south holston lake water temperature

Mostly cloudy. South Holston Lake is located near the cities of Abingdon, Virginia and Bristol, Virginia / Bristol, Tennessee, and is a 7,580-acre impoundment operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Mostly sunny. For more information on your flood risk go to Predicted water levels are updated at least once a day, by 1 p.m. Eastern time, and may be updated more frequently when conditions warrant. Lows in the upper 50s. provided to the NWS by the gauge owner. About This Location Latitude: 36.520278° N, Longitude: 82.095556° W, … Observed water levels also are updated periodically throughout the day. Water release schedules are updated periodically throughout the day. FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layers not showing? Water depth during non-generating hours will remain low enough to wade 85% of the river. Interpreting hydrographs and NWS watch, warnings, and forecasts, and inundation maps, Survey grade GPS equipment, FEMA flood plain maps, newer USGS topographic maps, Older USGS topographic maps, NGVD29 benchmarks, Older USGS topographic maps, MSL benchmarks, For additional information, see: Mostly sunny. NAD83/WGS84, Search by city or zip code. Observed water levels also are updated periodically throughout the day. Can't access lake information? Predicted water levels are updated at least once a day, by 1 p.m. Eastern time, and may be updated more frequently when conditions warrant. Download the TVA Lake Info app, an easy-to-use resource for operating on and around reservoirs and dams in the TVA region. Mostly sunny. Mostly clear. Light Winds. There are no FEMA National Flood Hazard Layers for the location which you are viewing on ESRI Maps. If you notice any errors in the below information, please contact our. If you're having technical issues with the website, please click here for assistance. October Temperature Abingdon (8.1 miles) 2020 September October. Much of the reservoir is in Tennessee, but the Virginia portion of the reservoir offers anglers more than 1,600 acres of water. Municipal and industrial water intakes could experience operational issues below this elevation. Cape Romanzof, Cape Romanzof LRRS Airport, AK, Roosevelt Roads, Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Ofstie Field, PR, Lehighton Jake Arner Memorial Airport, PA. Sunny. Light Winds. Latitude/Longitude Disclaimer: The gauge location shown in the above map Light Winds. Municipal and industrial water intakes could experience operational issues below this elevation. You can not wade fish when the river is at generation flow. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. NOAA weather radar, satellite and synoptic charts. Lows in the lower 40s. Available for iPhone and Android devices. Want your lake info to go? Light Winds. Press enter or select the go button to submit request, Reliability of the Forecast: Based on current and forecast river, weather and reservoir conditions, Short-term Probabilistic Guidance (Experimental), Chance of Exceeding Levels During Entire Period, Daily Tennessee Basin Lake Stages and Forecasts. Highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s. Lowest 15 February, 2020 18.9 °F; Average 2020 Highs in the mid to upper 60s. For details. TVA Forecast for South Holston Dam Patchy frost in the morning. The National Weather Service prepares its forecasts and other services in collaboration with agencies like the US Geological Survey, US Bureau of Reclamation, US Army Corps of Engineers, Natural Resource Conservation Service, National Park Service, ALERT Users Group, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and many state and local emergency managers across the country. Highs in the lower to mid 70s. Sunny. The width of the river can range anywhere from sixty yards to one hundred yards, and is easily crossable when the TVA isn't generating. Discharges are in cubic feet per second and are reported at the end of the hour. Highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s. South Holston Lake weather forecast updated daily. Sunny. Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of Showers. is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates Current conditions, ... South Holston Lake Temperature Statistics . The average water temperatures do not vary 10 degrees from winter to summer. Horizontal Datum: Longitude: 82.095556° W, Highs in the mid to upper 50s. Why aren't the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layers showing on the ESRI Map?Possible reasons: Note: Your zoom level may have changed. Highs in the lower to mid 60s. ESRI's zoom levels must be between 14 and 16 to show National Flood Hazard layers. *Elevations are in feet above sea level. Latitude: 36.520278° N, Lows in the upper 30s to lower 40s. Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. of the current day. Light Winds. The FEMA Web Mapping Service (WMS) is down.

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