spyderco ark vs crkt minimalist

Weight: 1.1 oz Whichever knife you go for, make sure to take a close look at the specs as each neck knife is a little different. If it’s for hiking or self-defense, the Dune is an awesome, relatively long neck knife. But one of the brand’s most underrated offerings comes from the great Mike Snody. You can use one side to cut open boxes and the other to cut some rope. Spyderco gives you what you pay for: premium steels, the best pocket clip design going, the best serration execution and the best patented opening system there is. The whole thing has a cohesive stonewashed finish and fits into a Kydex sheath. Instead of a chain, Columbia gave the CRKT a sheath and paracord to carry it discretely around your neck. To find the right neck knife, take a look at the following key features. Related Gear:    You won’t feel the weight of this knife, but you can easily pull it out if you need to open some letters or packaging. ... Spyderco ARK. The tip is unbelievably sharp, and is best-suited for stabbing, slicing, and slashing, providing plenty of self-defense potential. Standing for “Always Ready Knife,” the ARK was designed as a personal defense knife by U.S. Army combat veteran John Shirley and his friend Sam Owens. At first glance they might not seem like the best for EDC, but you'd be surprised. The 12152 Bolo from Sheffield is a nice 5.4” fixed-blade neck knife that doesn’t break the bank. ). They’re all good knives, though, and they could all save your life in an emergency situation. The Mini Slik is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but don't think it's a lightweight knife. I don't understand how any knife maker WOULD do a collaboration with CRK&T. The best thing about the American Gunner Neck Knife is that they’re giving them away for free – you just pay S&H. C'mon you guys, I could hardly agree that Columbia River's knives are crap. Who says bowie knives have to be huge? Despite the minimal frame and light weight, its hard 1096 carbon steel makes it capable even for rough use. Smooth blades are better at slicing and stabbing, while serration gives an edge a better sawing capability. The high-grade 12C27 stainless steel is sharp, tough, and corrosion-resistant. Overall Length: 6.5″. The blade design determines the knife’s effectiveness at certain actions. CRKT pairs the blade with a lightweight ergonomic handle that molds itself to your grip and guards against cutting yourself on the blade. The CRKT from Columbia River Knife & Tool is a great simple and effective neck knife for a great price. I would never have my name on such a crappy product. You can hook it on directly to your gear for easy access when you need it, while it's ultra light weight makes it an invisible, yet essential addition to any carry. The CRKT's seem like solutions in search of a problem, IMO. However, Alan Folts was able to create a knife design that works well on so many levels. How is THAT for an answer?! Now that the SE version is available, you can add excellent edge retention to the list of positive attributes. Learn how your comment data is processed. The blade is 1.9 inches and the handle scales are G-10. All their neck knives measure between 4 and 7 inches and have 2” blades. The knife is comfortable and you can wear it around your neck without much hassle. It’s super sharp out of the box, easy to sharpen, and corrosion-resistant. I'd even rather carry a military fixed blade -- although somewhat bulky -- over a folder for camping purposes. These EDC (everyday carry) blades are perfect for wearing on a chain around your neck, ensuring you feel safe in any situation. Read the posts and comments starting here. The molded plastic sheath is decent and there’s a nice security feature than snaps back into place, keeping the blade secure in the sheath, but still allowing easy deployment. Flair's cool, but does it work? I had the Becker Necker on the best EDC fixed blade list, but that one is a bit heavy at 3.2 ounces (still pretty light). You’ll see every kind of steel being used to make knife blades. Despite being almost nonexistent, the … Spyderco REALLY listens to their ELU's too!! The Cold Steel Secret Edge was inspired by the Scottish Skean Dhu knives, though updated with modern materials, like the Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel blade.

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