octavia build pathfinder

Octavia starts off with 3 Ray Spells: Acid Splash, Ray of Frost and Jolt. This build is a modified version of the build Roahin posted in his fantastic post on the GOG forums which can be found here: https://www.gog.com/forum/pathfinder_kingmaker/companion_builds/page2. Octavia can recharge one spell per rest/day with her Arcane Bond, even if she didn’t originally have the spell prepared (which I find easy to forget). More Pathfinder Kingmaker content is coming soon, including Class and Build Guides, so stay tune! I'd say a cool build to try for Octavia would be to go Arcane Archer and grab Spell Blending (a magus Arcana, available at level 3 and onwards) and pick up non-Magus spells like Hurricane Bow, Sense Vitals to buff your early bow damage and eventually focus more on the spell aspect like grabbing Battering Blast (acquired from Spell Blending) and metamagic it for some sick damage. Level 5 - Wizard 3: Skills - Mobility 1, Trickery 1, Knowledge: Arcana 1, Knowledge: World 1, Perception 1; Feat - Spell Focus [Evocation]; Spells - Level 2. Ignore Rogue 2. Knowledge (Arcana) enables you to copy Spells from Scrolls to the Spellbook and can be used to identify magic items and monsters. You may be interested to read our Tower Shield Tank Valerie Build Guide, Jaethal Grim Reaper Build Guide and our Beginner’s Guide.

I have also added these damaging spells to the build but feel free to switch for anything you like. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with. Instead of taking 15 ranks in Lore: Nature, you could alternatively maximize Stealth or put 15 ranks into a different skill like Athletics or Lore: Religion.
Use Magic Device lets you use Scrolls and Wands, making it a very good choice. Ray Spells are not the only ones powerful with this build. Octavia - Ranged DPS/AOE/Skill Monkey Overview. Scorching Ray (2), Battering Blast (3), and Hellfire Ray (6) are her best single-target spells, as each separate ray/attack will inflict its own sneak-attack damage. Having Octavia deal with your traps by investing in Trickery is a wise move, although actually detecting them may be something you leave to other characters. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Octavia fits into a classic CRPG niche which veterans of the genre should recognize: the roguish mage. At least check your scrolls before level-up in case you can learn something.
Profane Amulet from Varn DLC in dungeons. I would recommend having her mostly prepare attack spells or self-buff spells (like Mirror Image (2)) and letting other characters focus on control, if you have the flexibility. Pathfinder: Kingmaker > General Discussions > Topic Details.

Do not forget that you can slot one spell multiple times. Further Sneak Attack damage is added on top of that because of Sense Vitals. Level 4 - Wizard 2: Ability Score - Int 1; Skills - Mobility 1, Trickery 1, Stealth 1, Knowledge: Arcana 1, Knowledge: World 1, Perception 1; Spells - Level 1. Use ranged touch attacks like Telekinetic Fist (ability), Snowball (1), Scorching Ray (2), Battering Blast (3), and Hellfire Ray (6) on tougher enemies. Her Constitution is pretty low, however, so ensure she never becomes the target of enemy aggression, as she doesn’t have the HP to endure such attention for long. I find Rogue 4 is worth it on her. The Arcane Trickster class can be unlocked when all requirements are met. I'm using her as my main Rogue type character, at least till I get Nok Nok. As mentioned above, the guide gets off track at level 14. Loads of rods for different occasions. With Irlene’s masterwork item the Grandmaster Rod, Octavia can one-shot many of the named bosses using Hellfire Ray (6)—even against enemies with fire immunity since Hellfire Ray does half of its damage as unholy damage.

Love for RPGs started with Fallout 1 and 2.

Go to the specified area in the mountains to the right of your capital, not far from Varnhold, which is one of the main objectives of the fourth chapter. All rights reserved. The rest of your levels go into the Wizard Class to increase Caster Level. Along with her lover and fellow slave, Regongar, she gained her freedom when an adventurer - who was crossed by her masters - tracked the slavers down and defeated them. Gotta agree with Leilu. For example, Hellfire Ray is a level 6 spell and if Maximize is used, it will become a lvl 9 spell.

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