symbols of marriage in different cultures

The wedding rings that differ most from Western designs are the ones worn by the many indigenous people from across North America. They are no longer required or designed to match the bride’s, nor are they only available in gold. [citation needed] Usually a black wedding band is worn on the third finger of the left hand. For example, people from countries where pure gold is the norm often consider 14 or 9-carat gold to be low-budget. This is not the case everywhere. In fact, to ask for the hand of a girl a Fiji young man has no choice but present the father-in-law with the tooth of a whale. The bride would then serve the groom and her parents with tea as a ritual of their parting. Contrary to what we often see in films, the wedding ring is not always worn on the left hand. One of the warmest and most lovely chapels in Las Vegas. Other cultures later adopted their own unique interpretations of what it meant to wear a wedding ring. In fact, the Latin word for left is ‘sinister’, which now has dark connotations. For example, while Dutch Catholics wear their ring on their left hand, Austrian Catholics wear theirs on their right hand; and in Belgium, it varies according to which region you live in. A bride and groom on the Stanford University campus. In 1757 England and Wales brought in strict marriage laws. However, there’re so many other marriage customs from around the world not many people know about, some bordering on the weird. Instead, there are a variety of metals used, and they come in various designs, depending on the groom’s preference. It's something normal to see white wedding gowns, cakes and well-thought decor, tuxedoes, limousines, great food, guests in great outfits and exchanging of vows before a registered officiant. This meant that an unfaithful wife would be found out at once if she took off her wedding ring during her husband’s absence. Explore the Variations of Marriage in Different Cultures Marriage is an institution that has formed the foundation of families throughout history. In several countries where Catholicism is dominant, people actually wear their wedding rings on their right hand. No matter the additions and extras brought in to make the marriage ceremony one of a kind, it's basically something most people in North America, Europe and most of the civilized world today knows about. In many cultures, they may not exist. Have a cookie Among the Tujia segment of the Chinese, mandatory weeping is a part of the wedding equation. After the performance the ladies will then choose the man who mesmerized them the most. Visual markers of marital status are particularly important because they indicate that a person should not be approached for flirtation, courtship, or sex. The mother of the eldest son usually wears a headdress in the shape of a fan that has been handed down for centuries to give to the bride marrying their eldest son. A tradition that's said to have started from the South in the United States, it involved black slaves jumping over some kind of broom as newlyweds symbolizing they have moved over together and ready to start new lives as a married couple. However, in some areas in the country if a girl is born during a specific astrological timeframe they are considered cursed. Essentially the custom is meant to show the strong character of the groom. The feathers are known as sing sings. After dressing up for the occasion in colorful costumes and traditional makeup, eligible bachelors in Niger start performing before ladies to try and find a mate. Some have diamonds, while others are simple and sleek – it all comes down to taste. A 72 hour Smorgasbord would commence with servings of Köttbullar, lingonsylt, and inlagd sill fit for a traditional Swedish wedding. Unlike in other Western countries, the engagement ring can have gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires instead of traditional diamonds. And while these are great for incorporating into your own wedding traditions, one really romantic custom less known is the “wish tree”. As a result parents had no problem consenting to the wedding of a girl who had been kidnapped because she'll be crying, which is a great thing for the wedding.

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