no 309 episode 4 english subtitles

-Pelinsu, Heed to the words and calm down. -Don't Get involved, to give birth are one flesh, and I want to know what he is doing and where it comes my baby. Will do the trick. Pelinisu, please think of us and his father. Who are you? Actually, I'm a history teacher. This girl is expecting a baby Onur? -Córko Whether it would not hurt the baby? You're right, Mom. They are both dressed up. Who has believed and gave you a job, aaa? - Thank you very much! Neither the place nor the time for disputes. - Do not worry, please. Yes. Hush. I kiss. I do not know how it happened, she learned about it. how ever you can also join doners group for 30$ and then we can share dropbox private links with no ads and download option also available.. here . ( Log Out /  Go! -Kurtulus, His brother in law. With sister we buy diamonds, beautiful stone. - What kind of tea, you have no Americano? I have nothing to say. If they look at the situation, it may be that she's right. Where can i watch the full episode with english subtitle of no 309 for please…. That is why I ask you for forgiveness on their behalf. You will not regret. -Well, You're right, but you should be prepared for it. - But the heat. Mrs. Songul, I'm sorry, really. -New Work. -Lale, Look, it's here, and on top more freely, otherwise it is not comfortable. Checks if I do not get upside down, so as not to harm the child. -In The sense that because of the color. -Rodzona Mine. And then there will be nothing left to burn. -Yes. What happened? Maybe we should talk Sebnem. No, why should I tell him? -Kłamie, Denying himself the decisions taken. His breath will be in your hands, you understand? Once we found out it was confused. Because I thought, after all, Yildiz even out of bed did not get up. -Stójcie! no 309 english subtitles episodes 1-65. these are free episodes you can watch it from 1 to 65 final. What do we do if the house is sold? I am your doctor. -Przyszedłem In-law to visit in an important case. Where he got such a car? Son, these ladies are my guests. I suggested you go to Pilates. And what it does in-law ... that is, what it does her fiance? - Sure, go ahead. In that case, I'll take you at the exit of your street. -I Think he was jealous otherwise could not be a coincidence, right Mom? I heard already what I needed. I came to set up the poison. Create a free website or blog at As she left, she was very bad. - I'm sure my child. - Really? You could announce or something ?! Can not you even keep the microphone. Well, I'm home. - I'll leave you alone. Kurtulus where else? Next I'll better to host a simple Turkish coffee. Ms. Lale, our classes to begin. Yeah a lot of work, it is good if a little time in the week Practice. -Uderz, Hit. You see, I said that I do not want to interfere, and the interjected. You do not need so attached to you ubioru.U growth of two meters, quietly ... -see, I say two, and you say one hundred ninety, once you correct me. I already have it up to here! -Lale, Thank you very much, that dotrzymałaś me company this evening. You will be a formal marriage, the birth of a child, each will have his life. Mr Songul, really sorry about what happened. I'm afraid that I can not feel the strength, and you can suffer. It means? Now I know all the money I will entwine in this newspaper, I swear. History teacher. Can you buy a nightgown, underwear. Give her some time to calm down, then you talk. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. - Course, of course. I ask you about something that happened yesterday, a little afraid. -Well, Daughter, well, calm down dear, calm down Pelinsu. Key to yesterday again does not happen again. And you? - Forget about it. Want to caption or translate video? Mr. Sakai also come with his wife. This also does not have. -God willing. It will look ugly and so I said Lale, we can not cancel. -Well, Thank you very much, a kiss, zdzwonimy yet. - See a nice day. Of course, I have the time. Ha, go make tea. It's over. Third. In that case, I'm calling. Well? -What are you doing? I'll come with his wife, Filiz. Will again be mine. Why would not he give? Mr. Onur, yesterday odałeś papers that gave the signature. Therefore, I will go down. I do not know what to do, the Nile. If you need anything, I'll be here close to home, you can call me. - Go Kurtulus. Calm down, Yildiz. I do not think that you have succeeded. And you know who else? It was a pleasure to talk with you. And she is pregnant. I mean, I protect. - It is too hot. Yes, what a week Mommy. Just look at this lady Songul. Of course, I told the whole neighborhood, but where are they found out ?! How? How can you do something like that. Soon it will be evening. Then again apologize to her. Daha fazla video için abone olun:, FOX Resmi Web Sitesi: Resmi Facebook Hesabı: Resmi Twitter Hesabı: Resmi Instagram Hesabı:, No: 309: 309 Resmi Facebook Hesabı: 309 Resmi Twitter Hesabı: 309 Resmi Instagram Hesabı: Pelinesu, they're married to the birth. -What are you doing here? I am reasonable in this situation, because I can not do this just because of you. -Zadzwonię To Samet and say to prepare the car, sorry. I've changed. - I'm very happy, it was nice to meet you. I still can not believe what I'm going through. I'll let you. Of course, he heard and came running. Congratulations, all the best to them. So far I do not see your personal driver. Come on, do not spin here too long. What did they say? You know that we are from Onur together? Not funny? Nothing familiar name, you know, aaa? Take. -Zrozumiałem Grandma. I'm not at all easy. No 309 episode 65 English Subtitles. Their money is for other people. - Do not come. You should stop me. There is no mouse. You know, in this day, when we had to see. -Yes. No, what I oczywiście.Nie miss your ojcem.Idź prepare me coffee. Go. Who are you, that such a change? This happened in front of you. Where will we live on the street? My brother in law is like a lion. In this happy day Lale, appeared a shadow. - Thank you, all right. Exactly. -Rób What I say, cover your ears ..... Daddy (Kurtulus) or that was constantly referred to the Gulsach, walked on my heels. With nerves last night you could not sleep, right? Lale daughter I'm so sorry for what happened. -Wczoraj Evening everything was fine, and now what happened? -Our Culture we learn, and the board does not have baklava. - Why so hurry, do not want to be a little more engaged? Good morning, welcome! Of course, wrong to have learned in this way. -oj, Late, is not it, but bring my doll, her little face'll look. - Everything at once is not discussed. Nothing has been recorded. Kurti come here. No 309 Episode 64 Full With English Subtitle season 1 Room Number 309 episode 64 English subtitles Room Number 309 64 sub eng 64 No 309 ep 64 eng sub Turkish series Turkish Comedy Romance #No309 #RoomNumber309 #TurkishComedy #Turkish #TurkishRomance #Romance. No, they did not do this to, who then? How can you get engaged to someone else? How are you pregnant? Go and take, I'll wait here for you. -Well. -Don't Be angry, Mommy. lkr. I feel sorry for her, in spite of this reaction. About me I ask you something, do not you offended? ( Log Out /  Sorry again. Can I take the car to go home? Really finished. As if there was no call to Onur and namówisz it. We renew her wardrobe. How is it possible that she is pregnant. -Who Is Onur and what occasion would be jealous. Pelinisu, I do not know where to start, but I'm really sorry.

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