pocket bully studs

Thanks for contacting us! 3 or more pups is considered a litter. We are proud to have produced several ABKC Pocket Champions, Venomline | Extreme Build Pocket Bully Breeder, © 2020 Venomline | Top Pocket American Bully Breeders. HIS PUPS ARE NOT CHEAP BUT YOU DEFINITELY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. We will post the litter on our Facebook page and social media outlets. At Venomline we are home to several of the Top Pocket Bully Studs in the World. We Ship Worldwide & Offer bulk discounts for International Customers: How Does International Shipping For Stud Service Work? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We offer discounted rates to Customers who come back for additional Credits. Our dogs are still alive and well and still able to produce. Choosing A Stud: Show Dogs & Stud Dogs in the American Bully Breed, LILAC, CHOCOLATE, BLUE & BLACK TRI COLOR POCKET BULLY PUPPIES, TRI COLOR EXTREME AMERICAN BULLY PUPPIES- VENOMLINE POCKET BULLY BREEDERS, POCKET BULLY STUD’S COLORFUL PUPPIES (CHOCOLATE, CHAMPAGNE/LILAC, BLUE & BLACK TRIS) ALL IN ONE LITTER, 2018 World Canine Association (WCA) Mascot, 2017 Stud Of the Year Nominee (American Bully Embassy Magazine), Triple Carrier: Produces Every Color Tri (Lilac, Blue, Black & Chocolate), 2017 People’s Choice Awards “Best Pocket Bully”. But we still tried, and unfortunately our female didn’t take. We have had success with regular AI as well, but if your vet has options, it’s helpful to ask. We also can still remember what it was like when we first started out. If your female does not get pregnant we don’t just keep your money. Just another way we take care of our Customers and show our appreciation. What Do You Recommend? HE IS OFF THE FAMOUS EZ RIDER AND GORILLA BREEDING IT IS THE FAMED PRODUCER EZ RIDER BRED TO A DIRECT CHIEF DAUGHTER. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Every Top Stud should have productions for you to View so you know that a Stud is proven, and worth Stud fee. If you choose to try again during next heat, you will not pay another Stud fee like many breeders would have you do. This unfortunately is even more prevalent in the exotic community. Both have a higher % of success with shipped semen. The Bully Catalog is here to serve the American Bully community. The item you just added is unavailable. In that case, you’ll want to ask for video (longer than a 10 second clip) and photos. Pocket Bully Studs, Pocket Bully Puppies for sale, Pocket Bullies for sale, Pocket Bully Kennel, Pocket Bully Puppies, Pocket Bully Breeders, California, American Bully Breeders, American Bully Kennel, Small American Bullies, Micro Bullies for sale, American Bully puppies for sale, American Bullies TRUNKS WAS THE 2010 ABKC NATIONALS WINNER IN HIS AGE GROUP AND IN MY OPINION THE BADDEST BLUE FAWN POCKET BULLY ALIVE! American Pocket Bully Champion Hustler Abkc Stud Plymouth, Devon Ch Hustler ABKC stud dog blue ghost tri American pocket bully champion from the best blood lines all muscletones magoo his mass and structure are near perfection weighing in at 40kg hes a bit of a monster big female producer around 75% produces beautiful pups that are all correct mass and This is for your protection as well as ours. We can also assist you with that as well based on her numbers. Confirmation/Unsuccessful Breeding/ Only 1-2 Pups. TRUNKS HAS OFFSPRING ALL OVER THE USA, ASIA, EUROPE, AND MEXICO.

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