remus knots hermione fanfiction

Where did she even get a lust potion anyways? Molly wants us to take some leftovers home,” she reminded, her arm lifting to wrap around his back. I really miss them,” Harry confessed, his shoulders shaking as he tearfully stared back at Remus. "Yes, well, I'll deal with Padfoot later. just to be safe, he fumbled under the bed for an old battery-powered torch he'd salvaged from the garage. There was a soft noise, like an exhalation of breath, and Sirius Black walked out of the office, head bowed, face grave. Hermione cried out for him, rather vulgar curse words exiting her mouth, which merely made Sirius chuckle, sending her into a quivering fit, much to Remus' shocked discomfort. "It's not right, Sirius." Outside, perched Harry looked in confusion at Hermione, "I thought the two of you broke up because you caught the git snogging someone." Basically a smutfic. You had some too and we don't need you jumping anyone on your way out. Hermione slowly backed up from the men. “So, Siri...” one of the twins said, elongating the end of the nickname. Often, while napping as Padfoot, he curled up next to her, comforted by her scent. "After Tonks asked me to give Remus her Christmas gift, Remus opened it immediately. Seems she's got her eye on Mr. Black here.” He winked at the man of the hour, grinning rather drunkenly. Nobody was surprised, as the two were the most affectionate couple to ever walk the planet. Eight years after nothing but dead ends, she finally gets one she just knows won't be cold. He smirked slowly, winking at Remus, and that was all he needed to know for sure. She had black fishnet thigh highs on, elongating the look of her legs. They watched the witch glance around spotting Remus and Tonks standing near each other. “He's always got his arm 'round her and he's always whisperin' in 'er ear. He heard her muffled under the covers, "promise not to laugh or make fun of me if I tell you?" He felt her wet heat tighten around him before her muscles spazzed and he knew she was coming. The twins laughed uproariously. He wasn't broad like Sirius but he did have well defined muscles in his shoulders and arms. He took in a deep breath to calm his tears and took in the smell of Hermione, vanilla and jasmine. After all the times I let you sneak the dangerous books out of the library to read." Remus, with his sensitive hearing mumbled an agreement before grabbing some snacks from a cabinet. “Ronniekins here still has a fancy for the brainy bird. “I bet their sleeping together,” Harry announced, nodding with eyes wide, his voice a stage-whisper, as if Sirius wasn't in the room and he was sharing a dire secret. She handed hermione a small rectangle package with a tiny pink bow on it. He wasn't wanted by the Ministry for a false crime and he had a Voldemort and Wormtail free world ahead of him. Their legs were noticeably entwined beneath the heavy black blankets and red satin sheets. Sirius shrugged. But this one, although I'm hesitant on Remus/Hermione as I generally prefer James/Hermione, is extra beautiful. Her hands gliding down her stomach to untie the knot of her robe. "I don't think you did." Quickly releasing the curse on Hermione, he blocked the hex. And don't even think about doing anything like this to Harry either. Her rosy cheeks proved just how flustered his words had made her. he asked, impressed. Molly had dinner already cooking away in Sirius' kitchen and all the Weasleys, their significant others, Remus, Tonks, Teddy, Harry and Hagrid were all gathered in the living room. "A little too smart for his own good," Moony said cryptically. It was marked with a red ribbon and he could envision the way they were likely cuddled up on the couch, Ethan upstairs asleep in his bed. George and Fred were singing merry tunes and waving their tankards around happily. He held her there for a minute while his member twitched deep inside her, allowing his to empty his entirety into her. It was right past mid-night and he couldn't sleep. There was a large crimson red rug under the bed, and two simple night stands on each side of the bed. Hermione cried out for him, rather vulgar curse words exiting her mouth, which merely made Sirius chuckle, sending her into a quivering fit, much to Remus' shocked discomfort. He moved his fingers in out slowly at first, then gradually built up speed causing her to moan out his name and take a fist full of his hair in one hand and clench the sheets with the other. The last ten years...” He stuffed his hands into his pockets, nodding sagely. out. Harry was laying in bed in his four post bed surrounded by red curtains. Hermione screamed out Harry's name in approval, instantly snapping back into reality. Tonight Hagrid had duty which meant he would be asleep in the teacher's lounge on the first floor until about 4. Gifts were being exchanged with everyone. "Moony here isn't sure what he should say to the crazy witch who drugged us last night." He had a small trail of hair leading down to and disappearing in his low slung jeans. Post War, Hogwarts is suffused with Dark Magic and it needs a series of Rituals to remove it. I wish they were still here,” Harry said, gulping in air shakily. Ginny always kept the fire burning and both girls were used to sleeping in little clothing from the heat. "She's in the market. This feeling was stronger than what he had with Ginny or Cho. They weren't all that close before the Veil. "Love, if you couldn't tell, the wolf loves you. "Oh well, I couldn't. Hermione turned to the voice. He didn't seem put out by it however, comforted more where he was than filling the space next to Harry. Let me just make you both some breakfast after your long night.". Hermione's face went scarlet and groaned and pulled the covers over her face in embarrassment. Remus reached out with a shaky hand, picking up the discarded book laying on the couch. Remus was in an excited hurry. But this was the best secret, especially because it involved doing something that was Against The Rules, and any eight-year-old knows that Against The Rules is more fun than anything. Title: Punishment Author: KurtCouper Rating: NC-17 Pairing(s): Hermione/Severus, Draco/Blaise/Hermione Disclaimer: Nothing is mine Summary: Hermione has detention and she catches Professor Snape in an act that she can't deny. Sorry Kitten. Both men sighed heavily before turning to the twins. But a shower, hair cut, fresh clothing, and a home that wasn't filled with bad memories lent him a new start. Sirius hadn't had to deal with the same interruption when he realized he was going to be a dad. "How dare you! "Of course you..." Remus trailed off. He refused to admit any infatuation though, stating that they simply had a strong friendship after all she'd done to save him from the darkness that the Veil had smothered him with. Upon his return from the Veil, he was still as haunted as he looked when he'd escaped the harsh environment of Wizarding prison. They made a handsome couple, without a doubt. It's yours and besides, I didn't-" Hermione tried again. She wasn't skinny, she had a little chub. This was all very new to him so he took his time to do everything to her body that she rightfully deserved. Over the summer, he proves to be a cruel man when in power over others as he steadily gathers more slaves. The Weasley boys cheered as they entered, lifting half-empty shot glasses and tankards in greeting. The three continued on with the remaining chocolate and fire whiskey until the large clock chime morning. "A smelt is a triad that, when accepted, extracts the purest magic out of each individual's core for use.". Lust dripping from his words, shaking her to her very core. Harry sat on the floor, Ginny in his lap, as he enjoyed watching everybody open his gifts. "Which means...?" His Alabaster skin on his chest caught the moonlight peaking in through the window. The witch often ignored her until she needed something. Sirius whined. Padfoot yawned. Open the door, Fred." “I know Sirius' was definitely the bedroom,” Remus replied, a strangled chuckle escaping him. "But Mrs. Weasley said you guys were interested in each other. "No problem. She screeched. You should have told me. With no repriseThe sun will riseThe long day is over. It was a small, cheap paperback, with a yellow cover and a picture of a forest on the front.

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