article 511 Commercial Garages, Repair and Storage, Article 514 Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities, Article 516 Spray Application, Dipping, Coating, and Printing Processes Using Flammable or Combustible Materials, Article 520 Theaters, Audience Areas of Motion Picture and Television Studios, Performance Areas, and Similar Locations, Article 522 Control Systems for Permanent Amusement Attractions, Article 525 Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs, and Similar Events, Article 530 Motion Picture and Television Studios and Similar Locations, Article 540 Motion Picture Projection Rooms, Article 545 Manufactured Buildings and Relocatable Structures, Article 550 Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, and Mobile Home Parks, Article 551 Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks, Article 555 Marinas, Boatyards, Floating Buildings, and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking Facilities, Article 600 Electric Signs and Outline Lighting, Article 620 Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Platform Lifts, and Stairway Chairlifts, Article 625 Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System, Article 626 Electrified Truck Parking Spaces, Article 640 Audio Signal Processing, Amplification, and Reproduction Equipment, Article 645 Information Technology Equipment, Article 647 Sensitive Electronic Equipment, Article 665 Induction and Dielectric Heating Equipment, Article 675 Electrically Driven or Controlled Irrigation Machines, Article 680 Swimming Pools, Fountains, and Similar Installations, Article 682 Natural and Artificially Made Bodies of Water, Article 685 Integrated Electrical Systems, Article 690 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, Article 691 Large-Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Supply Stations, Article 701 Legally Required Standby Systems, Article 705 Interconnected Electric Power Production Sources, Article 708 Critical Operations Power Systems (COPS), Article 720 Circuits and Equipment Operating at Less Than 50 Volts, Article 725 Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 Remote-Control, Signaling, and Power-Limited Circuits, Article 727 Instrumentation Tray Cable: Type ITC, Article 800 General Requirements for Communications Systems, Article 810 Radio and Television Equipment, Article 820 Community Antenna Television and Radio Distribution Systems, Article 830 Network-Powered Broadband Communications Systems, Article 840 Premises-Powered Broadband Communications Systems, Table 1 Percent of Cross Section of Conduit and Tubing for Conductors and Cables, Table 2 Radius of Conduit and Tubing Bends, Table 4 Dimensions and Percent Area of Conduit and Tubing (Areas of Conduit or Tubing for the Combinations of Wires Permitted in Table 1, Chapter 9), Table 5 Dimensions of Insulated Conductors and Fixture Wires, Table 5A Compact Copper and Aluminum Building Wire Nominal Dimensions** and Areas, Table 9 Alternating-Current Resistance and Reactance for 600-Volt Cables, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, 75°C (167°F) — Three Single Conductors in Conduit, Table 11(A) Class 2 and Class 3 Alternating-Current Power Source Limitations, Table 11(B) Class 2 and Class 3 Direct-Current Power Source Limitations, Table 12(A) PLFA Alternating-Current Power Source Limitations, Table 12(B) PLFA Direct-Current Power Source Limitations, Informative Annex A: Product Safety Standards, Informative Annex B: Application Information for Ampacity Calculation, Informative Annex C: Conduit, Tubing, and Cable Tray Fill Tables for Conductors and Fixture Wires of the Same Size, Informative Annex E: Types of Construction, Informative Annex F: Availability and Reliability for Critical Operations Power Systems; and Development and Implementation of Functional Performance Tests (FPTs) for Critical Operations Power Systems, Informative Annex G: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Informative Annex H: Administration and Enforcement, Informative Annex I: Recommended Tightening Torque Tables from UL Standard 486A-486B, Informative Annex J: ADA Standards for Accessible Design, Important information about NFPA codes and standards available.

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