shopify tap and chip reader not connecting

After the reader's fully charged, its battery should last for a week of selling. If a PIN is required, then allow the customer to discretely enter their PIN on the PIN entry screen. If the purchase total is less than the limit and the transaction is being declined, then it is possible that the customer has exceeded their cumulative limit in previous transactions. On the Hardware screen, tap Tap & Chip Reader. If you continue holding the power button, then the Bluetooth connection resets, or the reader turns off. On the Select Reader page, tap Tap & Chip. Make sure that the USB-C connector on the dock connects to the card reader. If you're in Canada, then you can't insert a debit card to process a payment. Slide the Tap & Chip Reader into the dock. The dock for the Shopify Tap & Chip card reader does the following: provides power to the reader so that it is always on and charged. The case is designed to attach the Shopify Tap & Chip reader to the back of your iPhone. Press the power button to display the reader's battery level on the four status lights: To use the card reader with Shopify POS, you need to pair the reader with your device through Shopify POS. How Do I Add A Product Grid To A custom page, Checkout.liquid change page title in Browser Tab, how to get rid of gap between banner and products, Re: Adding borders to products & Slow Shop Speed. Support will contact you after the report has been submitted. To turn on the Tap & Chip Reader, press and release its power button. 30 Day Return Policy. When I went to test it out and connect it to the pos app, I found that the tap and chip reader was not listed as an option in the hardware section of the app. Optional: Mount the dock to a countertop using the M5 (0.8 mm) bolt and nut. Remove the Shopify Tap & Chip reader from the case before you detach the iPhone. The only option that was available was the swipe reader for the phone jack. Allow the customer to insert their card. Try entering the card information manually. In the Forget card reader dialog, tap Forget. The chip should face up, towards the Shopify logo. Tap the name of your connected card reader. Shopify’s Tap & Chip Card Reader is also fully integrated with Shopify Payments, so merchants can easily track and manage their online and in-store financials in one place. To pair a device in Canada, location services must be enabled in the iOS device settings and you must be using the all-new POS. But I can't find that article now so not sure if I read it wrong or the support was removed. Press and hold the power button on the card reader for 4 seconds.

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