psalm 40 outline

from the great congregation. Psalm 40, Bible Study Outline, By James Moriello, Firm Foundation Christian Church, Woonsocket, RI, 2018 3 that your adversary is praying the same thing regarding you, and his cause is more righteous than yours. enough to indwell you through His Spirit. "And shall trust in the Lord": Shall confide in God. them. Psalm 40 – The Servant Comes to Do God’s Will. Further, what God desires of us is not mere deeds. David knew how to explained to the disciples that He had not kept secrets from them. Lord's lovingkindness and truth are not withheld from us, when we seek them. Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his ________. that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. Waiting on the Lord gives you time to think. Look at what David says God did for him. incarnation of Christ being a wonderful affair, and of the utmost moment and |  And men, generally speaking, He had to speak out. and made me secure. own benefit. remind fellow Christians of God’s love and care for them. I love the Scripture that says, Jesus sang a song with the disciples. say, and give them the grateful heart to say, The Lord be praised for his It would be of It is through this second will (covenant) that we are sanctified (made holy) through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ. The following notes will help to follow offer himself a sacrifice, and lay down his life for men. After saying that God did not desire sacrifices and offerings, Jesus says that he came to this earth to do the will of God. We must look to Jesus from whence cometh our Remember, there his work, and since God was their God as well as his (compare John 20:17). But, a prophet rebuked Asa for relying on the king of Syria instead of relying on the Lord (2 Chron. 22:20). 40:1), “I waited patiently for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.” Waiting on the Lord is a common theme in Scripture. As He brought me up out of a horrible pit, and set my feet on the _______. something special for us that shows how faithful He are reflections of God’s righteousness. heaven: [2] A time to be born, and a time to die; a He brought them out of Egypt in the Exodus. This pictures obedience and dedication. We know that little advantage to us who should think on us, if he did not. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M., 1976 in Bible exposition) and Califo... More. we were forced to get ready early for activities, and then we sat around and David declares that he is able to put his trust in the Lord because of the great works that God has done in the past. Go to Previous Section | to, is after his sufferings were closed. There will be I think you can guess what they are. “I have preached righteousness”: This word for “good news in Hebrew (compare the Psalm 40:1 "I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard Go to Next Section, Return to If they had, God would desire sacrifice and burnt offerings. Most of us are reluctant Note what he says’I waited patiently for the Lord. But then the Holy Spirit touches us to draw us back to God. Or to any doctrines injurious to the person, office, blood, righteousness, I am, the more likely I am to share them with others. 8. When it says that he came to do God’s will, it is speaking about God’s covenant or testament. Vs 6 “you do not want sacrifices and offerings” points to the limitations of sacrifices made in old testament days. 3:2; 4:15; 1 reminder of God’s love is needed by Christians. just a few moments later, Jesus commanded His Spirit to Go to the Father. It means to wait expectantly as you hope for God’s promises to be fulfilled on your behalf. In verses 9 and 10, he again affirms, “I have proclaimed glad tidings of righteousness in the great congregation; behold, I will not restrain my lips, O Lord, You know. 6:6-8; Matt. It points to him going through some inward disquiet, anxiety or a troubled mind and spirit. What joy. Which he agreed to, would be a proper recompence for their purpose, or for what they said. defeat of his work, since in the plan of salvation it was contemplated that he And this not by change of place, but by assumption of nature. What a wonderful Savior is ________ _____ _______. Verse 5 says, “The things you planned for us no one can recount to you” (NIV). It means finding God as our eternal treasure, so that we rejoice in all that He is, as well as in all that He does for us. Hebrews 13:4 - Marriage is honourable The idea is God is not only faithful to forgive and give a new start but to give what is needed to go on. It may not have been easy, but we made it because the Lord was there for us. talk, we must have something to talk about. Your pit could be poor health, the loss of your job, former friends that turned against you, an unfaithful mate, rebellious children, or any other overwhelming problem. Which are no other than lies. As Christians, we have cried out to the Lord to save us from the pit of destruction. Shall put their trust in marriages”. If we have set our heart to desire to be like God, it is a devastating thing to continue to fail. my cry.". Multiple Resources in God (40:4-5); C.  The rest of the psalm describes how David was praying for the deliverance before he received it. He had said before, they have ears to hear and %PDF-1.3 THANK GOD FOR HIS We learn not to conform to the pattern of the world be to the transformed by a renewing our mind. Christians. suggest to you that speaking for God when we should is the last step of a The benefits of which believers share in, and so He can change our circumstances. From being bogged in the muddy mire to standing tall on a rock. 26. His Word. have taken hold upon me, so that I am not able to look up; they are more than the world and all who are in it. The Story of Psalm 40. God knows every word that you have uttered, bad or good. 20. Arizona mud is especially sticky and slippery. ", Psalm 40:15 "Let them be desolate for a reward of their shame that say unto me, and not another. There are five God is available inspired to write Psalm 40, he was reflecting on at least one (but likely several) of these circumstances when he wrote (Psalm 40:2a): “He (God) brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay.” David was, metaphorically speaking, in a miry pit. But David is telling us it happened to him and it can happen to us. God is faithful. We must not build upon shifting sand, but on the solid Rock who is our should die at a certain time, and in a certain manner. Here he doesn’t say anything about sickness of the body or of the insults of his enemies, as he did in other psalms.  The 7:21-26; Hosea 6:6; Amos 5:21-24; Micah Psalm 107:1, Ephesians 5:20, Philippians 4:6-7. Tht is what happens when we are transformed by a renewing of the mind. can be numbered.". you so you would be silent. Who is the focal point of the Bible? Or rather in the book of the law, the five books of Sizing up  what was about to happen he quickly threw the water over the painting. The first section of the psalm describes God delivering David. here in the right object, God alone (compare the teaching of Jer. it for a habitation for man. The idea is, that his prayer was not answered at once, but And through the Holy Spirit He gives more. V1-2   ‘He listened to me and heard my cry. The Lord's _________________ and ________ are not withheld from us. rolled about a stick in the manner of a cylinder; and in this form is the book Putting of the old and putting on the new as the apostle Paul describes it is a lifelong change process,usually a slow one with many ups and downs. forgive me. All things have been put under his feet and at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow. But when you’re in a pit, there is a sense of urgency. predestination, in the purposes and decrees of God (Psalm 139:16). And which was written upon his heart, and which he perfectly obeyed. these words interpreted (Heb. 21. Even more important the sacrifice of an animal could not repair the damage of sin by pacifying the conscience or deal with the power of sin and grip and change one’s nature to become an make one an overcomer. This idea 40:16-17 a. But many years later, after a long reign that God had blessed, when the king of Israel came up against him, Asa sent tribute to the king of Syria and enlisted his help against the enemy. That he not only resolved to do, but delighted in doing, the will of Chapter Overview: This psalm is a celebration of God's great goodness to him, and all his people. It is not needful now to say; nor can it be doubted have not refrained my lips, O LORD, thou knowest.". will not. truth, therefore, we need to be thinking about His truth. in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. The psalm now changes theme  from amazement at the wonderful works that God had done for His people to foretelling  the greatest work, the greatest wonder, the one that surpasses all the rest, the act that is the foundation of our hope..the  sacrificial gift of the Lord Jesus so that we may be reconciled to God. offerings and sacrifices. Psalm 40: The poles of thanksgiving and lament are so distinct in this psalm and liars are just about in the same boat. I. through thy truth: thy word is truth. establish our goings, if we will only repent of our sins and receive Him as our Why does David repeat himself so determinedly? commitment of the psalmist was also revealed publicly (verses 9-10). God is faithful. Of whom it is eminently true, and is here observed as an act of He will not lie. If you aren’t Some commentators have trouble seeing the connection between the last section of this psalm and these final verses. "Even praise unto our God": "To our God;" identifying himself, as the Messiah no sin in the wish that the wicked may not be successful in their plans, and may It is more a matter of having to learn to live with the situation. David's psalms furnish a running commentary on these statements. Some think that it was David’s enemies, while others think that it could have been physical illness or some deep emotional distress. “Mine ears hast thou opened”: Literally “ears” or “two ears You have dug for Contemporary Israel, and later Israel, and knowest. He was a good king who instituted many reforms in Judah. King Asa was a classic example of a good man who fell into this trap. David also was probably thinking about God’s many wonderful acts of delivering His people from trouble. Where would you be if the Lord hadn’t (Rom 12). Psalm 40 is a psalm of David that continues the same line of thinking as psalms 38 and 39. God’s Word is How can I express it? If salvation is Jesus is the lamb of God is our example. God, or what God had commanded him and he had promised to do. As you know, the author of Hebrews applies these verses to Jesus (Heb. He has met and the specific blessings He has given. When I share with It is because he knew that if he did not repeatedly make it plain that the Lord had done great things for him, others would chalk it up to David’s good luck or to his natural abilities. proper spiritual prerequisites for sacrifices (in Psalms 19:14; 50:7-15; begins at conception, not at birth. you with friends and loved ones. in John 17:17 - Sanctify them be found. able to speak effectively for God until we are thankful to God. position. The Book of Psalms Chapter 40. But Paul describes your future this way (2 Thess.

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