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The Nullo project is a form of augmentation, the digital dream that has become reality; it’s a bit like having an avatar, but then altering and adorning our real time body to match it, because that too is an avatar as the digital and organic worlds merge. The exhibition will feature new work by artists mostly known through Instagram, and explores how the body is desecrated, destroyed and transformed, through our fantasies, yes alien aesthetics will be featured heavily! Festival of Dying: Is Your 'Death Literacy' Lacking? the account for nullo was deleted (my project with @parma.ham) so we have made a new one @nullloes here’s every look from our first collection, as you can see none of these images even break the guidelines of instagram. We make and produce work for ourselves and for our immediate subculture / community. In addition to removing his genitals that day, Archaniol also went through a much less severe surgery by having his nipples removed—to complete the nullification process. For London based artist, Parma Ham, pushing boundaries has become their raison d’être. Upcoming Wraith Event. For us, this is largely based in art.". Archaniol began getting heavily tattooed after winning his battle with cancer, which left him with significant blemishes and skin discoloration. You don’t need to pick anything. Their design project, Nullo, uses alien aesthetics to create dreamlike digital visions of sexuality while their upcoming exhibition, The Flesh that Dreams are Made of, will explore extreme forms of body modification. Politics uses a lot of binaries ‘left’ or ‘right’, ‘us’ against ‘them’, and I think these principles only serve to divide. I work based on what I would like to see and what I need. Gabriel Archaniol, better known as Adam Curly Kale, is a 32-year-old body modification enthusiast from Kaliningrad, Russia. I think due to social media and the accessibility and ease of photoshop style apps a new form of (digital) body modification has gained huge popularity. Nullo is a subculture within the extreme body modification community where men with phalluses surgically remove their genitals. I spend a day in Malawi’s biggest refugee camp, Dzaleka, where by chance I meet the camp’s tattooist. Being nullo is not comparable to being transgender and having sexual reassignment surgery, as nullos desire being completely gender neutral and without genitals. He posted a series of photos with his crotch bandaged up and included a video emptying his own catheter bag on Instagram. In their design project, Nullo (a term describing an individual that voluntarily removes their genitals), Ham and Salvia manufacture a haunting alien aesthetic that encourages nebulous boundaries between physical and digital realities to create and accommodate an updated augmented sexuality. I don’t see how limiting parts of my identity and the human experience to a binary like gender is useful. I’m happy to go by them/they to make things easy for others, but just referring to me as Parma Ham is preferable. "For writers, be original, spell things correctly (I have better things to do than watch your back), be on time, be nice to work with and don’t be a dick.". Discover a rich history of colonial stick & poke tattoos and wild convict stories with Simon Barnard, author of the new book Convict Tattoos: Marked Men and Women of Australia. My initial resistance began as I struggled as a teenager against the binary in relation to identity politics - male or female, and gay or straight. We’re now at a point where these surreal and extreme edited looks from social media are being realised in real life through surgery, 3D printing and silicone. "Modern-day passion, tangible tradition, and striking creativity: trace how tattooing continues to evolve in the follow up to Forever." You Won't Believe His Shocking Transformation. We are putting on a runway style presentation to show a collection of strapons which is called SISSYSLUT. (Published in VICE 14/11/2018) With a history purportedly stretching back into the late 1800s, The Number is one of the world's oldest gangs, maintained with an intricately complex hierarchy that spans across three factions—the 26s, 27s, and 28s. The title is a lyric from the song Flesh by The Invincible Limit. I know some people like to conflate gender with sex, but frankly referring to me as a he based on my assumed genitalia seems personal and gross. I try to not be influenced by others so I can carve my own path, there might be inspirational aspects to others that get me thinking about my own trajectory. To a lot of people my very existence is a provocation, but that problem is with that audience, and not me. Although tattoos in the West are becoming increasingly mainstream, the pain accompanying a session usually remains something to be tolerated at best, or completely mollified through the consumption of analgesics at worst. Take a look at the gallery below to meet a body mod whose gained attention in the media before for his radical appearance but has recently taken his transformation to the extreme. Henry was a soldier, court-martialled in Burma, so presumably he got some pretty wild tatts during service." Even asking me to go by a pronoun seems unnecessary as I just don’t subscribe to that system. The Forensic Analysis of Tattoos and Ink is a pioneering work detailing the methodology of this process. The groundwork and desire to do this has always been around. Milo's comments embracing the positives of a legal, consenting relationship between a teenage boy and older man were labelled pedophilia. I combine that with my vision of night life where I want to incorporate all the creative disciplines - fashion, music, art, performance under the guise of a transgressive and hedonistic nightclub; and create a hub for collaboration and bringing worlds together. (Published in DAZED & CONFUSED, 13/12/17) MoMA's recent exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern? It is a vision where unbridled body modification can render the human form quaint and where fantasies will completely efface corporeal selves. It is this steadfast spirit of rebelliousness—a vocal discontent with the status quo—that courses through the veins, and ink, of Indomito. The New Zealand based artist talks about her psychedelic erotic art, tattoos, and what an orgasm can do for the mind. Purchase discounted copies of Forever More here. They just liked names that had that “icky” sound and I just happened to be there at the right time.”. I work on Nullo with my partner Salvia, and our departure point was how our gender identities affect our sexuality and sexual role. (Abridged version first Published in The Guardian, 23/11/16), Hong Kong Branding: The Past, The Present, The Future. I’m not sure if it’s the healthiest way of going about things, and for many years I held myself back, because I thought there was no way I could create work as good as some of the great thinkers of our times. I never understood why writers, artists or musicians put work out that ultimately wasn’t anything new or doesn’t challenge or compete against what else is already out there. That blows my brain.”. It seems pretty straightforward to me that billionaires, politicians corrupt by money and the hate speech that enforces these status quo’s is the real evil, and it seems a lot of people don’t have the sense to tell apart what is actually a threat to society, and what offends their sensibilities that mean nothing in comparison. I think I’ve taken on a similar DIY aspect, mixed with experimentation and willingness to try different collaborations and styles, and have a reluctance to be pinned down. However, the Russian tattoo exhibitionist recently went through an even bigger transformation—this time going under the knife to become what Archaniol refers to as "nullo.". In October 2019 she released with Parma Ham the design project Nullo, by creating objects, clothes and accessories for transhuman tribes that have been steadily released through runway presentations, performances and actions. Salvia's work has been featured in Vogue, Dazed, ShowStudio, Another Man, I-D, and many more. (Abridged version first Published in The Guardian, 23/11/16) Lying in a satin-lined coffin or wearing a bondage hood may help you face up to your inevitable demise. I used to pride myself on my short and long term memory but now I literally can't remember anything about the film I avidly watched last night, but, I can tell you James' appointment in January 2019 needs extending because he wants to add a tiny dismembered leprechaun to his right arm, just below the elbow… That's fucked up.'

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