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There were certainly still some really solid highlights tonight, but they were few and far in between, and a lot of the stuff in between was pretty brutal. Part of me strangely kinda loves this idea of a host using their monologue to deconstruct SNL’s bad cliches, but the wrong host is delivering it. His lack of screentime is especially noticeable in the next two episodes.

John Madden / Sandler just asks for random stuff and Farley has no idea to sell it and Patrick goes loony, it’s gold. — As if this sketch wasn’t already off-putting enough, what the bloody hell was with the fourth wall-breaking ending? I'm in Jersey, looks like they're doing one right near me. THanks so much for getting it back and I hope someone can find paper scratcher for us to watch as well. Though that streak will be coming to an end shortly. Blind Melon descended on New Orleans in 1994 to write and eventually record its long-delayed second album. Awesome awesome show. John Madden (CHF) & Luke Perry (host) anchor at halftime, — Funny start with the “90210”-style opening credits for NFL on FOX. It’s a downer. They were still seen as a joke as a network to a degree because they were relatively new. Have you ever noticed how drastically different the visual appearance of the second half of this season is compared to the first half? — I kinda smiled at him explaining to us that, unlike hosts who like to run back to the home base stage after a backstage scene, he’s just going to take his time. A project where I review one SNL episode a day, in chronological order, Segments are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars, INAUGURAL SPEECH January 15, 1994 – Sara Gilbert / Counting Crows (S19 E11),, December 3, 2011 – Steve Buscemi / The Black Keys (S37 E8), November 19, 2011 – Jason Segel / Florence + The Machine (S37 E7), November 12, 2011 – Emma Stone / Coldplay (S37 E6), November 5, 2011 – Charlie Day / Maroon 5 (S37 E5), October 15, 2011 – Anna Faris / Drake (S37 E4), May 12, 1990 – Andrew Dice Clay / The Spanic Boys, Julee Cruise (S15 E19), May 16, 2009 – Will Ferrell / Green Day (S34 E22).

— Tonight’s episode, the first one of the second half of this season, has really set the tone for the remainder of this season, as we’ve entered what turns out to be a sharp downhill slide in the show’s quality that eventually leads into the infamous season 20.

So are most people!” Hi there! Sketches include "Giuliani's Inauguration," "NFL on Fox," "The Road To Sitting Service," "Where's the Rest of Me?," and "Scary Ski Lift." Check out selected sketches and segments from this 1994 episode hosted by film and TV star Jason Patric. IMMEDIATE POST-SHOW THOUGHTS It’s kind of like watching a train wreck.

My library has a copy and I should probably check it out in time for the Alec & Kim episode. I’m a bit conflicted, as I really want to like Jason Patric’s dryness here, and he (or should I say, whoever wrote this monologue) isn’t wrong about some of his criticisms of the then-current state of the show, but geez, the man is not coming off well at all here, and it feels wrong for an SNL episode in an increasingly less-than-stellar season to start in such a dour manner. It's great to see you together again, now let's get a tour together!!! Great use of Norm’s trademark delivery style. Rudolph Giuliani, Various / The Herlihy Boy. It just felt like sneering from people who had never even watched the network – that weird elitism that sums up this period of SNL even though themselves were increasingly reliant on incoherent screaming, rape jokes, and vomit. Straight to the question... Is there any possibilities that Blin Melon would tour somewhere in europe someday? He wasn’t a Frank Zappa in that way. That sells me on the whole meta thing. Blind Melonis an American rockband formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California, by five musicians: three from Mississippi, one from Pennsylvaniaand one from Indiana. I'm looking for someone here who is an expert in Blind Melon autographs. — No guest commentaries tonight? This is coming off as a pale and clumsy imitation. STARS: *½, THE ROAD TO SELF-IMPROVEMENT Studio 8H, NBC Studios - 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. I'm beyond excited. And the half-assed Charles Grodin/Garry Shandling-type conceptual theme they seemingly were going for him was a huge flop. Also, thanks for reminding me about the First 20 Years book. Add the first question. There are no reviews yet. Again, I’m conflicted on this monologue. The State Theatre in Falls Church VA.....capacity 850...May 04....can't wait. Episode cast overview, first billed only: Various / I have nothing against Richard, but let’s just say I never thought I’d be watching him do a half-dozen Streisand parody songs for 3-4 minutes.

| it brought me right back to that first time i ever heard them.

STARS: **, MR. INTENSE Then it was ruined by the needles breaking of the fourth wall – something SNL was too guilty of in these seasons.

Sketches include "Giuliani's Inauguration Speech," "The Road To ... View production, box office, & company info. That’s why I always enjoy it.. they also moved it until after update and start with the infomercial first, smart. — The Deion Sanders/Kim Wayans scene is freakin’ terrible. Love the cold open here, my favourite use of Farley and my favourite CO of the season. Richard Simmons appears during the "Coffee Talk" sketch. Richard Simmons [real] gives diet tips by singing Streisand, — (*sigh*) Fourth appearance of this sketch in just ten episodes so far this season… Directed by Dave Wilson. Jason Patric/Blind Melon Saturday Night Live Season 19 Episode 10 on January 8, 1994 with host Jason Patric and musical guest Blind Melon. Feeding the dog escalating to wanting to put shorts on the dog…? Having Simmons come on was a nice surprise (the crowd going crazy is one of the loudest I’ve ever heard on SNL,) but the whole singing bit the two do is like torture. a fairly big step down, My full set of screencaps for this episode is here. As mentioned we have another of those on the way with Tim Meadows. My late night copy has a solid minute of the band playing the theme at the end.. it’s a beautiful listen. I agree that a lot of what’s here really could work with a less charmless host. While the first half of the season we’re in wasn’t too great itself, so many things about this season has changed starting with tonight’s midpoint episode; even the look. Looking for some great streaming picks? a hand model (host) copes after losing a finger, — It’s taken two minutes into this sketch for me to get my first laugh, with the whole bit involving Norm giving a rundown on the casualties from the car accident. — Mike seems to be playing a bit of a Dr. First of all they messed up the premise, the first one had the great escalation of the boy wanting to just watering the plants all the way to staying in your bed. The Herlihy Boy, Self - Host /

Required fields are marked *. Blind Melon performed "No Rain" and "Paper Scratcher." The key to ya big weird energy is properly harnessing it. The guy killed it and I'd like to know who he is/was. Welcome Guest. But everyone does a good job with it. Wonder what that was all about. This FAQ is empty. He said Patric. Saturday Night Live S19E10 - Jason PatricJason Patric/Blind Melon. Self-Improvement," "Mr. Intense," "Coffee Talk," "The Herlihy Boy Dog In a better sketch, I would’ve loved that montage. I’d never seen the NFL on Fox sketch till just now… Mohr-as-Rickles’ lines are atrocious (agreed) to the point that when he actually uses a real Rickles line (“where would we eat on Sunday”), the audience has already tuned out. Jason Patric doesn’t fit any of the bad host checkmarks – you don’t hear about him being rude or unpleasant, or demanding – but there’s just something offputting about him as host.

The band also appears during the monologue. — Unfortunately, Jason Patric as this sketch’s straight man is yet ANOTHER example tonight of a role that would’ve worked better with a different host. I've never seen the performance of paper scratcher from SNL but this is my favorite performance of No Rain and I was very sad when they took this video down from youtube. I agree with you Stooge, a bad episode and begins the downward slide to the awfulness of Season 20. musical guest performs “Paper Scratcher”, THE HERLIHY BOY DOG SITTING SERVICE He even wrote the screenplay for a Coffee Talk film around this time with the same collaborator who would later work on the Austin Powers films – it was bought, but never produced (c. 1995). Or maybe he’s just doing a variation of his behind-the-scenes Lorne Michaels impression, but then again, that’s what Dr. — This is the first time all night where a Jason Patric performance is actually working for me (and will probably end up being the only time all night, from what I remember of the rest of this episode). There was a lot of outrage when SNL portrayed Chelsea Clinton…did SNL get any complaints about portraying Giuliani’s son like this? Picture of BLiND MeLon on MSN ...under "one hit wonders"...... hit or no hit..... the people in this band have done miracles for me and they dont even know it. What was that all about?

Even seeing Deep Thoughts pop up in 1994 and 1995 seems out of place as opposed to December 1993 and earlier. THanks so much for getting it back and I hope someone can find paper scratcher for us to watch as well. — The montage of Jason having success with his stump-fingered hand is actually charming in itself, but is going on too long for something not intended to be funny in a sketch that’s already been long and has been failing in its attempts to be funny. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. STARS: ****. You can help the Saturday Night Live Wiki by expanding it. Not pretty, but strangely fascinating and you can’t look away. The band currently consists of guitarists Rogers Stevensand Christopher Thorn, drummer Glen Graham, vocalist Travis Warren and … The next episode (Sara Gilbert) has the infamous Bryant Gumbel “what were you thinking?” sketch – god bless him, Tim Meadows tries, but I literally felt anxiety watching it, it was that bad!

I saw this episode live on NBC and yep, it contained probably the deadest audience reactions I’d seen on SNL since Season 6.

Jackie Gleason was my grandfather (true)” Norm said in the interview I guess the fruit falls far away from the tree.”.

Other than not having any use for the cold open, I agree with most of your ratings.

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