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Estimate or learn the density of your preferred gravel mix. Used for walkways, driveways home aquariums, home gardening and landscaping. Typical gravel density (dry) is between 1520 and 1680 kg/m3 (95 to 105 lbs/ft3). Consider this when choosing gravel garden plant. I want coverage to a depth of 3 inches with normal pea gravel (96 lb/ft³) costing $45 per US short ton. Gravel is categorized in two main types under the Udden-Wentworth scale: granular gravel (2 to 4 mm / 0.079 to 0.157 inches) and pebble gravel (5 to 64 mm or 02 to 2.5 inches). These calculators will convert a cylinder/circle shape into the total tons or cubic yards that you need. This is a complete medium-hard rock crushing line whose capacity is around 800-1000TPH. Different types of gravel have different densities and by knowing it you can get a more accurate estimate for the amount of gravel you need. If you are looking into upgrading your driveway, the pea gravel calculator helps you calculate the precise amount of material you need to complete your project. Gravel used for typical commercial use is usually of smaller size but its size can range from granule (2mm to 4mm) to boulder. Terms & Conditions | Machine, VU Integrated Sand Making System by Dry Method. Formula of volume: length x width x depth. We are not to be held responsible for any resulting damages from proper or improper use of the service. Let’s assume that the density of the material is 47.5723 kg/ft3. Based on the measurements you provide, you can work out the area and volume of the required pea gravel using the formulae detailed below: Our calculator can work out the total cost if you know the price per unit mass/volume: $$Cost = Price\,per\,unit\,mass \times Weight$$, $$Cost = Price\,per\,unit\,volume \times Volume$$. They can work on various terrible terrains and help customers get returns on investments quickly. In the middle of grass yard, you want to dig a pool and surround it with a path made of landscape gravel to dry your feet with after a bath. Estimation of the total gravel mass needed either in tons or kilograms, by transforming the volume as follows: 4. Note: you … Over our decades in business, Circle B has become known as the go-to "One Stop Shop" resource for mulches, landscaping stones, gravel, compost, and top soil, and much more. If you have an oval, you can break it down into a circle cut in half by a rectangle. There are numerous types of gravel available some chosen because of their size and shape and some chosen for their color. Series, ZDU If the area you want to cover with gravel, or the shape you want to fill is round, the calculation is a bit different: The volume of a figure with a round foundation is its height times the area of its foundation. Companies also may charge a delivery fee, which usually dissimilar based on the delivery distance. When calculating the gravel weight, make sure you do not confuse the tonne (metric ton) with the ton (short ton). By measuring the area and depth of your excavation we can provide you with the right conversion into tons of gravel. Pea gravel is small rocks typically 3/8” in size that are naturally weathered. They are often chosen due to their small size and rounded shape. Come here! Series, C6X Also gravel like marble chips and pea gravel are known for migrating off of driveways or walkways. Besides the ordinary crushing & grinding machines, beneficiation equipments also include many very professional machines, such as floation machine, leaching tank and thickener, etc. pea gravel calculator circle. Italy: Instapro $$Density = {Mass \over Volume} = {200\,lb \over 4\,ft^3} = 50\,lb/ft^3$$, $$Volume = Area \times Depth = 10\,ft^2 \times 5\,in = 0.154\,yd^3$$, $$Weight = Density \times Volume = 50\,lb/ft^3 \times 0.154\,yd^3 = 0.104\,t$$, $$Cost = Price\,per\,unit\,mass \times Weight = 45\,$/t \times 0.104\,t = $4.69$$. We have set a default density of gravel for you but you can change it according to your needs. Rectangular Area with Crushed Gravel (105 lb/ft³) and Price Per Unit Mass; Let’s say I need crushed gravel for part of my driveway which measures 4ft long, 2ft wide and 9in (0.75ft) deep. If the area you want to cover with gravel, or the shape you want to fill is round, the calculation is a bit different: The volume of a figure with a round foundation is its height times the area of its foundation. The difference between the two is not huge but can quickly add up to a significant number as the quantity increases. The density of typical gravel is 105 lb/ft3 (1680 kg/m3). It is also sub-categorized by the Udden-Wentworth scale into: Gravel is used for roadways is areas with little traffic. The price will fluctuate by location, but it’s almost in the range of $4 to $6 per bag for plain or neutral pea gravel. Try it yourself now. Series, BF Stones usually ¾ inch or less in size. - for bags of 100 kg each it divides the number of tons to 0.1. It is also used as a road base, and in some locations it is used for paving roads, for example Russia has over 400,000 km (250,000 mi) of gravel roads. The more comfy habitat is for your fish, the less stressed and more healthy they will be. At this point, it’s likely that you are asking the following question: You might notice that we changed between units (e.g. The calculators provide an … Make the calculations and see the changes. Total required gravel mass in tons = 82.408 tons, Total required gravel mass in lbs = 181,677.745 lbs, Total no. Remember that the key to our gravel driveway calculator is to measure in cubic yards in order to figure out the right volume of rocks needed to cover the area of your driveway at the desired depth. Although there are various kinds of gravel, there are certain varieties that are more popular for driveway construction than others. It can vary from granular to boulder sized. The steps for the gravel calculation are: 1. Real-time graphics. They range between ½ inch to 1 inch in size, should be treated in the same way as pea gravel i.e. Series, JT Series, MQ The peas are usually rounded with smooth surfaces, while other properties depend on "parent rock". Our free Materials Calculator for Cylinders will help you estimate the required sand or gravel weight for a job. The first one is used by all countries in the world and is defined to be equal to 1000 kg by the international body of standardization. Series, SF ZENITH's stone crushers are designed to achieve larger productivity and higher crushing ratio. There are multiple types of gravel with different properties and uses: You can find in river beds and stream gulches but you can use it to create a gravel garden as there are many types of plants that can be accommodated in such environment. Our gravel calculator can be used for most gravel and aggregates featured on our website. Remember that the key to our gravel driveway calculator is to measure in cubic yards in order to figure out the right volume of rocks … A cubic meter of typical gravel weighs 1,680 kilograms 1.68 tonnes. Don’t get confused with why we used gravel with area, because the volume of the gravel is same as volume of the area. Water drains rapidly through gravel than it does through most types of soil, so puddles form less readily on gravel-covered pathways and borders than they do on soil surfaces. Our pea gravel calculator handles all this for you given you supply the dimensions. Pea Gravel. Follow the steps below to calculate the volume. What if I don’t know the price per unit mass/volume? It should be noted that gravel with irregular shapes such as triangles with sharp edges may work better here. $$Price\,per\,unit\,volume = {Total\,cost \over Total\,volume} = {$300 \over 10\,ft^3} = 30\,$/ft^3$$, $$Weight = Density \times Volume = 96\,lb/ft^3 \times 0,1\,yd^3 = 0,31\,t$$, $$Cost = Price\,per\,unit\,volume \times Volume = 30\,$/ft^3 \times 0,31\,t = $81$$. My path measures 20 feet by 30 feet wide. Different Machines to Meet All Needs Are you looking for a crusher, a sand maker or a grinding mill for your project? Pea gravel is a great eco-friendly alternative to concrete or asphalt driveways. Works with metres or feet. At ZENITH, we are able to offer different auxiliary machines with different models to our customers according to actual conditions of projects.

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