sufix performance braid vs 832

3. 832 is a good braid. Mr.Sufix as such told me this, and it’s a direct quote from his email: “In brief, X8 is a substantial upgrading of the Pro8. Coating: The first metric in our Quality matrix has to do with whether or not the line has a coating and if so, what is the resulting feel of the line due to this coating. I'll take 832 anyday. It’s a little thinner and softer than most braids, so I upsize a notch. Often I ended up with so little line left that my casting distance was greatly diminished. Jim McFeeley » Community This fiber was introduced to increase abrasion resistance and, more importantly resistance to sudden impact force breakage. Apparel | I feel like my casts are longer and I hear less humming of the line going through the guides on both the cast and retrieve. Noticeable difference in casting distance. I'd spend my money on Maxima 8 or Fins 40g. Their UK catalogue is here if that is any help. Charley’s Fishing Supply just started carrying Sufix 832 in bulk spools. It’s one of the easiest and strongest line to line knots. Swimbaits | Lines | Interviews | Events | I don’t think I have ever had a knot fail with Nano or other braids using the knot. Shimano owns powerpro if it matters to you. subtract the value from ten. I have been using Nano since it came out and have learned how to fish with it. Life will suddenly be a whole lot better with my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. Overall I am happy with the Nanofil but, it is time to look around. Whatever the case, Sufix X8 is their new “budget” 8-strand braid and with what seems to be an increasing number of UK anglers turning onto Sufix lines, some of you might end up buying and using this braid in due course - which I might add I would urge you to do. He later told me he bought some Sufix 832 but didn’t buy a big enough spool to fill his reel because he didn’t know it was so much thinner than Daiwa J-Braid. The multicolor spiderwire and J braids are very good. This was enough to get me stoked on Sufix 832 and loaded it on all my reels. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Front of the class in internet expert school, Talk me out of a Vanford 1000 series for Inshore, Visser Reel My First Impressions....What are yours? Keep in mind I’m still a relative newbie to braided lines so this review is limited to first hand use of a few brands. Finally, yes, also the coloring should be more stable. Your email address will not be published. Never tried the 832 so i can't compare the 2. The Gore Tex fiber in the 832 causes the braid to sink faster than normal braid, so if you like to fish weightless plastics like Slu-Go's etc, you may like the way it performs over all other braids.

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