skinners academy uniform

Optional Uniform. We are accredited for the IB Middle Years Programme, and we are amongst the first group in the world to be authorised for delivery of the IB Career-related Programme as a stand alone qualification.

It had a good Ofsted report last year, but its new principal says discipline needed to be tighter. In other sponsored academies, a strict new discipline policy has often been imposed as a means of marking a change of direction. 01892 520 732 Paddock Wood Shop.

Long hair (below shoulder length) should be tied up away from the face, i.e. St John's Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9PG S. Simmonds & Sons Ltd. ©️ 2020.

Only small decorative attachments are to be worn in the hair (permissible items listed below). A repeat offence will lead to a more serious "principal's detention" at the end of the week. Water bottle with drinking cap (water only, please note that squash and other drinks are, Spare clothes in case of an accident (EYFS only), Healthy morning snack (raw fruit or veg, please note that nuts are. "I was faced with completely changing the ethos of the school," he said. Warm SKPS coat, hats, gloves on cold/wet days, SKPS summer hat in hot weather. The school's new "merit" system also worried her. He was sent home. "Sponsored academies have a duty to effect a radical transformation in standards because they have been underperforming for a long time. 9:00am - 5:30pm.

9:00am - 5:30pm The rules say shoes "must be sturdy and plain black, no trainers, heels, patent leather, open toes or slipper type shoes … Kickers must be plain black with no tassel". Martin says Noah was also held in detention on several occasions for minor infringements such as talking while working with a friend in an art lesson.

The Skinners' School But Bill Watkin, operational director of SSAT, the network that represents academies and free schools, says discipline is often a key focus for sponsored academies, most of which replace failing schools. Additional Team Uniform (for team players only) Skinners’ Cricket Shirt. ", Back at Skinners', Clark is delighted with the result of his push for discipline. "We invested considerably more than most schools in behaviour management and in our approach to exclusion and we set up clusters of local schools so any excluded child could be placed temporarily elsewhere and then returned. The way uniform is worn is as important as the uniform itself. PE kit (for Reception Class pupils, from Term 3). It's essential that there's good behaviour in classrooms and corridors in order for children to be able to do their learning. Jewellery, including all piercings, is not permitted. All rights reserved. The City of London academy in Islington has a five-stage "behaviour improvement path" that begins with 20-minute detentions for minor matters such as not filling in a year planner properly, or bringing the wrong equipment, and escalates to exclusion for persistent rule-breaking or more serious offences. His school is now fully subscribed for the first time, and GCSE results have soared. Skinners’ track bottom or plain black track bottoms. Our uniform supplier is Simmonds of Tunbridge Wells, who will have several 10% discount days during the summer - dates are on their website. Email:, Public Examinations & Access Arrangements, Information about offers for places at Skinners'. "It's the lifer's dilemma," she says.

You will be asked to remove any stud or ring regardless of whether the hole closes up or not. Pupils are expected to be of a smart and presentable appearance at all times. Email [email protected] Opening Hours.

But there is no doubt more pupils have been subject to sanctions this year – Clark refuses to say how many have been excluded from school this term, but concedes there were between 20 and 30 in the first three weeks – an increase on last year. Skins / Base-layer . The Skinners' Kent Academy is an International Baccalaureate® World School. Optional Uniform. The school says it has no record of this incident, though Martin says she discussed it with her son's head of year.

Hair should be cut in a conventional style and be of a conventional colour. It's around noon at Skinners' academy in Hackney, London, and through the glass walls of the classrooms children can be seen with their heads down over their work. Not all academies have taken this route, though. All items of uniform should be clearly marked or labelled with the pupil’s full name, please show your child where their name is so that they know where to check to see if an item belongs to them. All rights reserved. Skinners’ Cricket cap . We're being given no choice about how our children are educated. The Skinners' Kent Academy Sandown Park Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 4PY. The Skinners' Kent Academy. Why is it only in poor areas that children are being made to do this?". They have to realise rules apply to everyone.". S. Simmonds & Sons Ltd. ©️ 2020. Our Tunbridge Wells and Paddock Wood shops are now open, Beechwood Sacred Heart Preparatory School, School of Science and Technology Maidstone, Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School, Skinners Kent Academy girls blazer (62128), Skinners Kent Academy v-neck slipover (36249), Skinners Kent Academy v-neck jumper (36248), Skinners Kent Academy summer dress (65319), Skinners Kent Academy portfolio bag (31161), White long sleeved slim fit shirts - twin pack (37007), SAVE up to £5.95 when you buy 2 white slim fit long sleeved shirt - twin pks (78110), Unbeatable VALUE white short sleeved slim fit shirts - twin pk (37037), SAVE up to £5.95 when you buy 2 white slim fit short sleeved shirt - twin pks (78111), Short-sleeved white open neck fitted blouse - twin pack (63104), Black slim fit straight leg trousers (47842) - Limited availability, Black slim fit straight leg trouser (47241). Uniform may also be ordered online. The Skinners' Kent Academy Uniform Fitting Guide Here are videos to assist you in achieving the perfect fit for your child’s school uniform. At Darwen we were clear we had high expectations. At the Corby Business academy in Northamptonshire, discipline is not so much imposed as assumed, according to its principal, John Henrys. He says Noah was given two detentions for persistent talking in art and for disrupting a history lesson. Hair should be own natural colour only, no extreme or unkempt hairstyles or shaved patterns are allowed. The Skinners' Kent Academy Uniform Fitting Guide, If you require assistance with your purchase please contact our Customer Services at 01892 837202 or email They also have an appointment only day, again attracting a 10% discount.
To purchase school uniform. Contact.

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Noah fell foul of his school's uniform policy on the first day of term because his shoes were made of canvas rather than leather. 01892 520 732 In the first year we had 80 placements; last year we had 30." The way uniform is worn is as important as the uniform itself. customerserv[email protected], Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. His mother says that when she sent Noah back wearing Kickers with the branded label cut off, he was searched while queuing for assembly and given detention because she had failed to spot a tassel on the inside of his shoe.

Black trainers, boots or canvas shoes are not allowed. Jewellery, including all piercings, is not permitted. They also have an appointment only day, again attracting a 10% discount. Here you will find the latest news about what has been going on at Skinners' Academy. SKPS school rucksack (pencil cases and stationery are not required unless specified for your child’s year group). Under a new set of rules introduced this term, pupils who arrive at school without the right uniform or at lessons without the correct books or equipment are given detention on the same day without notice.
For further information, please check their website: A second–hand uniform shop is also available. "I liken it to how people behave when the boss walks into a meeting," he says. Beechwood Sacred Heart Preparatory School, School of Science and Technology Maidstone, Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School. Skinners' opened three years ago in a smart new glass building, replacing an old and successful girls' school. The school simply expects its pupils to behave as they would in a business environment, so while they are asked to pay attention when a teacher enters a room, they are not required to stand. Shirts should be tucked in with top button done up. Open a door and they will all jump to attention and stand silently, shirts buttoned to the top, ties neatly pulled up under pinstripe blazers. The new policy, with its strict dress code, daily uniform checks and long lists of rules about the school's five different types of detention, has won praise from some parents, according to Clark, but others believe it has gone too far. If you require assistance with your purchase please contact our Customer Services at 01892 837202 or email Alice bands, clips, scrunchies or beads) – red or black Uniforms List. Two other parents complained about the new behaviour policy, he says, and one of them withdrew a child as a result. How strict is too strict? Paddock Wood Shop.

This is run by the Parents’ Association and is open periodically during term time. We now are expanding are company to wholesale and retail. For her this was the last straw. No child has the right to disrupt a lesson, and no child has the right to be rude or offensive to anyone else. Tunbridge Wells Shop. Tunbridge Wells Shop. Skinners' Academy sets great store by its school uniform and the strictness of its dress code Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian Tel. Additional Team Uniform (for team players only) Skinners’ Cricket Shirt.

Shoes must be plain black and of sensible style. WE ARE THE MANUFACTURES and are able to give you cut price, high quality school uniforms.

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