smoke daddy pellet pro vs rec tec

. It is also worth noting, that while most pellet grills under $1,000 use simple, basic controllers, the Smoke Daddy 680 uses an advanced PID controller for more accurate temperatures. I'd definitely pick this over a Traeger though. Best customer service and quality for the price. Cooking grate size. I don't want a traeger and I don't want to spend over 700 since it's not a "necessity" for me to switch, it's a "want". From my phone calls to both GMG and Smoke Daddy they both have full PID which actively adjusts based on conditions. IIRC the Yoder went through pellets twice as fast as the Rec Tec. Much heavier duty than the rec tec traeger varieties and they're made in the USA. So cold is not an issue. I had one for about a year and it was constantly having flameouts. You can dial in temperature down to the single degree and has a high temp of 550 I believe, and it has wifi so you can see the temp, control the temp, and monitor the food probe all from inside the house. Most seem to be very happy with them. That price is crazy. The only one I'd consider over this would be the Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro since it has a nice controller, space, construction, and reputation. The place I buy my pellets at also sells Louisiana and Yoder, and if I had to do it again I think I'd scrape a few more bucks together and get one of them. Their background is in wood pellets, so it was only a matter of time before they began producing pellet grills. Thoughts? What other upgrades did you do? Cooking chamber height. The Sear Daddy will fit directly on Pellet Pro®, Traeger, Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Rec Tec, and any others that are designed with the burnpot in center of the cooking chamber and a 19 1/2″ bottom grate width. Some brands may not be compatible with the PID Controller as it is designed to be used with a 2 rpm 0.4 amp auger motor and .48 amp fan motor. If you're in the $1500 range, I'd look into MAK Grills. Black Friday coming up I can get Daniel Boon wifi for $499. It's decent. Happy GMG owner here. The Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro 680 is not dissimilar to comparable pellet grills. I don't feel a need for the wifi but at that price. I just wish they weren't $3500 in Canada. I looked at the Green Mountain Daniel Boone and like the black model as the stainless just seems a bit flimsy. Personally, I don't care for how it looks and wouldn't want it on my patio. Ss expanded grate? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Mine has the optimal second shelf and with tax was $1,680. Rec-Tec's look just is not my style. I would jump all over it. I did however upgrade mine to wifi... Definitely worth it. Now you got me wondering how I should be customizing mine . This site uses Affiliate Marketing to generate revenues. This thread really helped me! I went with the Rec Tec because it is far more efficient with the pellets that the other two. Rec Tec - their owners seem to really like them as well and they appear to be well built as a more affordable option. I've smoked all kinds of meat, grilled steaks, smoked/baked mac n cheese, smoked nuts, and make pizza on it. When I bought it I created a spreadsheet of all of my options. Much difference between Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro and GMG Daniel Boon? That's going to allow you to grill a better steak. Locally I can get the Pits & Spits 18x30 or I can order the Rec Tec RT-680 online. Unique features and advantages. I went in person to see GMG. Rec Tec 680. There is a BBQ place in town that is going to have a black Friday sale. A CT scan found. Lol, I get that. He and his family owned company have been dedicated to all things smoke, starting with their first product, a cold smoke generator. Check Out the Review from Date Night Doins! And for the price, this was the best option for me. Glad it could help. What is that? That is a hell of a price on a Daniel Boon. Dennis w/ Smoke Daddy Inc has been very helpful any time I have asked him questions. Price. They are pricy, but they are very awesome grills. Others have had issues like the auger not working only after a few months of ownership. Thanks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Join me and be the best outdoor cook you can be. How well does it hold temp? If I was in the market for a new pellet pooper they would probably be my brand of choice. I have a Yoder YS640 that I bought locally and I absolutely love it. Yoders are solid as well, but the cost of shipping is insane because of how heavy they are. But a lower quality when compared to GMG or Smoke Daddy. I know right. This makes this pellet grill a particularly good value. It weighs in around 150 pounds, which is a little light for the size. I have a Traeger, a Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited, and a Chargriller Akorn for smoking.. For all season grilling and smoking the Akorn can't be beat.. This recipe calls for tri-tip roast, but you can use tri-tip steaks if they are available. What other upgrades have you done? have you noticed a lot of difference in smoke flavor/bark? Another option to look at is a Blazn Grill. I think Rec Tec are good grills. I'll take a look at the Blazn' Grill and the Yoder as well. There are more options now so I don't know if would still get the Rec Tec but with what I had available to me at the time I am very happy with the Rec Tec. I can go to bed on one load of coal and wake up to the same temp that I left it at.. Price really. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Did a few other upgrades to it. I've looked at Tragers in stores and my Yoder is made from much thicker steel and feels like it's going to last forever. Where do you live? Thanks! The horns is not my thing. To be honest it is the look. Camp Chef seems ok. I have been doing quite a bit of research. Does anyone have any knowledge of GMG or Smoke Daddy? I probably use my Traeger the least of all of them due to temp swings.. Getting ready to foil a butt that's out smoking on my GMG right now. You can get a nice gas grill for around that. Share you tips, ask questions, or show off you cooking skills! They're fantastic. I went with the Rec Tec because it is far more efficient with the pellets that the other two. Please correct me if I am wrong. The Pellet Pro® PID Controller is used by us as a retrofit for many different brands of pellet grills. Whether it is deciding which grill or smoker to buy or how to get that perfect steak, this is why this site exists. Thanks for your help and looking forward to joining the smoking crowd! More recently they have introduced a line of pellet grills to go with their wood pellets and other smoke generating products. Possibly the nicest features is that it comes with 100 pounds of wood pellets and a cold smoke generator for well under $1,000USD. I think I will be going with them. How close does it hold temp to what you set it at? Press J to jump to the feed. I have decided to pass on Traeger as you have to use their wood or void warranty. As the popularity of this product grew so did the product line. After Traeger customer service essentially telling me there wasn't much they could do, I sold it. There is only 2 of us (and our 4 dogs) at home so I'm not too worried about capacity. They are out of my price range to get in Canada, but I think they are worth the money in the US. I called GMG customer service and the guy walked me through all the possible solutions and waited on the phone for me to try them out. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have one in my patio as well. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pelletgrills community. The customer service and quality of build is excellent I’ve been smoking year round and this thing hasn’t even flinched. Thanks in advance. It only took 2 days and I was up and running again. In the end it was between the Rec Tec, Blazn Grid Iron, and the Yoder YS640 for me. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Super happy with my Daniel Boone. Bigger grill less money with the same warranty. Press J to jump to the feed. So not sure what specifically turned you off about the REC TEC but I can say that after 4 other pellet grills the 680 is by far my favorite. IIRC the Yoder went through pellets twice as fast as the Rec Tec. Honestly, I prefer the close to "headache free" option of a pellet smoker. If you compare the Rec Tec steel to others, is it more the thickness of the Yoder/Memphis Grills (10G I think) or more like the GMG or Traegers (13-14G I think)? The place I bought it from carried 5-6 different brands of smokers, including Traeger, Yoder, and GMG. I've got a Rec Tec. Lids are heavy, and need a counter weight just to get it open. Wondering if one outshines the other? I liked the Yoder over the Blazn but I do not recall why. TL;DR Torn between GMG Daniel Boon and a Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro. Other models in the sub $1500 price range that might be winners? Friend that I compete with regularly at KCBS has one, and they do well with it, and it's holding up nicely. One thing that sets the Yoder apart from Traeger or Rec Tec is that it will get up to 600+ degrees without any modifications. No charge, no questions asked. They're made in Oregon and are awesome pellet grills. Rec-Tec's look just is not my style. I like it, but I don't LOVE it. . I have a Green Mountain Grill. I had mine for about a year when all of a sudden my wifi stopped working. Something that will last. This downdraft thing looks interesting. I have the 1 Star, and it's been an amazing smoker and grill for us. They also look awesome. An alternative to the rec tec would be the pellet pro by smoke daddy. Then I put the front shelf an thermal blanket since I cook all year round. All rights reserved. I bought the GMG a few years back and I love it. Blazn are solid as well, and haven't heard of any of their owners having issues. When I lived in Oregon, I always wanted the convenience of a Traeger. Highly recommended GMG! When we still couldnt solve it they sent me an entire new wifi kit free of charge. Another thing is that it's HEAVY. I appreciate any purchase you make in support of the work I do. The wifi model came out a year or 2 after I got mine . The Pellet Pro grill comes from Smoke Daddy, a real garage started company that began list making aftermarket accessories and smoke generators. Green Mountain Grills Jim Bowie Pellet Grill Review, 20-pound capacity side mounted pellet hopper. Went to website looks like it's a person that makes custom stuff. This makes this pellet grill a particularly good value. But a lower quality when compared to GMG or Smoke Daddy.

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