okete rat in english

In many European languages, the word “rat” is similar to English: Danish— rotte. [citation needed] The species is primarily herbivorous, consuming fungi and plant tissue, but includes arthropods in their diet. okòtó Conical shaped shell, Ifá symbol of infinity. to English: Dutch—rat, ratten (plural); for [5] The hair at the foot is short and pale in colour, subspecies Rattus fuscipes coracius is notably darker. In the summer it consumes primarily fruit, arthropods, and seeds, but in the winter its main source of food is from a particular cyperaceous species. Thanks to Gudrun Hoppe for the Rat/Mouse -Eku/Ekute. Olga for Ukranian. Àkeke = Scorpion. [9], The bush rat begins breeding around November and has litter sizes ranging usually between 4–5. Updated 2/10/14 . Pouch Rat -Okete Wild Goat -Edu A species of Deer -Ekulu Shark -Akurakuda Rat/Mouse -Eku/Ekute Earthworm -Ekolo Sing Bird -Ẹyẹ-Orin Partridge -Aparo Horse -Ẹṣin Donkey -Kẹtẹkẹtẹ Camel -Rakunmi Ass -Ibakasiẹ Bat -Adan Pelican -Ẹyẹ-Ofu Water-bird -Osin Dove -Adaba Viper -Paramọlẹ Sea-Gulls … [4], The species varies greatly in coloration and size. [8], The bush rat is strictly nocturnal and is active year-round. [3], While there are not many characteristics that readily distinguish the bush rat from other Rattus species, it is characterised by having small tympanic bullae and a straight incisive foramen. Thanks to Reviews | Rat Books | Merchandise | Special Events Aparo = Bushfowl. [4] The species constructs a shallow burrow that leads down into a nest chamber lined with grass and other vegetation. Animals Names In Yoruba And Their English Meaning. It is an omnivore and one of the most common indigenous species of rat on the continent, found in many heathland areas of Victoria and New South Wales. Aaka = Hedgehog. Ẹ̀ga = Weaver. The ventral side of the pelage is a light grey or cream colour, which grades with the rufous flank and darker brown of the upper-side; the overall colour is a greyish or reddish brown. Sing Bird -Ẹyẹ-Orin. Here is how to say “rat” in some other Àgbọnrín = Deer. The "nursery" of the bush rat is its burrow. Adult bush rats are smaller than the Australian swamp rat (Rattus lutreolus) and in addition, the bush rat's foot pads are a pink colour, whereas the swamp rat's foot pads are dark brown. Àkókó = Wood pecker. oku Corpse. The number of teats is variable in the regional populations, the females bears one pair of pectoral teats and four at the inguinal region, except in the north of Queensland where the pectoral teats are absent. Shark -Akurakuda. language to add, please email me at ratlady@ratfanclub.org. The bush rat is prey to some local predators, including dingoes, foxes, birds of prey and reptiles. The best time for prayer is in the evening, at midnight: the Iyami eat willingly Okete, a big rat that you can find in Nigeria. Thanks to Danica L. for Croatian and Serbian. Welsh entry. Adults seem to be nomadic, but will rarely leave the forest floor. The range of the southwestern subspecies R. fuscipes fuscipes is through sclerophyll forest of a high rainfall region. [1], Some of the biggest threats to the bush rat include red foxes and feral cats, both introduced species. Atlantic)—anguya (guasú), Hebrew—Khulda or Achbarosh (these forms are equivalent, but the former is  857 Lindo Lane olè Thief. [4] It is also the host to more parasites than any other Australian rodent. 132 thoughts on “ Orukọ́ Ẹranko àti Àwòrán – Yoruba Names of Animals and pictures ” tosin June 22, 2013 at 10:08 pm. [6], The bush rat doesn't show much overlap in diet with other local rodent species. The length of the head and body combined is from 100 to 205 millimetres (3.9 to 8.1 in), the tail is 100 to 195 mm (3.9 to 7.7 in); these measurements are approximately the same in the individuals. The average weight, for a range of 50 to 225 grams (1.8 to 7.9 oz), is 125 g (4.4 oz). okorokoro Front. Agodongbo = Colt. The bush rat is strictly nocturnal and is active year-round. Dutch—rat, ratten (plural); for a pet, ratje, meaning little rat… [citation needed] They exhibit stereotypically normal behaviour when approaching an intruder; boxing, threat-posture, clash, approach. The coastal distribution extends to some offshore islands, including Kangaroo Island. Earthworm -Ekolo. [5] The tail is a pink shade of brown, almost free of hair, with scales that overlap and give an obvious ringed appearance. The capture was noted by Darwin as "caught in a trap baited with cheese, amongst the bushes …". being mouse). Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, FAQ'S about Santeria Lucumi ....(Table of Contents), The Orisha of money, Aye/Orisha Aye/ Aye Shaluga, Itan /Pataki of Creation as told by the Orisha, Invader of the world .. birth of thunder, The first confrontation of Shango and Ogun, The young are to be respected by the elders -Oshun, Transformation from Yemaya to Yemaya Achaba, Lastly Olodumare turns to the mother of creation, Control of the seasons in the new kingdom, Yemaya offers Oshun marriage with Arganyu, Yemaya becomes the Apetebi ( woman ) of Orula, Oshun becomes the Apetebi of Orula .. Ololordi is born, Oshun and Orula expecting a child - Oshe addeu's birth, Transformations of Ololordi , Ibu Adessa , Ibu Akuaro, Yemaya meets Orisa Oko ( Obatala's youngest phase on earth), Orisas end on earth and birth of Human beings, Avatars /Paths of Babalu aye/Obaluaiye/ Asojano, Avatars / Paths of Agallu /Agayu/ alganyu /Arganyu, Words that begin in Yoruba with.... "A"-"AF", Words that begin in Yoruba with.... "AG"-"AY", Words that begin in Yoruba with.... "G", "GB","GU", Origins of many foods here in the United States, Ebo and Addimu the differences between the two, Ingredients for traditional foods for the orisha, Black eyed pea cakes and Corn Cakes ..Abara / Adalu / Ekuru aro / Olele, Akara ( black eyed pea fritters) and Akara Funle, Akasa- white horminy fritters and Eko- corn cakes (yellow Hominy fritters ), Tembleque for Obatala and all all orisha, Casava cooked in coconut milk and sweet palm sugar, OGUN- Onion Smothered Liver with Coconut Rice. The collection of the type specimen was made when HMS Beagle was anchored at King George Sound, a port at the southwest of the continent. [10], This article is about the Australian species. Kyrgyz, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Tagalog and Tatar. The gestation period of the bush rat varies between 22 and 24 days. The length of the hind foot is 30 to 40 mm (1.2 to 1.6 in) and the ear 18 to 25 mm (0.71 to 0.98 in). usually used for “pet rat”), Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzland [Kyrgyzstan])—kelemysh, Sa’a  (Ulawa Island, Àgùnfọn = Giraffe. Names of animals in yoruba explaining the different animals with pictures description so you know the diffrenet animal names and identify them in yoruba While it is mainly found in the lowlands, the species is also found at higher altitudes in the Australian Alps. [4] The feet are pentadactyl and all digits are clawed. For other uses, see, "Responses of invasive predators and native prey to a prescribed forest fire", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bush_rat&oldid=984512391, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 October 2020, at 13:42.

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