pele meaning samoan

I LOVE the name Talia but I’m afraid it will always be pronounced “tal-ya”. may be for you guys. So also all words ending in a diphthong, as mamau, mafai, avai.[16]. It is also mean Ma Ling a can of grind up meat similar to spam. Lē (meaning "not") can be combined with all tense-aspect-mood particles (or 'TAM' particles), except those that are optative and subjunctive, such as neʻi, seʻi, and ʻia (Mosel & Hovdhaugen, 1992, pp. A friends dad who lived in Samoa till he was a teenager said it was alofa fua. Writers in the 1800s like Platt were unable to understand the underlying principles governing the use of the two forms: "There is no general rule which will apply to every case. To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. As with ʻaua, what should not be done is indicated by a verbal complement. Thank you so much for the reply! In the following examples from Mosel & Hovdhaugen (1992, pp. Linguists differ somewhat on the way they classify Samoan in relation to the other Polynesian languages. I am of Samoan culture but have not had time to study upon it. – how many times? I know this is an old thread but I need help!!! another is SAVALIOLETOA … that’s also a hand’me down type of name kept in the family buts its the translation that’s AWESOME coz it’s a name for the TAUPOU and it means “the walk of the warrior” … booya! It is sometimes used where English would require the indefinite article: Ua tu mai le vaʻa, a canoe appears. I love Manaia for a girl. We are told her father is Samoan (mother is Hispanic), and according to the social worker, her name is Malaua. is a social media network for Nigerian Languages and Culture, where you can post, discover and share Nigerian videos, pictures, words, pronunciations & translations in Nigerian Languages (currently Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, Yoruba) To preserve the language, linguists must use diacritical marks. 480–481) the only TAM particles that appear with leai are ʻua and e or te. I’m Samoan, and my last name is ili. Nice. n is pronounced ng – fono ("meeting", "assembly") is pronounced fongo; ono (the numeral "six") is pronounced ongo; māʻona ("satisfied", "full") is pronounced māʻonga. t is pronounced k – tama (child, boy) is pronounced kama; tautala ("to speak") is pronounced kaukala; tulāfale ("orator", "talking chief") is pronounced kulāfale. Or they may be reckoned as nouns in the genitive. Except garments, etc., for use. Am Samoan and part Nigeria but i was born and brougth up here in Nigeria and it really hurts i’ve never been to Samoa. In one or two cases a is prefixed; as apulupulu, sticky, from pulu, resin; avanoa, open; from vā and noa. Okay. Samoan is the third most commonly spoken language in New Zealand after English and Māori. My sons name is easier to translate; Iosefa Siosi Tautua. Pele Origin and Meaning. Sometimes such nouns have a passive meaning, such as being acted upon; ʻO le taomaga a lau, the thatch that has been pressed; ʻo le faupuʻega a maʻa, the heap of stones, that is, the stones which have been heaped up. Hopefully someone who reads this will have a better idea for you (assuming, of course, that this is the correct name)>. The articles le and se are unaccented. I would rather use "Pele", which is "Dear", just to translate the meaning/idea. 500–501) state that 'the existential clause functions as the argument of a verbal predicate formed by a TAM particle and the negative particle lē ("not")'. Negative imperative verbs are discussed later in this entry. Which is it??? Im Chinese too! Malaua = For they or for them. [12], The glottal stop /ʔ/ is phonemic in Samoan. You should ask your student if he or someone in his family is willing to share with you any other, more accurate meanings for his name.

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