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Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Later on came John Calvin’s work against the Catholic Church including the Geneva reform and his idea of predestination, the idea that God is willing all of the events that can happen in one’s life. Zhenli Xu Henry VIII, like many other Protestant political allies, also had economic side-motives. This happened in the 16th and 17th century, also known as the middle and/or dark ages. Led mainly by Pope Paul III and Pope Paul IV, the counter reformation had many long lasting effects on not only Europe, but also the entire world. The subordination of economics and religion under politics foreshadowed the emergence of a new political character: the politique, a moderate willing to sacrifice personal beliefs for the good of the state. The Protestant Reformation was a 16th century movement originally aimed at reforming the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church would see its authority challenged in a way that was unprecedented and the world would bear witness to the beginning of many religious feuds and rivalries, some of which live on to this day. The movement quickly gained adherents in the German states, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Scotland and portions of France. Protestant Reformation is admittedly one of the most important schisms in the history of Christianity. These 95 theses argued on the power and efficacy of indulgences and explained the fundamentals of justification by faith. This revolution had a major impact on Europe and it gave way to short term and long-term consequences, which still can be seen today. The Protestant Reformation was revolutionary due to the fact that the reformers preached against everything the Catholic Church had been teaching. Both of the very important movements changed the regular Roman Catholic churches forever. During the time period of the Protestant Reformation you were able to do just that. HI 101 Essay 3 Zhenli Xu Protestant Reformation Protestant Reformation is admittedly one of the most important schisms in the history of Christianity. This reformation was seen as All of the other countries were busy with trying to bring back catholicism to Europe. However, although the Protestant Reformation began as a religious event, it began to use economic reasons to fuel its ultimately political goals. Many people stopped viewing the pope as God’s right, HI 101 This process was not calm or peaceful in the slightest. Finally, the corruption of the Renaissance papacy, such as that of Alexander VI (who did not keep the celibacy vow) resulted in loss of papal credibility. Luther started all this because he wanted the corruption within papacy. Many citizens saw Thus opened the eyes of the people who had begun to question centuries of Catholic beliefs. In order to come up with a unified decision, Pope Paul III called together a council of church leaders to a meeting, known as the Council of Trent. The first was that the church had sole right to interpret the bible, and it’s interpretation would be final - anyone who came up with their own interpretation would be considered a heretic. You must post before class begins on Tuesday 10/5. Protestant leaders like Martin Luther and John Calvin fiercely attacked and denied traditional Catholic beliefs, causing much controversy and debate upon religion. It started with Martin Luther nailing the Ninety-Five Theses on the door of the Catholic Church in Germany in 1517, and ended with the Peace of … His beliefs spread through German states and most of Northern Europe. As the Holy See was not as powerful anymore, it was suffering from attacks on the papacy. Protestantism is still a large religion today throughout many parts of the world. After imposing the Reformation in England, Henry VIII proceeded to dissolve English monasteries. The Catholic faith became less and less appealing to people as the abuses of the clergy were now publicly addressed by reformers and a new, personal approach to religion was offered in Protestantism. When most people think of the Protestant Reformation it is often associated with a time of crisis for the Catholic Church. Need custom Protestant Reformation essay? Chapter 16 Further, his beliefs were born out of Luther’s deeply religious character, forever frightened by God’s impending judgment. Be specific and use examples where appropriate. Following this, the Great Western Schism also contributed to the loss of papal authority as it split Christian Europe into hostile camps, because three different men were claiming to be the true Pope, each having some support from different kings and princes of Europe. Politics, economics and religion all played a part in propelling the Protestant Reformation forward. From 1545 to 1563, church leaders came up with a mutual decision, agreeing on a few doctrines. The principal figure, The Protestant Reformation was protests for reform of the Catholic Church. The first thing the church worked on reforming was it’s doctrines, or beliefs they held and preached. The protestant reformation began in the 16th century. It was from these men that Martin Luther came to the conclusion that faith alone would lead to salvation and you didn’t need to work for it. The Protestant Reformation, starting only ten years before the English Reformation did, first recognized the corruption of the Catholic Church. These two had created a new way of thinking and voicing it out, especially when it comes to religion. In England there had been... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. (267) Many people started to doubt the way that the church was portraying their teachings and this would would ultimately lead the path to the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. Luther felt that one could not simply buy oneself out of hell or purgatory. This movement was directly operated through the Council of Trent, a council of high cardinals that met from 1645 to 1663. When that didn’t work, he rallied the people to follow him. For instance, Henry VIII and the German princes wove economic and religious incentives to serve their respective goals of divorcing and gaining power. Support came from religious reformers, while others manipulated the movement to gain control of valuable church property. The time of the Protestant Reformation was a time of great change in western society. Because France was involved in a war with Charles V, the French kings sought to use Protestantism to further splinter the German territories, weakening Charles V. Another king, Henry VIII also had political motives for breaking from the Catholic Church. The Protestant Reformation was a movement when groups of people left the Roman Catholic church in hope for a change. The Protestant Reformation was a 16th century movement originally aimed at reforming the Catholic Church. Luther’s followers and other... ...UNIT II: The Reformation Luther’s Theses were in direct response to the Church’s selling of indulgences, the sale of an exemption from sin. German princes, like Luther’s protector Frederick the Wise, saw in Luther a patriotic mascot for their fight for power and independence against the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. The Valois kings of France also supported Protestantism despite being Catholic. The beliefs of many men created a new religion called Protestantism. Luther and his supporters believed that the Church had been corrupted by power and wealth and therefore it needed to change for the better, however, the Church held strong to their own beliefs. Some famous reformers are John Calvin and Martin Luther, Both the Protestant Reformation as well as the Inquisition made immense impacts on the religious society of western civilizations in Europe during 16th century. Get Your Custom Essay on Protestant Reformation Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper Martin Luther was an outstanding monk, but when the church starts selling Indulgences, he decides to start his own rebellion, which got him excomunicated from the church. Without any unification with a religious order and as resentment of clerical immunities abuses spread, all of this provided a solid foundation for Luther’s reform. Besides affecting the religions, this reformation also changed parts of the European culture. This was done through, Avignon papacy, - a time where the headquarters of the Holy See had to be moved from Rome to Avignon, it brought uncertainty to the people, as they did not trust the Pope, and believed the Pope favoured the French. They were not happy that the Church was... ...Have you aver questioned authority or superior forces than yourself? Protestant & Catholic Reformation On October 31st 1517, Martin Luther started the beginning of the Protestant Revolution by posting his 95 theses at Wittenberg’s castle. The Reformation began in Germany because Germany lacked The political unity to enforce national religious reforms and also thats where Martin Luther lived at the time. Before, these church lands were tax-exempt. These religions include Zwingli, Calvinism, and the Church of England. Although the conciliar movement was ended by Pope Pius II around the 1450s, the people during the Lutheran Reformation were calling for a general council of the church. Both of these reformations relate to one another greatly, The Protestant Reformation took place in the 16th century and was a major European movement whose goal was to reform the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. This specific time period challenges and characterizes the new direction that would be taken in Western Europe. The Catholic Reformation Religious disagreements caused bloody conflicts all over Europe. In addition, rulers favored Protestantism as a state religion because it meant that no power needed to be shared with the Pope. The church thus needed a response to the Protestant Reformation, as it was going against everything they stood for. ...The Protestant Reformation With the advent of the printing press, Luther gained many genuine, religious followers. The Renaissance and reformation are somewhat similar; in their core lies the revival of the true values and virtues. it as a disrespectful threat to the society as a whole, but as the protest began to increase It arose from objections to doctrines and practices in the medieval church, loss of papal authority and credibility as well as other societal, political and economical issues of the time. The Catholic Church on the other hand, viewed this practice as a way of salvation for the community of Christian believers. A specific moment in the beginning of the Protestant Reformation would soon lead to the development of early modern Europe, that moment was, The protestant reformation happened around the 16th century where there was an abundant change was occurring in europe. The person that started all of this was Martin Luther from Wittenberg, Germany. Luther also had other followers who had ulterior, political motives, like the German princes. Post your thesis for the DBQ: "Defend or refute the following statement: The Protestant Reformation was a unified movement of dissent against the Catholic church." Hire a Professional to Get Your 100% Plagiarism Free Paper. Let a Professional Writer Help You, © New York Essays 2020. Even though people were doing what they believed, the Protestant Reformation brought many conflicts. Black plague. Questioning the Catholic Church and the works that came with that made both of them landmark points in the world’s history but the question relies on why they attacked the fundamental principles of the church. Indirectly, its original motives were realized through the Catholic Counter-Reformation. Many religions began to sprang throughout the world in which would rival the Catholic church and this created a problematic task for them to overcome. Martin Luther and John Calvin, two famous theologians deeply questioned their times authority, the Catholic Church.

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