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Love Louisiana? The villagers would capture people they believed to be a loup-garou and then hold a public trial. Standing on two legs on top of a fallen, moss-covered tree is a large, snarling beast. There is also a Native American story of the "Rugaru." Makes that morning commute not seem so bad, right? Let us know in the comments below! “Around here the stories are centered around a man in the shape of a dog, or half-man, half-dog,” Foret said. Definitely a loup-garou. Rougarou's profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates. Wow, this is most definitely going to be my art project gonna be difficult but I'll get it done. How can you protect yourself from the Rougarou? mystery of Marie Laveau, Louisiana’s Voodoo Queen. The Rougarou is often also associated with the Skunk Ape or the Honey Island Swamp Monster, likely due to another variation of the myth that states the creature is a shapeshifter that can change forms between human and animal at will, sometimes making it seem more like a swamp Sasquatch than a werewolf. xxx ♥. That way, everyone is reminded of what may happen if you don't keep your promises during the Lenten season, which begins the day after Mardi Gras. Darcie is a graduate student who spends her free time writing and learning everything she can about cryptozoology, aliens, and the unusual. It blows me away! On the last Saturday in October in the city of Houma, Rougarou Fest is held. This apartment has free private parking, a shared kitchen and free WiFi. Most Popular; rougarou . We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! The Rougarou is also thought to be nothing more than a bogeyman story to scare children or Catholics into obedience. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. . Cajun legend says that the beast hunts down Catholics who don’t follow the rules of Lent, which is similar to the telling of the old French stories. I have fallen in love the first second I saw it! It sounds like a wolf, but something’s a little off. See more ideas about Werewolf, Vampires and werewolves, Werewolf art. follow my art blog: Parents would commonly tell their children, “You better behave or the Rougarou is going to get you,” Foret said. Browse Rougarou pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket The Rougarou turned back into a man, telling the boy that he had sold his soul to the devil and ended up a beast. This way, his spell was broken, making him able to turn back into human form. The French Catholics claimed that you would be turned into a loup-garou if you did not follow the rules of Lent for seven consecutive years. Legend says that the Rougarou will hunt these individuals down and suck their blood, feeding on their energy for up to 101 days. Did your house get ransacked during the night? Get more stories delivered right to your email. Strange noise ? Some sources claim the myth originated in medieval France, when belief in werewolves would have been far more prevalent. Get a free domain name, real NON-outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! ", This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. There are a large variety of tales surrounding this particular swamp creature—and they will all give you the creeps. Creepy swamp tales surrounding one Cajun creature have spooked some families living along the bayous for generations. The curse is transferred when it draws another human's blood. 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Get ready for a taste of iconic sandwich. By clicking "Accept," you agree to the use of cookies on Pelican State of Mind. There’s an annual Rougarou Festival in Houma every year, and the Audobon Zoo in New Orleans has a Rougarou exhibit, which includes a statue of the creature in all its swampy glory. Renditions of this spooky legend most likely spread from French and French Canadian settlers who eventually made their way into Cajun Louisiana. While we’re continuing to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, we don’t expect or encourage you to go check them out immediately. According to the woman, "The next day a prominent physician appeared in town with his right arm cut and in a sling. Their full transformation into their Rougarou form would be completed once they had their first bite of human flesh. “It’s important for the next generation of kids living on the bayou to understand,” Foret said. The New Orleans Pelicans, Louisiana's NBA team, were formerly known as the Hornets. I am a journalist from Louisiana who has always been fascinated by folk lore and its cultural impact. Eventually he began disappearing at night--eventually turning fully into the Rougarou, never to be seen in the same form again. It is said that you can protect yourself against the Rougarou by laying 13 small objects by your doors. He might even be neighbors with the Honey Island Swamp Monster, which is Louisiana’s “bigfoot of the swamp.”. Thank you! Upload. Foret says this lines up with the predominately Catholic religion in the area. We offer affordable hosting, web hosting provider business web hosting, ecommerce hosting, unix hosting. Eventually he began disappearing at night--eventually turning fully into the Rougarou, never to be seen in the same form again. The history of the Rougarou is centuries-old and has many different origins, but the earliest mention of the infamous, mythical Louisiana werewolf comes from medieval France. Some have claimed it to be the body of a Rougarou, though others have speculated it might be a Chupacabra or Devil Monkey. your own Pins on Pinterest She knew that if she told her husband what happened, she may remain under the Rougarou's spell forever, so she was forced to keep her secret for 101 days. Another tradition is putting a colander on your doorstep to achieve the same method; the monster will keep trying to count the holes. Usually, the Rougarou/man already knows who his killer is. Foret also mentioned two ways people would protect themselves from the Rougarou. The full moon hangs high over the Louisiana swampland. There has been some dispute about whether or not this myth is actually related to the French Louisiana Rougarou legends. Official Blog of Pelican State Credit Union. Thank you! Another version of the legend was used to make kids behave. The story of the Rougarou supposedly changed once French immigrants—or possibly also French-Canadian immigrants—came to live in the area that is now Louisiana. She says a local boy was being followed by a dog when he decided to cut it with his pocketknife. Placing 13 pennies or rocks on your doorstep or windowsill was one tradition to protect your home from the Rougarou. Did a child disappear from the village without a trace? Do you have a favorite? That’s no werewolf, though. This version varies from being a Bigfoot legend to resembling something more like a wendigo. Legend says the Rougarou prowls Louisiana swamps to hunt down Catholics who don’t observe Lent and children who don’t behave. “One of the ways that you could become a Rougarou is if you did not observe Lent for seven years in a row,” Foret said. “Over the years in Southern Louisiana, it kind of morphed into Rougarou, which is also a correct pronunciation for it nowadays,” Foret said. 9 REAL Sightings of the Rougarou | Darkness Prevails - YouTube Some versions of the myth involve witchcraft, wherein a witch has the ability to curse someone to be a Rougarou. Since Cajun dialect is a mix of French and English and well-known for changing words completely to roll off the tongue easier, the name of the beast changed from loup-garou to Rougarou (also spelled roux-ga-roux, rugaroo or rugaru). From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. Click the image below to read our free eBook "The Big Book of Credit Union Myths—BUSTED! You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Back in the day of armor, swords and jousting, there was a lot more to fear than the plague and witches. I’m not making this up. Sep 10, 2015 - Werewolves of the Swamp. Another spooky tale of the Rougarou involves a married couple. The Rougarou, also known as the loup-garou, is essentially Louisiana's bayou-dwelling werewolf, and it's a prominent figure in Cajun folklore. These loup-garous became a fear for many people in the country, leading to them earning their place in legends passed down to children. See more ideas about Werewolf, Swamp, Vampires and werewolves. In this version, the Rougarou would live life as a normal person until some event occurred that triggered their condition. Loup-garou. The Audobon Zoo in New Orleans has an exhibit dedicated to the Rougarou, which includes a statue of the creature itself. Cajun Country and the Legend of the Rougarou. Wish you an adorable day today! Have you ever heard of the Rougarou or another scary Louisiana monster before? Foret said he grew up with parents passing down the legend. Perrin's statement is quite obviously true due to the Rougarou's clear influence in local culture and beyond. Log in; Sign up; Help. Whether you believe in transformations into the Rougarou or not, Foret said he’s not taking any chances. Again, he urged the boy to stay silent about their encounter, but the boy wasn't able to keep the secret. Since the migration, many of the legends began to change to match the times and the dialect. Remnants of history freckle the map, whether it’s old and potentially haunted buildings, abandoned theme parks or even museums with some very strange collections. Many Cajuns would also tell you to beware of the Rougarou. Now, as an adult, he’s learned even more about the creature while producing the Rougarou Fest that occurs annually in Houma, La. This suggests an explanation for the abundance of stories from locals about seeing a Rougarou for themselves. The Rougarou myth is even so prevalent that the term "rougarouing" or similar terms have become used to describe a person who stays up late or is active at night. If this witness tells anyone about this encounter within a year and a day, they will become a Rougarou themselves. In this version of the story, once a human has turned into a Rougarou, they will roam the streets on the night of the full moon, focusing on small towns.

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