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Featured in Williams Pinball Volume 2Type: KineticTABLE FACTS1995 by Midway Manufacturing, 3,450 Units SoldDesigned by Brian EddyArt by Doug WatsonMusic & Sound by Dan “TOASTY!” FordenTRIVIA-Attack from Mars is the first electronic game with an epilepsy warning.-Despite what you’d think, Attack from Mars was not inspired by the Tim Burton film Mars Attacks!, which exactly a year after the table hit arcades. Overall, this is one of those “buy the masterwork, get the other tables as a bonus” type of deals. Sometimes the camera wouldn’t do a close-up of the jump-rope or speed-bag minigames, and other times it would. White Water rafting! Hurricane actually has legitimate value as a table to practice shots on, but it’s also a bit of a slog. A few video modes. But, gun to head, if I had to convince a non-pinhead that there’s more to pinball than meets the eye, I’d probably use Popa’s work first. That’s about it. In the Pinball FX3 version, you have about a 10% chance of a houseball when activating any mode. These were designed to cost $0.50 a play, after all. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Me personally? Call the Ghostbusters! It’s MY site, so #6 has to settle for 2nd place.SET RECOMMENDED, 2 Tables for $9.99Certifications: Monster Bash (Certified Excellent)BEST TABLECathy: Monster Bash (#2 of 21)Oscar: Monster Bash (#6 of 21)Jordi: Monster Bash (#2 of 21), Not having a third “drag” table almost certainly elevates the Universal Monster Pack, but actually, I feel it’s deserving of a top spot regardless. Arabian Nights also features some tight squeezes among its very cluttered layout. Hey, it doesn’t get more trivial than that!REST OF THE TEAMOscar: Great (#6 of 21)Jordi: Masterpiece (#2 of 21)THE PINBALL CHICK CERTIFIED EXCELLENT TABLELink to Guide. Is Junk Yard a finesse table? There’s tables that sold more than Funhouse, and there’s tables from it’s era that are more remembered than Funhouse, and yet, no table from it’s era produces the warm feelings of nostalgia and a more innocent time quite like Funhouse. A relatively easy (by the standards of the era) table based around shooting combos, Theatre of Magic is built for fun, with any quarters it ate being secondary to that. Whereas Monster Bash has an easy to access wizard mode and Medieval Madness has a nearly impossible gauntlet to survive first (at least IRL), AFM strikes somewhat closer to the middle, with many games ending just a few steps from universal victory. Based on the Average Rating of the Tables between myself, Oscar, and Jordi. Arabian Nights is probably the most difficult good table of all the Pinball FX3 William recreations. Easily the most over-rated machine of the solid-state era. The scoring balance is wonky, with some of the easier modes worth more points than harder ones (and hell, that’s before you factor in Pinball FX 3’s boosts). All reviews are done by me, Cathy, the Pinball Chick. But, Pinball FX3 offers no such option, and uses the Lightning Flippers despite them being a last second addition to the game to cave in to the demands of bitchy arcade owners. But Attack from Mars also proves you can be perfect and still not the best. Multiballs have an uncanny knack for clearing each-other out. There’s some weirdness I don’t get. Maddening, like any Lawlor pin tends to be, but fun nonetheless. The biggest flaw in Fish Tales is that Mark Ritchie designed the table to use standard flippers, but the machine shipped with the infamous “lightning flippers” that are very slightly smaller than normal flippers. Weird. Which, frankly, is the exact same issue with Attack from Mars. It’s one of the all-time greats. Gofers is a lot of fun, but it also feels slightly phoned in and an underwhelming swan song for Lawlor. The knowledge that Pinball 2000 is going to be the future, and win or lose, traditional pinball was dead for Midway. Each of these normally sells for $9.99 USD (£6.99), but the complete package of three is currently free. A handful of 3D characters and items will accompany The Mandalorian, including the IG-11, the Razor Crest, Moff Gideon’s TIE fighter, the AT-ST (featured in the show's fourth episode), and Baby Yoda. Yep, this is a John Trudeau table. A wide drain. The focus instead is on taking the target-shooting and refining the scoring to be as razor-sharp as humanly possible. I feel horrible about this because Champion Pub has fans out there, and having a digital version of a rare table that’s hard to find in working condition (and would breakdown if you got it anyway) sounds like it should be awesome. A clean, simple design with clear targets and simple angles. In part because the table is significantly shorter than other tables, which makes it look kind of dumb when displayed near other tables. But it wasn’t meant to be one. The theme? I just can’t find anything wrong to say about it. No seriously, I’m asking you. Shallow game. Monster Bash: I love Monster Bash, but… well, it’s too easy. It’s very satisfying to hit the left ramp over and over for jackpots. In fact, while the target placement and scoring system are exactly what you’d expect from a sharpshooter, Getaway feels like a kinetic. The man deserved to go out on a higher note than Gofers. Neither Jordi nor I hated it that much, or at all. It makes a precision-shooting table dip its flippers to test the Kinetic waters. Also, brick, brick, brick brick brick, followed by a ramp reject or incomplete orbit. All of this in a 24 hour span, mind you, and all of us scoring MUCH higher than all other global competitors while my Twitter followers watched in disbelief. The problem is you really can just chop wood by shooting at the lamp if you can charge its value up enough. Theatre of Magic, World Cup Soccer, Tales from Arabian Nights. Even better, the difficulty is tempered with a lot of safeguards to assure fairness. That’s especially damning on a table with an already extremely hungry drain and no ball-save for multiball. ( Log Out /  But, I like it. Come to think of it, once we’re doing a video pinball mode on a video pinball game, we’re sort of through the looking glass. This was a fantastically well explained, detailed write-up that has already helped me get more enjoyment out of Pinball FX3 – thanks! Please do not copy or reprint this guide. All three are masterpieces in the annals of silverball. And what am I being screwed by? Nonetheless, the boys were right and I was wrong: Getaway is one of the best tables in Pinball FX3. Attack from Mars is an incredible table. Well, assuming you miss, hence the necessity for precision. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. A few roulettes. Also, that Phantom Flip is a pain in the butt. It doesn’t have orbits to shoot combos. I have it ranked as “great.” But Red & Ted has issues. Of course, that type of experience isn’t one that’ll be common among other players. And by God, this mode alone is probably the greatest multiball of all-time. This guide will be updated as quickly as possible (about a week or so after each set releases) to add every new Williams pinball table. Yet, connecting on shots is breathtaking and pulling off the incredibly-difficult jackpot while keeping the other balls alive is a thrill like few other tables have. Why must the left ramp reject over and over?! The Champion Pub is probably the best pinball example of it. And, frankly, I think it needs a little more time to cook. And the crap thing is, this SEEMS like it should be a fun idea. Star Wars Pinball has received glowing reviews over the years, and stands as a separate entry to Zen Studios’ independent Pinball series. You get there via a two-ball multiball that has no ball save attached to it. Monster Bash is a table that anyone of any skill level can enjoy, perhaps uniquely so among late arcade-era tables. One of those two shots is INCREDIBLY forgiving, to the point that you almost forget that there’s a completely unfair toy smack-dab in the center of the table that has a good chance of insta-killing your ball. Funhouse is worth the price alone, and while I’m not sure you can say that about Space Station or Dr. Dude, the boys might disagree with me. What can I say about Medieval Madness that hasn’t been said? An incredibly tightly-packed table that introduced the Brian Eddy signature “centralized target”, it’s also one of the tables that debuted in Pinball Arcade but wasn’t done justice until Pinball FX3. You absolutely HAVE to shoot at both the R-E-F-L-E-X lights AND the “I” Exam, but any and all of those have a huge chance of the ball going limp and falling straight-down the drain. Head over to Steam to grab your copy. The biggest issue by far is that the table’s primary target, the castle gate, is designed in a way where the ball has about a 30% – 50% chance dropping straight down the middle from a variety of angles. Then again, one of my favorite launch-window Dreamcast games was Sega Bass Fishing. I can’t imagine children of the early 90s would be interested in a fishing pinball game. Myself, my father Oscar, and my 10-year-old sister Angela, traded the world record for Pinball FX3’s Five Minute Challenge Mode in the game several times. And what’s actually here isn’t really that good. There’s no complex step-by-step objectives. The only possible reason to want to play Safe Cracker can’t translate to a digital recreation. Accessing the Ferris Wheel? From what I can gather, it’s one of the least popular tables among professional players, where matches end up slogging and players resort to chopping wood (shooting low-risk targets to grind up scores). The modes are interesting, but typically I just shoot for ramps, orbits, and multiball. That number seems to increase when you begin multiball, as over half the time, at least one of the three balls (usually the first one) was unplayable upon being served. Dr. Dude is still really fun, because there’s nothing quite like it. You can try higher risk shots, but the wood-chopping ones pay off enough that world records could be set just by repeating the same shots over and over and over and over and you get my point. They’re player’s tables that feel like a love letter to every eccentric pinball trope. Not only are the balls lively, but they move so fast and test your reaction times. Pinball FX3 developer Zen Studios has announced that a Mandalorian-themed table is in production for the pinball simulation game. Initially, I had Monster Bash #1, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt Medieval Madness is the most purely fun, perfectly-balanced real table recreated by Pinball FX3. Tales of the Arabian Nights is that type of legend. In fact, my ranking of it at #4, in the masterpiece category, was the source of controversy in the Vice household that led to a full-blown shouting match. Plus, there’s been a persistent rumor (completely unverified) that Gofers originally had a large, animatronic gopher toy in the center that was vetoed halfway through development as a cost-cutting measure. More: Enjoy These Free Pinball FX Games On Steam Featuring Marvel, Star Wars, And Alien. All ambitious, and often wonderful pins. But, like so many post-Addams Family tables, it was prone to breaking down, and OUT OF ORDER signs earn no money. Space Shuttle might have attracted players with a cheap plastic space shuttle toy, but it wooed players back to Silverball with its absolutely stellar gameplay. Do you know what the problem is when you make extremely mode-heavy tables? Free to Download with the Pinball FX3 LauncherType: FinesseTABLE FACTS1992 by Williams Electronic Games, 13,640 Units Sold17th Highest-Selling Solid State TableDesigned by Mark RitchieFrom a concept by Python Anghelo & Pat McMahonArt by Pat McMahonMusic & Sound by Chris GrannerTRIVIA-One of four tables (along with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Popeye Saves the Earth, and Doctor Who) with “Lightning Flippers”, 1/8 inch smaller flippers.-Fish Tales is the highest selling table converted to digital by Zen Studios so far.REST OF THE TEAMOscar: Good (#7 of 18)Jordi: Good (#8 of 18)Link to Guide.

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