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Before Harper can be arrested, Sam betrays him by saying that no one but him would be to blame for Clay's death, since he was the surgeon who injected the heart, while she's just the "grieving widow". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later attended Palm Valley High School in La Quinta, CA where she graduated. She is supposedly given the death sentence for attempting to commit first degree murder. In order to get the money to pay for them, Sam persuaded Harper to let his wealthy friend Clay Beresford Jr. fall in love with and marry her and then kill him. She was portrayed by Jessica Alba in her first villainous role. Samantha Lockwood (Jessica Alba) is the hidden main villainess from the 2007 movie Awake. Harper & Puttnam and Nurse Penny Carver are in on a plot to murder him by injecting his transplanted heart with a chemical that will cause it to be rejected upon transplantation. Her original character name was Samantha Tunnell, and she took the alias Lockwood. on She once worked as a nurse alongside Dr. Jack Harper, whose surgical team faced four malpractice lawsuits. 11 Won the only medal awarded for Best in Posture at the time became the youngest certified Bikram Instructor. Went to Webster Elementary in Malibu, California. Avid Tropical Fish Hobbyist who has bred several varieties of fresh water fish species. Furthermore, she runs a Twitter account under the … It turns out that Lupin's actually an undercover cop, probably notified by Fitzpatrick. Got her first jobs in front of the camera hosting infomercials for her mother's former company Thane International. The one mistake that she made was when she left her purse behind and Lilith went through it, discovering her mail and her real name. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles on a football scholarship. Harper feels great remorse in going through with the procedure and decides not to inject the heart. To escape the excruciating pain of having his chest sliced open and his ribs separated, Clay attempts to focus on Sam. Required fields are marked *. Founder and designer Fleurings vase jewelry that keeps flowers fresh. Clay discovers his wife's murder plot against him during an out-of-body experience during the surgery. Sells her paintings on comission and in galleries. She once worked as a nurse alongside Dr. Jack Harper, whose surgical team faced four malpractice lawsuits. Realizing that she can no longer escape, Sam tries to get Harper to let her in but he refuses. In order to get the money to pay for them, Sam persuaded Harper to let his wealthy friend Clay Beresford … Gary Lockwood was born in Van Nuys, California. Real family name is Yurosek. Lilith called her friend to perform the surgery before she committed suicide. Once married, Clay prepares for the surgery with Harper performing it, even though his mother tries to dissuade him and refer him to an old friend of hers who's at the top of his field and by next year will be Surgeon General. During the out of body moment, Lilith reveals that she was suspicious of Sam's real identity after she helped give her a tip on the vending machine and another doctor asked her if he recognized her. Sam attempts to run, but is cornered by the police and taken into custody. Samantha Tunnell-Beresford is the main antagonist in the 2007 film Awake. Clay then discovers that Sam is also involved when she asks what happened to Fitzpatrick, the third surgeon and when answered, becomes angry that he's home, supposedly backing out. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. The first step was having her work for Clay's mother, Lilith under the name Lockwood. Ambassador of California for the Goodwill Peace Treaty. Wanted to be a marine biologist in high school. Sally Lockwood is a professional Journalist. Moreover, she is a multilingual personality and speaks French and Italian. Her mother and father were the original founders of Xebec one of the first infomercial companies, the product was Play the Piano Overnight. He also appeared as a police officer in Perry Mason: The Case of the Romantic Rogue (1959). Samantha Lockwood, Actress: Hawaii Five-0. Substitute teaches Bikram yoga for Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury at the Headquarters Studio in Los Angeles.

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