sandstorm pokemon team

Please do feel free to experiment with different member combinations as one proceeds to build a team to his/her own liking. Recover for recovering and Will-O-Wisp for burning. (updated). EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 HP Energy Ball covers my team's Water type weakness and Focus Blast is for coverage against Dark types. If players find (a) Pokemon not listed above, but would fit the team well, they are more than welcome to enlist them into their own teams. Formerly permanent weather was limited to five turns, excluding the effects of the weather stones, which increase it to eight, and Excadrill was deemed fit to be allowed back into the tier. Trait: Sand Force Flags vs Downvotes Hippowdon also stops Mega Manectric cold in its tracks, as well as other Electric-types like Raikou. It's often paired with a wallbreaker like Manaphy, Keldeo, Mega Charizard Y, or Kyurem-B to break past Pokémon that trouble it. Pretty basic. It can also take on non-Tail Glow Manaphy. They also provide the team with hazard removal. This is why you'll commonly find Ferrothorn, Amoonguss, or even Mega Scizor on these team archetypes. My choice is T-Tar. It's fair to say that Hippowdon is a better Pokémon to have on a sand team than Tyranitar in the current metagame. Energy Ball covers my team's Water type weakness and Focus Blast is for coverage against Dark types. My last Pokemon is this one: The one that The Reptile posted (Scroll a bit down) but replace Rapid Spin by Flamethrower. Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf EVs: 248 HP/ 160 Def/ 100 Spe How to add a user avatar Adamant Nature (+Atk,-SAtk), This set covers: Amoonguss and bulky Swords Dance Mega Scizor act as great checks to all threatening Fairy-types, while Ferrothorn is a bit shakier as a check but brings Spikes stacking to the table and can help the sweeper in question have an easier time picking off the opponent's team. Ever since its introduction way back in GSC, sand was bound to make a significant impact on the metagame. Tyranitar is a very nice check too, but it's very risky to switch it in directly due to Charizard's access to Focus Blast. T-Tar has a horrible 4x Fighting Weakness but Reuniclus cancels this by sweeping them. Jellicent @ Leftovers Trait: Water Absorb EVs: 248 HP/ 160 Def/ 100 Spe What you'll notice is that whatever combination of Pokémon the team consists of at this point, it's really weak to Keldeo, Manaphy, and Mega Charizard Y, which break down the team with ease. T-Tar has a horrible 4x Fighting Weakness but Reuniclus cancels this by sweeping them. EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 HP A must-have in my team. U-Turn for switching in a hurry while doing some damage and all of these moves are boosted by Swords Dance. There is a process to building a good sand team. Undoubtedly the best Rapid Spinner and sweeper in the whole tier at the time, Excadrill was deemed too constraining and restrictin… Kyurem-B is slower but pretty much on par with other threats to sand teams. A five-turn sandstorm is summoned to hurt all combatants except the Rock, Ground, and Steel types. If I'm running the combination of Mega Charizard Y + Keldeo + Excadrill, I usually opt for ScarfTar to Pursuit trap the Lati twins. Help!!! Latios scares it out, but yeah, it's still a pretty huge threat. How to change your username Sand teams perform best against offensive team archetypes. In the process of adding Pokémon to cover most threats to the team archetype, the team is left pretty vulnerable to some foes. EVs: 252 Def/ 128 Atk/ 128 SDef While it's checked by Ferrothorn and Latios, two common components of a sand balance team, Manaphy can threaten them with Hidden Power Fire and Ice Beam, as well as dismantle them with Pursuit support. Access to reliable recovery in Slack Off, combined with all its other qualities, makes Hippowdon the superior sand setter overall. A 5-turn sandstorm that damages all types except ROCK, GROUND, and STEEL. Hippowdon and Tyranitar are the only two viable sand setters in OU. EVs: 252 SAtk/ 252 HP/ 4 SDef Sandstorm. So that was my 2nd Sand Team. Super Effective: 505. Water Absorb is important for my team, i guess you know why. The raw power of Excadrill under sand thanks to Life Orb and its high Attack means that it lands OHKOs like no big deal. They function well as offensive, stall, or balanced teams, with the only real restriction being the necessity for the team to have Tyranitar and/or Hippowdon. Crunch for decent STAB and Aerial Ace for the infinite accuracy and Coverage against Grass and Flying types. 3. This is why this role is very important on a sand team: having a Pokémon that can break past these foes is really helpful and aids the team immensely by contributing towards the overall objective of the team, to attain a sweep with Excadrill. Latios is generally the only check that these teams carry to it, and it gets trapped by Pursuit, which is pretty miserable. Landorus @ Leftovers Stone Edge for STAB and Earthquake for high power. Well, second attempt to Sandstorm. Thank you in advance for reading and for answering! Try and be not very effective against this set, son! A must-have in my team. The grip of sand as a playstyle on the tier might've loosened, but it still poses a huge threat to many teams. Trait: Water Absorb Fast forward to XY. How's My Sandstorm Team? It wasn't, however, until BW that it truly affected OU. Ferrothorn, Latios, and Keldeo can check it pretty nicely, but Ferrothorn has to watch out for Hidden Power Fire variants and Keldeo can only switch in once and fears Fusion Bolt. The combination of Mega Charizard Y's ability Drought, high Special Attack, and access to powerful moves in Solar Beam and Fire Blast is just unfair. Sandstorm team improvement!!! Question etiquette Azumarill is the Pokémon that threatens sand teams the most. Trick Room makes this Pokemon amazingly fast and Psychic for STAB. Activates the following Abilities: Sand Force, Sand Rush, Sand Veil. Tyranitar and Excadrill are both in the games, and both share over 20% usage rates in VGC 2020. Ever since its introduction way back in GSC, sand was bound to make a significant impact on the metagame. Brave Nature (+Atk,-Spd). Bold Nature (+Spe,-Atk), The Spirit Squid thingy. Trait: Magic Guard Mega Altaria makes for a very nice check to Choice Specs Keldeo and Mega Charizard Y because of its decent bulk and typing. Pokémon in the semi-invulnerable turn of Dig will also not take damage from Sandstorm, regardless of type. Also, the moves Synthesi… I had alot of difficulty choosing between T-Tar and Stockpile-Odon. Sometimes called the best Pokemon in the game, Lucario is a perfect fit for a Sandstorm team with those resistances and Steel typing. Trick Room makes this Pokemon amazingly fast and Psychic for STAB. Causes a sandstorm that rages for several turns. Let's go over the current team skeleton. Both are excellent checks to Manaphy, Keldeo, and Mega Charizard Y. Latios is primarily used for its offensive presence, while Latias is a better check to these threats and packs Healing Wish, which gives an opportunity for a sweeper like Excadrill to have another go at the opponent's team. Life Orb Tornadus-T is just an amazing Pokémon against sand balance teams. Def stat of Rock types. Trait: Sand Stream Heat Wave deals with Ferrothorn and does a ton of damage to Excadrill, Hurricane OHKOes Keldeo and 2HKOes Hippowdon, Superpower or Focus Blast handles Tyranitar, Knock Off or U-turn is used for Latios/Tyranitar, and Grass Knot takes care of Hippowdon. With its high Speed stat, it outspeeds the majority of the team and has the potential to OHKO them. Changes Weath… A five-turn sandstorm is summoned to hurt all combatant types except Rock, Ground, and Steel. Well, here's the guy that benefits from the Sand! Typically, each sand team consists of the following: Sand setter (Hippowdon/Tyranitar) + Sweeper + Fairy / Dragon check + Ground-type breaker + Mega Charizard Y / Keldeo / Manaphy check + filler.

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