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An easy way to do this is to head into the first building on the left past Niles and Hack (55) the terminal to vent gas and kill everyone. Graham, Zora and the rest of the Iconoclasts will end up dead. Your email address will not be published. Especially if you need something. Talking to Sanjar He will reveal a plan to get MSI back into The Board. As you arrive, you’ll meet Niles, who is blocking access. Faction Quests are optional quests that players can chose to complete in order to obtain special rewards, XP, and reputation with a given Faction. Defeat the Marauders inside and then speak to the man via the Intercom, whom you will find out Hiram. I didn’t know helping Graham would lock me out of getting Zora’s trust, did just the first thing on my objectives list. It’s most easily accessed from Stellar Bay’s Southwest exit. Other Rewards: 15000xp, 2900 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclast Apostle Helmet and Iconoclasts Reputation. This is a big decision to make as not only does it have immediate effects, it could have ramifications much later in the game as well. A back-and-forth about Graham ensues, but you’re pretty sure Sanjar was not involved. You’ll gain 2,500 Bit Cartridges. The Outer Worlds is crammed full of difficult choices to make, ones that can completely change the worlds of the Halcyon Colony. Head to the building near the one you're in and talk to Zora to get her take and find out what happened at the ruins. Thanks so much! If Nyoka is in your party he will recognize her. You will need persuade 35 or intimidate 35 to get results here. You get some XP, Bits and MSI Saltuna Searer, a unique Flamethrower. Answered. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions. You can meet Graham Bryant and Zora Blackwood at their command center which is the largest building in Amber Heights, to the right side of your map. Pretty late but no there is no boss fight as I killed there faction completely as soon as I met them and I had no broken quest, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the theouterworlds community, This subreddit is dedicated to The Outer Worlds; a single-player first-person sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division, Press J to jump to the feed. Graham will say they must spread the word, and it unlocks the next quest: Pay for the Printer. You then have to complete the third quest you get from Zora called “Sucker Bait” as well. Stuck on who to give the module to in The Outer Worlds? She mentions Dr. Williams manage the town allotments from an upstairs terminal. Whoever ends up surviving will take the targeting module, you’ll get a bunch of Iconoclast reputation and a unique light machine gun called The Good Word. For this route to work you must have read Sanjar’s records on the BOLT With His Name quest, took the additional food for Zora on the The Commuter quest, and saved the medics on the Pay for the Printer quest. Approach the facility, and a group of Raptidons will attack you. You’ll need 55 persuade or leadership, or very high (9) intelligence in order to convince her. So I chose to side with zora simply because I found out graham was essentially a selfish, deluded, psycho. Now operating under the guise of Editor-in-Chief (purely because we felt the position was needed for public relations purposes), he's tasked with a lot of the kind of jobs that would put you to sleep at your desk. As you enter, you can loot some corpses and then read the nearby terminal to gain some knowledge about the crash. Complete Passion Pills Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, (Optional) Get High-Capacity Cartridges or Extra Supplies from, Rewards from helping Zora bits and Iconoclast Apostle Helmet. This is the first Faction quest for the Iconoclasts, and it's picked up in Amber Heights, Monarch. You’ll find out their crash was human error. Inform Graham that you got his rollers, and food and medicine if that was your choice. If You Give The Module To Graham If you decide to give the module to Graham, you assault Stellar Bay and wipe out the Monarch Stellar Industries, including killing Sanjar. The Iconoclast Armor and Helmet she is carrying can also be used for the Task: Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel. You’ll gain 3800xp and 14400xp. You don’t actually have to do the optional in “BOLT with his name” as long as you have high enough dialog skills to make him see his review as a good thing. The Negotiation Or use it to find out which quest rewards are best. Home » Outer Worlds » Give Module to Graham or Sanjar – Candid’s Cradle – Outer Worlds Candid’s Cradle is a side quest in Outer Worlds. If You Give The Module To GrahamIf you decide to give the module to Graham, you assault Stellar Bay and wipe out the Monarch Stellar Industries, including killing Sanjar. This The Outer Worlds Mods Guide explains the basics of the Mod system in the game, as well as offering deeper insight on how, The Outer Worlds is a huge treasure trove of discovery, reward, and screw ups. Insist Sanjar had nothing to do with the Amber Heights massacre. In an attempt to fix everything I went to talk to Sanjar first. You can choose to do so, or decline. Eject the Gunship Captain’s Key and it will be added to your inventory. A Man Named Ed. The developers have intentionally made the choices touch grey area, both sides have valid points, both sides make sense. He will counter that his people are believers, not soldiers, and ask you why you’re supporting this “mutinous blasphemer”. The Commuter: This is the first Iconoclasts faction quest. Head the entrance of the Devils’ Peak Station and defeat the Marauders there. You can also learn more about the planet, that used to be called Terra 1, and the reform that Sanjar and MSI tried to achieve to give more humane working conditions for everyone within. This quest is triggered automatically when you flip the switch to restart Devil’s Peak Station during the Radio Free Monarch quest. Kill Graham and help Zora take control of the Iconoclasts, then convince her to take part in peace talks. Having Vicar Max on your party during your meeting with Graham can yield some interesting dialogue!. Go to the meeting point and you still have some choices to make. Follow these choices to make a truce and get the best outcome. There is a Lockpicking (55) door nearby that has some loot inside, so consider picking it if you can. Once you flip the switch a ship will crash land nearby and Graham and Sanjar will argue over what to do with it, and the Faction Quest: Canid’s Cradle will trigger. This leaves lootable bodies and DOES NOT give negative reputation with Sublight. Work Together This Watch Dogs Legion – Decide Skye Larsens Fate – Kill Or Upload guide breaks down the two different choices you can have, explaining…, Certain missions require you to take a photograph of something important. Getting a man on the inside as a board spy is much more helpful to the player than saving some soldiers even though I believe Zora to be the best leader for Monarch… oh well! You can return to the ARMS building, read the review and delete them and the dialog with Sanjar will open up. The Commuter is one of the Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds. Additionally, if you inquire further about their boss you will obtain the Task: Mandibles of Doom. Choose dialogue options that assure Zora that Sanjar knew nothing about what Graham did, and that he didn’t kill anyone. If you’ve agreed with Zora in any of the past Iconoclast missions, she’ll stop you just outside of Graham’s room and ask for your help to overthrow him. Talking to Zora Graham Bryant in The Outer Worlds. You’ll get 3428xp. You will have 100% Negative reputation with the MSI at the end of the mission. He is the leader of the Iconoclasts located at Amber Heights. Inform her that Sanjar has made it illegal to trade with the Iconoclasts. Seemed logical at that point to depose garaham. She will reveal that she thinks the Amber Heights Massacre was engineered by someone who gave the pirates access to the gate codes. If you have to choose of the 2 choices Sanjar’s is the more appropriate choice. Ask him about the Information Broker and you’ll gain an Achievement/Trophy and 16000 XP. Home » Guides » The Outer Worlds Graham Bryant Quest Guide. For even more tips and walkthroughs make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki . The truce option seems the best to me, so I'm doing that, but I was wondering if you knew of a way to get the truce without any bloodshed? If you talk to Sanjar Nandi, you can ask him if he can call a truce, and point out that you read his reviews, and he can’t do this alone. Outer Worlds Remove Helmet From Companion, Sweetheart Cake & Terra One Dustback Casserole – Don’t Bite the Sun – Outer Worlds. Make your way to Fallbrook, visiting Amber Heights for several quests in the process. If you want to help the MSI, simply talk to Sanjar at Stellar Bay and offer him the targeting module. If you want to go the third route, making peace, make sure you question Sanjar and don’t just give up the module. So I screwed up as well and didn’t do Zora’s side optional. Required fields are marked *, The Outer Worlds Graham Bryant Quest Guide. Suggest the Iconoclasts should guard the supply lines. The real task, though, is deciding which side you’re going to give it to. If you haven’t aided Zora correctly in the previous quests, she will refuse to help. Defeat them and take the right path up a hill to go toward the medic. This completes the quest, granting you 15000xp, 2900 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclast Apostle Helmet and Iconoclasts Reputation. Head to the 2F and talk to Caleb Herrick to gain 1x Glacier Water, and he tells you that they are on strike. There's also a terminal in a nearby room that has some information on what transpired between Graham and Sanjar Nandi. This How To Take Photos In Watch Dogs: Legion guide tells you how to locate your camera and use it to take photographs so…, There a lot of unique characters to recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion. If you complete this Task then you can convince the C3 mercenaries to help you attack the Marauders if you can get the main gate open. Head to Fallbrook You can lie (20) or say they are for Nyoka, or private. This method relies on something totally unique to The Outer Worlds — a feature you won’t find in other Bethesda RPGs. The SubLight crew that was hunting Carlotta will leave and you can continue the quest. Go talk to Zora and agree to help her overthrow Graham. Then head to Amber Heights to speak with Graham and Zora. Grimm offers to give you your own entry code. The “best” option, and one that makes the most people happy is to create peace between the two groups. Before you can escort Zora’s team to safety, you’ll be informed they have lost track of their medic. You can Persuade (20) them not to kill you if you said you emerged from the tunnel, and then you can ask them to help you clear the Marauders from the Station. He will ask for your name and you will gain Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation (3%). You wipe out X and have to kill both Graham and Zora in the process. Offer Zora, as she has demonstrated to be rather level-headed.

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