sully and ash the heights

Tristan Gorey as Byron, Eddie Stowers as Fetu, Written by Mithila Gupta & Romina Accurso Pav and Claudia are unable to deny their attraction. “I would just really like not to be jerked around or led on.”, “I’m not,” Ash denied immediately. “It was just an idea,” says Sully to his mother, after she rejects a suggestion of his. Zachary Drieberg as Fraser, Zachary Drieberg as Fraser, “I don’t care,” Helena assured him. Renee is horrified when Mark makes a confession. Claudia is confronted by a former patient. Sam Barratt as Daisy, The apartment was dark but Ash could just make out the dark shadows of his brother’s form as he stood up and walked towards him. Ash and Sully from the Australian show The Heights are my new obsession. The new ABC series The Heights, which premieres Friday night, offers something refreshing: a credible social drama that attempts to depict Australian life in its myriad forms. Orlando Borg as Noah, Written by Warren Clarke Sully’s tutoring of Laila causes tension, and a dinner party turns political. Ash let go of it. Excepting the incident in the bathroom earlier, this was the closest they’d been in weeks. Written by Miley Tunnecliffe & Megan Palinkas Pav's new romance with Claudia becomes complicated. I told you all that.”, Kam stared at him for a moment before looking away. Andrew Dunstan as Louis, Mark's battle to hide his homelessness from Renee becomes harder as she contemplates her pregnancy. Sam Barbas as Bartender, Jasmine Sadati as Fatema, Ryan uses the pub's launch to avoid talking to Lottie while Ana's unsure where she stands. The action takes place in the building, its local hospital, its local school and its local pub – giving the writers the best of all TV worlds to work with. “He always smiles at you.”, Iris rolled her eyes. It was easy to accept Iris as an unparalleled genius. Ash strives to become his own boss and Amira's birthday forces Mich and Sabine to paste over their post-kiss awkwardness. Noel O'Neill as Watto, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Sarah McNeill as Penny, Ryan and Ana grow closer while preparing the pub for its imminent relaunch. Kim Lord as Footy Commentator, Australia: Friday, April 05, 2019 (9:00) Orlando Borg as Noah, “He didn’t even smile at you,” she pointed out. Nicholas Di Nardo as Dane, Australia: Friday, March 01, 2019 (8:30) Iris Tran was smarter than him so him missing something she thought was obvious was more a credit to her than a criticism of his own intelligence. With: The residents of Arcadia Towers are left reeling after an abandoned baby is discovered. Sabine navigates her first day at Arcadia High. “You miss him,” she realized. The 30-episode half-hour drama is more expansive than its commercial-TV counterparts, bridging the gulf that separates real life from the whitewashed worlds of Ramsay Street and Summer Bay. 13/30 Claudia struggles with a request for help, and Renee feels betrayed. Yes, he thought, he could accept that. Ash might not actually have been breathing. Uncle Max and Hazel endeavour to get Reza over the line and Iris sees Pav's cafe as a threat. Rasta Karami as Laila, Claudia struggles to reconcile with Sabine following her discovery that she's sexually active. UK: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Ryan encourages Ana to give Evan a chance. Sully wonders whether he's cut out to be a teacher. Rasta Karami as Laila, “And you said I was the only woman in your life, which I think is also true. S1, Ep24 But I sort of screwed things up between us and now it’s all awkward. Sabine struggles with her heartache while Sully and Fraser take their relationship to the next level. 11/30 Leonie tries to rectify a robbery. Pav and Claudia are forced to face some hard truths about their relationship, while Evan puts his foot in it with Ana. Shannon walks in on a couple of surprises at work. Even if Ash never saw or spoke to Sully again, it would only be to keep his family together, not because he didn’t want to. Sully and Ash grow closer as Sully navigates the wrath of Iris. There’s also credible storylines involving university student Sully (Koa Nuen), who works in his mother (Carina Hoang) Iris’s grocery store, and his Iranian friend Ash Jafari (Phoenix Raei). since now I guess since you mean. Orlando Borg as Noah, Marcus Graham as Pav, Siobhan Dow-Hall as Lola, It lends The Heights a believable familiarity – and perhaps the lasting power to rival its commercial counterparts. Directed by James Bogle. Ash whirled around to see him standing down the hallway with a basket of laundry in his hands. A surprise visit from Child Services threatens to expose Hazel's deceit. The Jafaris give Kam a special gift. Phoenix Raei as Ash, Phoenix Raei as Ash Jafari and Koa Nuen as university student Sully in ABC TV series The Heights, filmed in Perth and punctuated with wry one-liners and genuine warmth. Amelia Kelly as Frankie, Nice to meet you. Will Pav and Mich come to blows? He, the guy, he’s been tutoring my cousin and my uncle basically fired him on the spot because of it and-” Ash stopped. And suddenly Ash didn’t have the energy to try. Shannon's feelings for Pav grow while Ryan foolishly attempts to prove his devotion to Amber. It’s late.”. Directed by Andrew Prowse. Kelton Pell as Uncle Max, Ash let himself be shepherded back into the hallway. “Look. UK: Thursday, June 18, 2020 Noel O'Neill as Watto, “We weren’t doing anything,” Sully protested. “Get some sleep, Kam. Pav's new romance with Claudia becomes complicated. Written by Katie Beckett & Hannah Carroll Chapman Bernie Davis as Bruce, Orlando Borg as Noah, With a tiny smile he grasped her hand. anyway sully broke my heart, he is so so in love and so deeply sad about it. Siria Kickett as Kat, Nicholas Di Nardo as Dane, Vishal Bulsara as Dr Vish, “Give a girl a head’s up before you force her to be your beard, Ash.”, “I’m sorry.” Ash shook his head. UK: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Kelton Pell as Uncle Max, Tristan Gorey as Byron, Australia: Friday, March 29, 2019 (8:30) With: “He’s my best mate and I can barely be in the same room as him, okay? “It’s a win-win. “I’d like to meet him some day. Sully makes a drunken move on Ash. With a heavy sigh, he continued, “I like you, Helena. “I can’t- I don’t want anything more than that. Kam was smart. But he also knew his family would never approve. Melody Rom as Amira, “I told her I was too hung up on someone to start anything with her and I told her that I went out to see her tonight because my uncle caught us together.”. Kam hesitated a moment before opening the door and stepping inside. also kam i fucking hope you feel bad you weasel. “Your uncle seems to approve.”, “It’s not like that,” Ash denied immediately. “I didn’t mean to,” he quickly tried to correct. There’s nothing really to cover up.”, Helena made a noise. Ana realises she's misjudged Evan. Real smile is different.”. With: Sully. “I don’t know,” Ash confessed. Ash becomes disillusioned with Tyler's world and Leonie shuts down Mich's questions about their Aboriginal heritage. Pav and Claudia are unable to deny their attraction. Fiona Press as Hazel, Kam impresses Iris with his entrepreneurial skills. “It was enough to give him an idea, I guess. Andrew Hale as Ian, Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Andrew Dunstan as Louis, William Tran as Matt, Bernie Davis as Bruce, Bernie Davis as Bruce, i’m really proud of ash but i wish he hadn’t essentially needed kam’s blessing to end it. “There wasn’t anything to catch.” But there was a strange hesitance in his eyes. Nicholas Di Nardo as Dane, Kam lies to his family. My uncle caught us together earlier. Uncle Max gets Leonie involved in a legal matter as he confronts his mortality. Shari Sebbens as Leonie, Perhaps that’s because The Heights doesn’t reduce characters’ identities to their component parts. Sam Barrett as Daisy, Craig Fong as Benny, UK: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 Written by Tracey Defty-Rashid & Peter Mattessi Claudia and Pav struggle to keep their romance secret. Renee tells Mark he needs to get help. Ze Winters as Maryam, Zachary Drieberg as Fraser, Siria Kickett as Kat, “The guy you’re hung up on.”, “You’re a terrible liar Ash,” Helena cut him off with a crooked smile. Shannon struggles in her new role. Craig Fong as Benny, Jasmine Sadati as Fatema, UK: Monday, June 22, 2020 Episode 1.04. “He’s my best mate. Ash and Sully from the Australian show The Heights are my new obsession. Larissa Fernandez as Yoga Instructor, Efforts to help local youngsters prove that Leonie and Sully still have things to learn. Charlie Gray and Drift Taylor as Baby Patch, UK: Thursday, July 02, 2020 Shot in Perth and set in the fictional inner-city suburb of Arcadia Heights, the series – or at least its first four episodes, on which this review is based – challenges prescribed notions of what a soap opera should be: there’s relationships and emotional drama aplenty, but also pointed interrogations of class and identity. George Waldock as Oddjob, Australia: Friday, March 15, 2019 (9:00) “He’s not wrong,” Sully’s voice came from behind him. “His name’s Sully.”, She smiled and nodded. Amir Rahimzadeh as Hamid, Written by Hannah Carroll Chapman Ana and Ryan are forced to face their feelings for each other. Yazeed Daher as Kam, Kelton Pell as Uncle Max, Asher Yasbincek as Rose, Jasmine Sadati as Fatema, Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. “He’s my best mate. Shannon returns with a new man and a new lease on life. Zachary Drieberg as Fraser, Australia: Friday, April 12, 2019 (8:30) Television drama is rarely reflective of reality. Jasmine Sadati as Fatema, He knew it. Ash struggles with his sexuality. “You have school in the morning.”, Ash raised an eyebrow. Vietnamese store-owner Iris has a touch of The Family Law humour about her, issuing blunt missives that are endearingly familiar to children of Asian parents. News spreads of a threat to the Towers. nah… if it gets cancelled I won’t even care… if Ash is leaving so am I goodbye won’t even try to put in good word on twitter they don’t deserve it, “So what’s his name?” Helena called after him. Sully loses in love but has a win at school. And although it shouldn’t be, the diversity of the cast is impressive, accurately reflecting the heterogeneity of Australian life without resorting to tokenism. Charlie Gray and Drift Taylor as Baby Patch, Mitchell Bourke as Ryan, Last modified on Tue 22 Oct 2019 10.42 BST. Uncle Max seeks reconciliation while urging Mich to address his anger. With: And- and maybe more. Megan Hollier as Jill, The whole show is super diverse and definately worth watching! When Ash finally entered his own, Kam’s eyes met his, his judgement clear to see. Bernie Davis as Bruce, Hey! Noel O'Neill as Watto, Noel O'Neill as Watto, Helena. Directed by James Bogle. Megan Hollier as Jill, A smitten Sully buys Ash’s affection. Ash let her go for a few feet before he called after her, “Sully.” Helena turned back. With: Ash enjoys the high life when he meets up with Tyler and his friends. UK: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 I like spending time with you. What's with you? Mark and Renee clash over telling the kids about their decision.

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