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He has enough to worry about." This affects blocking schemes - block 'big on big' - so an RB should never take on a DL, and if the smaller players don't blitz (e.g. Air Raid Offense Pass Plays. But the TE and flanker switch responsibilities - the TE runs a post and the flanker runs the mesh across the middle of the field. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Receive a FREE copy of our Spread Offense Playbook! Air Raid Offense; College Offense; Double Wing & Flexbone; Run Game; NFL Playbooks; Option Offense; Passing Game; Pistol Offense; Run and Shoot; Spread Offense ; West Coast Offense; Wing-T Offense; Defense. I hope this might answer a few questions, and raise a few more (hey, if you're not learning something new, why bother with anything at all?). Another money quote: One important point to understand: the concept of the "8" passing zones (I was always a little fuzzy on this, as I played DLine, so forgive me if this is confusing and/or incorrect; I think I have it right). Home / Norm Chow Pass Reads Pdf. Even if the play is called against the wrong defense (if D is in a zone) there's an easy checkdown. Norm Chow. At some point, the players have to play, but a well-designed offense gives them that opportunity - a 'position to succeed' instead of a 'position to fail,' and the like. Now we enter the 'progressions' - see the "1"s next to the X and Y receivers. There's no designed contact. BYU pass concepts with reads by Norm Chow LINK. This is a play designed against a man defense. If the D is man, obviously you hope the safety has crept forward. San Francisco 49ers - 1982 Bill Walsh Head Coach . Again, as I stated at the top, this information may be entirely wrong. [, "We are going to protect the QB, otherwise nothing works. Nevertheless, it's a good sampling of what he seems to like to accomplish with his offense, so I thought I'd look through it. 10. Norm Chow Concepts.doc. BYU West Coast Offense - Norm Chow. From this point he begins breaking down specific plays (I'll get to that in a bit). To continue. San Francisco 49ers -1991 Holmgren Offensive Coordinator. NORM CHOW LAVELL EDWARDS. Follow @FootballXandOs etc), and the split end must cross closely enough to throw off the defense without losing speed. An attempted analysis of Norm Chow's philosophy and (partial) playbook By Underbruin on Feb 25, 2008, 4:38am PST 10. But far more instructive, I found, was the link to Chow's presentation on the precepts of his offense. In Nestor's post on the LA Times interview of Neuheisal and Chow, there is this comment by BHW linking to a speech by Chow, and a sample from his playbook. Bruins Nation's Site-Specific Community Guidelines, Standing in the Shadows of the San Gabriels, Ten Thoughts On The Great UCLA Basketball Win Over Kentucky. If not, hopefully this post will help some. The backs are lined up behind the QB. 69 H Option-Lavelle Edwards.pdf. I played center on this team...such a fun offense to run. West Coast Offense Playbook 1. So we come to our mesh option. I'd quickly like to note that in the pages available, you can see a handful of different plays. My guess is if this play IS run, it'd be a 5 instead. on Feb 25, 2008, 4:38am PST The mesh Coach Leach now runs at WSU is a little different from this BYU starting block. BYU. There are different passing sets (the 50s/90s/etc), and obviously there are no running plays listed. Visit our Shop to see our latest tools to help you work faster! On the defensive side, it's hard to attack a play like this barring a perfect defensive call. Some tags tell the QB if he needs to use his hot read or not. 1.0.0 Version 1488 Download 88.60 KB File Size 1 File Count May 19, 2017 Create Date ... Free Football Playbooks. If it's zone, the QB is taught to check down to a back, usually the one on the strong side (as the LB/S are either blitzing, or more likely occupied with the 2 receivers already on this side, the X and Z). The crossing routes threaten the underneath zones in the center of the field, with the potential for a runout into the deep zones on the strong and weak sides. Hence the 'partial' in the diary title. UCLA Basketball Moves Up To #2 In Both Top 25 Polls After Taking Out Kentucky, UCLA Women’s Basketball Faces Hawai’i In A Rematch of Last Year’s NCAA 1st Round Game, UCLA DL Steven Mason suspended indefinitely, UCLA to take on Kentucky on Dec. 19 in CBS Sports Classic, UCLA Week 1 Preview: The QB battle has it’s contenders, Bruins open as 6-point favorites over Colorado, "[The QB should] Never give a command that will be misunderstood, and always give a command that will be understood. Now, how does this work? Well, first, let's examine 2 eventualities: is the defense zone or man? You can see the 7 next to the line coming from behind the QB - that means a 7-step drop. The WR out wide on the left - on the line of scrimmage - is the split end, or 'X.' Norm Chow Playbooks. While the 62 Twins accomplishes the exact same goals as the regular play (TE and split end mesh, flanker runs post into the middle of the field), it is out of a different formation. 1985 Stanford University QB Manual - Bill Walsh- 232 pages. And, again, the two backs are available as extra blockers or release valves, just looking for positive yardage. He then talks about using 3- and 5-step drops and play-action, as well as establishing the run. Summary point number 1, is to understand Chow's "rules" for quarterbacks and offense in general. Say, changing the halfback's route if the linebackers are playing the pass.

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