testng dataprovider multiple parameters

Using the @DataProvider, we can create data driven framework in which the data is passed through the respective test method and several repetitions of the test run for the various test data values passed from the @DataProvider method.

The data provider is another annotation which supports data-driven testing. If you observe the test results, TestNG has used the optional value while executing the first test method. Each set contains different java types like String, int, long and a boolean. We must also note that a DataProvider in TestNG returns a 2-D array, unlike other TestNG parameters. Or you can generate the and then run the XML file as a TestNG Suite. Using DataProvider in TestNG, we can easily inject multiple values into the same test case.

However, TestNG parameters enable us to pass the values only once per execution cycle. So, master both of them with different scenarios and different datasets. There are two ways to pass the parameters in TestNG: What is the difference between DataProvider and Parameter in TestNG? A data-driven test would run once for each set of data specified by the data provider object. Shown below is a basic example of using the DataProvider in TestNG script. Using DataProvider in TestNG, we can easily inject multiple values into the same test case. In the above code, I have passed three values a,b and result to check if the sum is equal to result or not. Similar to TestNG Parameters, DataProviders are a means to pass data to test scripts in TestNG. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. We’ve tried to cover as much as we could about the TestNG Parameters and DataProvider annotations along with their examples. In this article, I will show you how one can write data-driven test using DataProvider.

The first array represents data set thus takes care of the number of time the tests has to run.

TestNG uses these annotations to help in making a robust framework. Create a new Java class and name it as . Did you notice two values being passed to the search method while we ran the test just once? Additionally, you can utilize it to set variables and use them in class, test, or test suite. Using Excel for DataProvider in TestNG is one of the most convenient ways to read the data. The following examples demonstrate how to use data providers. Let us quickly understand it with the help of the code.

I have named my package as “testData” under which I am saving my data excel file “TestData.xlsx.” So, my data sheet looks like below: Next, we will create a DataProvider method that will use another method to read the excel file & create a 2D object from the row & column values of the excel and return the same value, so that our test script can use it. Below is code snippet I tried. You can run the code and check the output. TestNG methods can have arguments also. These cookies do not store any personal information. We need to declare a method that gives the data set as a two-dimensional object array Object[][].

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