sims 4 cc bts clothes

“DOPE”(쩔어) by BTS(방탄소년단). I’m trying my best to get his post back up and running! Torso Replacement (Skinny) <– I highly suggest getting this. . For some reason my post deleted itself and I am unable to post anything, every time I try it just disappears, it is so frustrating! I found your BTS sims and fell in love with them, so I wanted to download them. here's one :''), i tried to keep it simple like my other styles but i hope it's okay?? They are nice to have in game too: 1234 please tag me under ‘merpielle’ if you ever use my bts sims. Reina TS4 BTS Shirts - The Sims 4. Just pretend it’s regular art! Hi! The sleeves are an addon and are separated from the dress, you will find them in the gloves section, according to Trillyke, once you install all the files and paste it in your mods as usual, as long as you have the cc/scripts activated in game. I wanted to check it for any CC that I might need for Jungkook. this is more appropriate. The ones that has custom content on it are as well in my gallery, you can find my CC Lists on my Youtube videos. my cc list contains all the links to the custom content that i’ve used. Big thanks for sharing the mesh with us and allowing recolor :). and these black eyes are reigniting my Emo Aesthetic, i couldnt get older rachel right it was driving me insaneee,, Original music Link : (Lips) | Eye Contour Every content I have been uploading to my gallery, is without custom content. Jimin painting from the BTS video Spring Day. Artists' share photos and custom contents here. :)), This is a recolor of @peacemaker-ic ‘s awesome `Squarely triptych landscape paintings’, so if you want to use these in your game, please download the original mesh HERE! (All my social media links will be at the end of this post). , Pretty sure someone has done this already, but in simlish?? they’re my babies. Hey :)! You don’t even need to be into s-pop to enjoy these stylish prints! Download Add to Basket Install with TSR CC Manager. My I hope it’s not too weird. Mask 01 | Skin please take care of them. I messaged Tumblr support about 2 weeks ago and they still haven’t helped. idk tbh :+(((( i hate it hen i lack motivation it really sucks, but i hope yall having a great sunday tho :''), ((if u read this far ya girl got bts tickets hHEheheheheHEhEHhehEHehHhHEHE). Fictive shop - FREE DOWNLOADS and few Patreon ), credits: @a-radioactive-mess​ (poses), @bedisfull​ (clothing), @effiethejay​ (hair), @5so0n​ (clothing and hair), @pralinesims​ (brows, skin detail, make-up), s-club (skin and contacts), marigold (clothing). Thanks for making these lovely sims btw!! Find friends, and even find amazing artists here. Find Sims 4 cc in SimsDay. Here are ALL of the skintones/colors I have. (Flat) 5678. i’d love to see them in your game! waekey: Uniform Dress (+ ribbon tie) • New mesh... UNIF Carnaby Skirt • New mesh / EA mesh edit • Category: bottom (women) • Age: teen / young adult / adult / elder • 10 swatches • Suggested by anonymous Download: SimFileShare, Idol Crop Top at Marigold via Sims 4 Updates, Shirt Dress • New mesh / EA mesh edit • Category: dress (women) • Age: teen / young adult / adult / elder • 6 swatches • Note: It’s actually just an oversized shirt, but I called it ‘Shirt Dress’ to indicate that it’s in the dress category ​ Download: SimFileShare | Dropbox, Cropped Jeans • New mesh / EA mesh edit • Category: bottoms (women) • Age: teen / young adult / adult / elder • 4 swatches Download: SimFileShare. Find on Snailrow some custom content for sims 4,100% made by me. it used to be dna era but . However, I noticed the page for the Jungkook sim is not available. F Emma onepiece by MeeyouX for The Sims 4Download link. | Face ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement on. *Credit for the pictures goes to* gmzshngl, ► DOWNLOAD here (PLEASE OPEN THE LINK FROM A NEW TAB), why is Jungkook jungSHOOK even in the Sims 4 though?! i get so many requests from people on ig to share my bts sims so here they are! okAy im so sorry guys for like disappearing aksjdfh i legit lacked sm motivation these past few days :((((((((((, ive made like 10 sims and i couldnt figure out what i wanted to do aksdhf, idk if im happy w/ this one tbfh but i havent made a zodiac edit in awhile + ik some ppl do miss em so !!! Oct 24, 2018 - Explore Sabrina's board "Sims 4 cc finds (kpop clothes)", followed by 526 people on Pinterest. (Can you believe there was even a font that somehow matched Yoongi’s messy handwriting?!). future so I suggest getting them. | Eyelashes | Shirt | Pants, **Skintone (As in extra skin colors): Default skin linked below. ️ Join us as we experience the chilly thrills of mountain life in The Sims™ 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack! Thank you so much! | Eyes | Lips FEEL FREE TO FOLLOW ME AND SUBSCRIBE FOR CONTENT OF THE SIMS EVERY WEEKEND.

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