oyster 565 vs 595

It is immediately obvious as soon as you go on board that every detail has been thought through. When the engine is on tickover, it is almost impossible to hear it in the cockpit. The shrouds disappear neatly into composite chainplates below the toerail. The new Oyster 565 and 595 (and also the bigger sister, the Oyster 675) - offer very flexible accommodation – master cabin aft or forward, dinghies on davits or in a dinghy garage, huge versatility of sail lockers, lazarette storage, different cabin combinations from 2 to 5, sleeping anything from 2 couples to 10 on charter, Oyster reinvents the wheel for luxury yachts below 60ft. Aimed very much at the family sailor, and skillfully combining the learning from the larger yachts, these two new yachts also include many features refined with the 101 Oyster yachts that have circumnavigated (or are in the process of circumnavigating – 31 set sail on the Oyster World Rally last weekend on the 15th January 2017). Moving forward between the twin wheels, you enter a generous-sized, deep centre cockpit. Knowing there is a huge amount riding on this model, I wondered whether it would deliver. Sam has sailed as long as he can remember, from a Scow to his current Sadler 34. These systems are linked so that if one becomes blocked you can shut it down and use the other. Most sail controls and sheets are within reach of the twin pedestals yet clear of the guest cockpit. This is the first completely new design under Hadida’s watch and it sits at the core of the British firm’s market. This yacht has a substantial bathing platform, alongside which you can tie up the dinghy. The mainsheet winch is directly abaft and in reach of the helmsman. There is a large sail locker forward, removable dorades and a huge ‘skylight’ hatch above the forward cabin. The companionway steps lift for stowage and access to the top of the 11kW generator. The longer you look, the more you appreciate the careful planning and the intricate detail that has gone into this yacht. The Oyster 565 is one of the finest production yachts I have ever sailed. Boasting many of the features you would expect on a larger bluewater sailing yacht, she is capable of everything from a coastal cruise to circumnavigating the globe without the need for a professional crew. The Oyster 825 followed, then the Oyster 745, more tank-testing and then the Oyster 118 and most recently, the Oyster 675. Every part of the accommodation is used to its full potential, and stowage is maximised without any part feeling cramped. “The launch of Oyster’s G6 fleet was a big step forward bringing Superyacht thinking into a new size range of bluewater cruisers. Completing the 'G6' fleet, Oyster is delighted to announce the two new models – the Oyster 565 (pictured below) and the Oyster 595. The provision for a forward owners’ cabin is a first in the Oyster range. Photo: Brian Carlin. Although the hull length of the new Oyster 565 is shorter than the 575 it replaces, its waterline length is longer and it boasts 10% more volume. The flat companionway steps are steep, and curved sides would be more practical. A robust bowsprit extends the yacht’s length to 59ft. Adamson believes that, for most owners, clear access to the cockpit is paramount, and a powerful vang was chosen to control the main instead. Yet both would want the space, performance and diversity that had made the bigger sisterships so popular. © 2020 Chelsea Magazine Company | Find out more about the Oyster 565 on Boat-Spec's blog: European Yacht of the Year 2020 nominated sailboats. Matthew Sheahan, Sailing journalist, said.

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