savage 16 gauge semi automatic shotgun

Condition. While the Stevens 555E has a higher listing price than the other two, it’s the more feature-rich design. The Stevens 555E features auto ejectors, an imperial walnut stock, laser-engraved filigree ornament, a tang safety, single-selective mechanical triggers, a lightweight aluminum receiver reinforced with steel, and the gun ships with a dandy hard case and five interchangeable choke tubes. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/ In this case, I’m quite confident in the track record of Savage Arms. Visits: 507 . The Renegauge can handle the hottest high-brass and the mildest low-recoil shells with the same dependability. Within the Stevens line, Savage Arms offers three over/under models: the 555, the 555 Compact, and the 555E. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/ I’m 70 yrs old and they all still shoot great! Quality Shooting, Firearms, Shotguns, and Semi-Automatic at competitive prices. First, it’s chambered in 16 gauge, an intermediate shell sometimes called a “gentleman’s gauge.” Second, it’s the newest edition to the budget friendly line of field guns from “Stevens by Savage.” Together, these attributes make the Stevens 555E a highly underrated over/under design for busting clays and upland game hunting. (Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system ensures excess gas vents before it drives the bolt, resulting in consistent ejection, less felt recoil, and a lightning fast cyclic rate for dependably fast split times. Everything from length-of-pull to comb height and drop at the heel can be adjusted to fit. For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? The looks overall tend much more to the classy than the gaudy, a misstep on many such doubles. Don't know where (or if) the model number was located. The American made Savage Renegauge will change the way you think about semi-automatic shotguns. Unknown . All Rights Reserved, Gun Review: Stevens 555E Over/Under Shotgun. The patented D.R.I.V. Savage; Caliber. Report this Ad. If memory serves, the only Savage semi-auto shotguns would be the Browning type long-recoil system guns. The gun shoulders like one of much higher price and demolished clay targets at all degrees of range and speed with ease. Blackpowder Mortar & Cannon by Seacoast Artillery, Hand Loading Rifles & Handguns by Diamond K Brass, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The gun produced consistent, even patterns with all the ammunition and factory chokes tested. As of 2018, Savage sold the 212 (12 gauge) and 220 (20 gauge) model shotguns. I believe the 720 and the 755 were both made in 16 gauge. Shotguns; Action. If memory serves, the only Savage semi-auto shotguns would be the Browning type long-recoil system guns. Stumbled upon one and I really like it. Member Details . (Photo: Kristin Alberts/ Read our Online Safety Tips. Savage made dozens of different shotgun models and most were available as 12 gauge. Let's find out. At 6.45 pounds, the 555E is light enough to carry afield all day, quick to mount, and builds confidence with its accuracy on target. Read on to find out. Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited. Savage made a bunch of semi-auto shotguns, and great ones at that I own /shoot Md 720, 745, 755 shotguns in 12 and 16 gague for mant years. With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. The new Stevens 555E brings together the best of two worlds. The S1200 weights 6.8 pounds. The Renegauge has been designed to fit almost any shooter. A forum community dedicated to the great outdoors and hunting enthusiasts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I’m 70 yrs old and they all still shoot great! They all had model numbers in the 700 range (720, 740, 750,775,etc). With the variety of loads, it proved a more than capable gun for anything from relaxed target shooting to hardcore waterfowling. Come join the discussion about hunting, fishing, survival, archery gunsmithing, optics, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! The Renegauge can handle the hottest high-brass and the mildest low-recoil shells with the same dependability. The patented D.R.I.V. iy_2020; im_11; id_03; ih_15; imh_33; i_epoch:1604446411834, py_2020; pm_10; pd_31; ph_12; pmh_31; p_epoch:1604172705655, bec-built-in; bec-built-in_1.0.1; bodystr, pn_tstr:Tue Nov 03 15:33:31 PST 2020; pn_epoch:1604446411834, Adjustable stock for length of pull, comb height, and drop & cast, One-piece, chrome plated action bar assembly, Carbon steel ventilated rib with red fiberoptic sight, Competition-ready easy loading magazine port, Includes Full, Improved Cylinder, Modified choke tube (Beretta/Benelli Mobil), While the fit and finish is no $5,000 double, that was never the intent. Manufacturer. The Stevens by Savage makes a fine upland hunting gun and doubles as a classy clays companion as well. While there may be other slightly less costly foreign-manufacture doubles, be sure to study both the strength and design of the action as well as the warranty and backing of the company. You're absolutely right on with the description. Hidden? After almost 500 rounds through the 555E, the gun is just as tight and capable as it was coming out of the box. Share. Any warnings I should know about first? Email Member. 5. Savage Renegauge Field 12 Gauge Semi Auto Shotgun 26" Barrel 3" Chamber 4 Rounds... Savage Renegauge Field 12 Gauge Semi Auto Shotgun ... Our Low Price $1,131.98 Savage 755A 16 gauge. Only front one. Options for 26-inch and 28-inch barrels are available. The S1200 uses an inertia-driven action that uses to recoil force of the gun to cycle shells. Stay in the know. While aluminum is not terribly strong in such an action, Savage reinforces the breech with a steel insert. JavaScript is disabled. These are both "square back" or "humpback" style receivers just like the Rem Model 11 and Browning Auto-5. While I’m not nearly as snobby about triggers on shotguns then I am rifles, it is worth noting that the single mechanical trigger on our test 555E is a step above what is usually accepted on such O/U’s. Semi-automatic. Gun Review: Stevens 555E Over/Under Shotgun :: 0 However, the reduced weight also means there’s some recoil, but even with heavier game loads, things are not bad at all. Very Good. Tsidhu No reviews yet Member for 1 month 3 weeks. On the field, the 555E is a fast handling gun — no doubt aided by its light weight. This gun is virtually identical to a Remington Model 11. Capacity. 16 ga; Model. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. It should come as no surprise the Ruger name is synonymous with value, and its’ AR-556 looks to fit this mold as an entry-level AR-15 with a reasonable MSRP. The American made Savage Renegauge will change the way you think about semi-automatic shotguns. Info seems mighty hard to come by. The budget-friendly line of American-made Leupold VX-Freedom riflescopes found a welcome audience last year, but 2020 sees even more interesting additions to the family, with our hands-down favorite being the illuminated-reticle FireDot line. View All Ads (4) 604992XXXX. Taurus G3C Review After 4 Months, 1K Rounds. I fired a healthy mix of factory ammunition, which also points to the rising interest in 16-gauge chamberings. Our test Model 555E in 16-gauge wears 28 inch chrome lined barrels, and the gun comes up well, swings smoothly, and hits hard at the point of aim on both patterning board and target. Factory ammunition offerings are plenty, with multiple 16-gauge options including Federal, Federal Premium, and Aguila, in both lighter target loads and heavier hunting rounds. The S1200 is the first semi-automatic shotgun sold under the Stevens brand. I do not, however, find a Model number on this Savage. The selection included Aguila Standard Velocity #7 and #8; Aguila High Velocity #7.5 and #8; Federal Game Load #7.5; Federal Premium Wing Shok Upland #6; and Federal Speed Shok Steel Waterfowl #4. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 The new Stevens 555E brings together the best of two worlds: a 16 gauge chambering and Stevens by Savage's newest, budget-friendly field gun. Further, the overall aesthetics on the 555E is considerably better than other budget-conscious Turkish-built O/U’s. semi automatic 12 gauge 775 single barrel magazine fed Age of Stevens model 530a 16 gauge shotgun? To get such a gun at a reasonable price point makes it that much more appealing. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? Stevens does not merely throw different gauges and barrels on a single 12-gauge frame; rather, the 555 scales the aluminum receivers to each gauge. Thanks for your response! Though IWI's X95, released in 2016, usurps the SAR, my Tavor SAR is still part of the family. Where would I get information about an older Savage 16 ga, semi-auto shotgun with an SN of 33739? Press a button and lode it. This is a discussion on Savage 755A 16 gauge within the Savage/Stevens/Fox Shotgun Forum forums, part of the Shotgun Forums by Model category; Guys, Looking for some history on the 755a. Sight.

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