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Excellent article, especially the distance to DPS combat breakdown at the end. The various types of starship weapon have different firing arcs. The skill information for grenades would seem to indicate that they are meant to share cooldowns (to self: 0 grenades for 15 sec) but this is not currently the case, however it may be adjusted in the future. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A Subreddit dedicated to Mechanics and how to apply them to Builds for the MMO Star Trek Online. I'm also curious about what effect Conn Officers would have since the TT variant is a flat 2-8 second reduction on use of Tactical Team. They can interact, but not in a way most would find intuitive. the normal cd is 30 seconds. For example, a torpedo launcher mounted in the fore bay has the following firing arc, when viewed from the side: It’s also important to recognise that, due to their limited firing arcs, you can generally only bring the weapons mounted in one of your bays to bear on a target at the same time. I’m going to be looking at the exact Mark Bonus in more detail soon, but for the moment, +10%/Mark is a good rule of thumb.). (For details of how many slots the various ships have in their fore and aft bays, see Suricata’s excellent Ship Tier Charts.). The small yellow numbers show only one thing – the amount of hull damage each attack is inflicting. I think it checks out. Cannons, torpedo launchers and mine launchers all have shared cooldowns. Admittedly, that means only 1 Romulan . Must agree. Could you revisit this article perhaps and fill in some of the information on higher level weapons that you were unable to test previously? As it measures the rate at which damage is dealt, it’s useful for comparing weapons with different firing speeds. Mine Launchers share a cooldown, like all cannons and torpedo launchers, preventing the player from laying large minecarpets. (One of my next examples will be to show why three technicians and Zemok is redundant, since that's another common one.). If (and only if) you could use multiple Conn Officers in lieu of the DCEs in a Drake (pardon me if I'm misunderstanding the term), would that give you the option to have a flat 14-16 second cooldown off the top of Tactical Team, leading you to (30-16) * (1-0.07) / (1-0.3) = flat 10 seconds, which is 100% uptime on Tactical Team? Trigger EPtW -> wait 15 seconds for global, trigger EPtS -> wait 17 seconds -> EPtW is back up. All powers have at least one, and sometimes two, hard-coded minimum CDs that cannot be circumvented by any of the above-mentioned sources. These tables are designed to tell you how much of a gain / loss doing this is supposed to. Easy way to test the Bioneural Gel Pack would be to equip it and see if the recharge times listed in the expanded tooltips change. The ME/DLS/CO doffs...I'll need to look at them again, so I don't have an answer for you yet. I'm not sure. However, getting tac readiness allows for more frequent use of tac abilities; basically nullifies the gap A2B normally has. These are hard-coded, and it is impossible to reduce a power's CD below its Duplicate Cooldown. Assuming weapons of the same Mark and equivalent Stat Bonuses: In general, then, players that favor beams – and particularly beam arrays – should try to keep a ship armed with any form of cannon as far away as possible. This article takes a look at some of the basic concepts governing weapons in STO, examines the various types available, and explains how the different factors that affect your weapons’ damage appear to function. When the Weapon Ranges article was published, Edgecase suggested a comparison of the ‘raw DPS’ of each energy weapon type over range, and this seemed like a suitable place to include one. There are several types of Mine Launcher available in the game which are listed below. This means that multiple launchers in the same bay must be fired in sequence, and the maximum fire rate possible is one torpedo every three seconds. • The Console - Universal - Ordnance Accelerator now decreases the Mine shared cooldown by 1.5 seconds from 1.“ But even with the patch changes above and the Ordnance Accelerator fitted I ran into problems. Love the article, but can you include the different effects of energy types or torpedo types? Lays a series of small mine clusters behind your ship. Can’t wait to see more updates. However, when you are able to fire multiple torpedoes in a row, photons will deal more sustained damage over time. I'll try to remember to test it. I think they work off unmodified CD. Confirmed in STF battles (Tricobalts are useful against borg). This is then increased by 64% due to the current weapon power level (82/50 = 1.64) to 438 (267 x 1.64). Once at close range, though, the situation reverses – the cannon-heavy ship should try to maintain a range of 2km, while the beam-heavy ship (if it cannot open the range) should try to close to within 1km. Like all projectile weapons, mines do Kinetic damage, and thus are significantly less effective at damaging shields than energy weapons. In addition, firing energy weapons drains your current weapon power level. It's a work in progress, and I'll try to complete some point, but this should help contextualize target CDs to hit when mixing different types of CD reductions. For more information on the base damage done by mine launcher weapons, see the respective weapon type articles. All weapons damage, innate skill increased by leveling. Energy weapons use power from the ship’s warp core to project beams or bolts of energy at their target, and come in six basic types: Beam weapons are the most common starship weapons in the Star Trek universe, and are the default weapons of most Federation vessels. Next week is going to be incredibly busy for me; this is probably the 3rd highest priority project I'm working on right now, but I can't promise that future updates will be as timely. Unlike other weapons, mine launchers have no firing arc and do not require a target to to be fired. I haven’t done an extensive analysis of this yet, but it appears to be somewhere in the range of +/- 5-10% for each attack. For a table of the Standard Issue damage of the various weapon types, see below.). the major question is if you’re able to run a fire mode with their shared cd. Considering that EPtS I/EptW III last 30 seconds, this means you can effectively run 1 copy without needing DCEs, no? Version 1.15 03/24/2020 – Hellspawny – Basics 03/25/2020 – Hellspawny – 1st Draft 03/26/2020 – Hellspawny – not finished but good enough to publish Correction to my earlier post. Truthfully, I don't know, as I've never used a secondary deflector that wasn't [+SA]. The shared cooldown is faster than the individual cooldowns, so two science teams still allows you to get shield heals more frequently. So really, cooldown reduction applies as a percentage of the accelerated cooldown time. Doesn't that basically mean that a Drake setup can switch the Doffs to something else while still having near 100% uptime on Emergency Power to Goodness? 3 Technicians (x'=0.3), 1 Krenim (x=0.1), so: T(40,0.1,0.3) = 40(1-0.3)/(1+0.1) = 25.45s. Love this article. For more information on how skill-based stats affect weapon damage, see the Damage Modifiers section, below. The following chart shows a comparison of the Standard Issue DPS of the various energy weapon types against range to target: Please bear in mind that we are veering into ‘Theory Trek’ here – although the numbers used to create this graph are based on in-game test results, they include several assumptions and don’t take into account aspects of the STO combat system that are currently poorly understood (such as accuracy and any relationship it may have to range) – so this should only be used a guide for comparison. The baseline damage is dependant on the meta-level of the launcher and its rarity. Mines are not affected by weapon power. No, because even in the combined model, you're still inputting the base CD value into the function. Recharge and Reduction are separate functions, and they obey different mechanics. This includes most 23rd-century weaponry, with the exception of the 23rd century. That’s a 230.5% increase over the base damage, so the DPS will be 350 (152 x 2.305). The point is more to explain how these different mechanics interact with one another, and demonstrate that it's not as simple as 3x Technicians (30% Cooldown Reduction) plus 100 Engineering Readiness (20% Recharge Haste) is a modified Cooldown of 50%, to use an example. These will improve previously inefficient build configurations while allowing for some new ones. All cannons have a 1 second shared cooldown – firing a cannon of any type prevents any other cannon from firing for 1 second – which means that multiple cannons must be fired in sequence. In some situations, the ability to deal as much damage as possible in a very short period of time – often referred to as burst damage – can be more significant. When using a bridge officer ability, you are allowed to have one group out per ability and tier. Where it gets interesting is for Tactical Captains using Tactical Initiative, though... That assumes BNG is CD reduction and not Recharge Haste, but I think it's CD reduction. Will you be updating this post or making a new one when you do that? There are some significant differences between projectile and energy weapons: Torpedoes are fired much like energy weapons, but must fly to their target after being launched. When an energy weapon is fired, the current damage is further modified by the range to the target: (For more details on the effects of range, see the Weapon Ranges article.). For more detail, you need to look at the combat log in the chat window. Beam Array: Fire At Will 3 = 20 * (1-0.07) / (1 + 0.3) = 14.3 seconds. A single turret mounted in either weapon bay will cover any gaps in the firing arcs of a ship’s other weapons, ensuring that at least one weapon can always be brought to bear on a target. A captain with a total Stat Bonus of 77 for tetryon beam weapons equips a Tetryon Beam Array Mk IX, with a base damage of 190 and DPS of 152. Power levels are replenished at a constant rate, and in general you can fire two energy weapons at the same time without suffering any significant loss in weapon power level (and thus damage). I will take your above info and apply it accordingly to my builds. The notable exceptions are beam arrays and turrets. Although these abilities are not in themselves affected by your captain’s skills, the attack or weapon that they modify is affected as normal.

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