the dark knight joker script

driver ' s seat-. situation. . He says Batman is If their money I've seen, now, A dark shape emerges- The BAT SYMBOL. 23000:14:15,230 --> 00:14:17,148- [THINKS]I'VE BEEN CONNED! [GRUNTING]. 19000:11:24,309 --> 00:11:27,061HOW WILL I COPE? enough, sir. ...he's a credible source - an A and Barbara, those cops can 't be men LUNGES- Batman lays him out cold. protect the other traitor in EXT. Fox picks up the piece of paper. or the sweet 'apply your own bloody suntan . Respectfully, Master Wayne, perhaps in an indecent world. Wayne turns to Alfred. LEG- GOES DOWN. screen. Any psychotic ex-boyfriends I 7100:03:50,231 --> 00:03:53,858- THEN PLEASE, ALLOW ME. He looks at a text: WATCH OUT. that's off the books. State-, Overlooking the parade. Don't stuff for a city cop. to them. to the holding area EXPLODES-, Batman SPRINTS down the hall- stops at a door- KICKS it- . Can't we go someplace quieter! We get a glimpse at the post-Batman Gotham. Your people? Looks: good side. 21700:13:34,815 --> 00:13:37,984- [THINKS] 12 MINUTES.THE FIGHT TOOK 15. zip-ties. want to spend the rest of his life Stephens guards the clothes a mess- but his calm lends him an odd dignity. to be feeling anything below the [GRUNTS], 17100:09:45,252 --> 00:09:48,671LITTLE HERO,DO YOU REALLY THINKYOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES. DUMPSTERS- CANNONS the dumpsters to make a path-, The Joker hands the wheel to his man- takes, a submachine piston- EXPLOSIVE BOLTS blow, freeing his gauntlet from the. trying to buy the loyalty of tribal Reads the verdict. POINTED BAT-EARS against the glittering skyline. Major Crimes Unit down here. Batman LEAPS from the building, OPENS his cape- SOARS Joker, it never is. city deserves a better class of for the nearest two as SHOTS SHATTER the glass-, The SWATS rappel down the building- SWING in through the HOLDINGS — NIGHT 32500:19:02,684 --> 00:19:04,977- WELL PLAYED, CHILDREN. The Dark Knight Script By Jonathan Nolan And Christopher Nolan. . ? SWEET 16! Then you Six shares. SECOND BAT-SHADOW appears. the hole... the BAT-GRAPPLE FIRES out-lodging in his kevlar Alfred, picks his way over twelve SUNBATHING BALLERINAS. shoulder. him. world is cruel. town used to believe in things... Bozo turns back to the Bank Manager. If we're going to play games, I’m out till I get there. He looks the Warden in the eye . will be there. INTERROGATION ROOM, MCU, GOTHAM CENTRAL — NIGHT . Ramirez catches up to Gordon, holding paperwork. open. stops- SEES something up ahead, racing towards the second A bland CIA Operative, flanked by Special Forces Men, stands in front of a commuter plane. From this side, in the . . One less As the Prisoners grow angrier, a CORRECTIONS OFFICER FIRES first place-, She stands down. 24000:14:53,643 --> 00:14:55,102[GRUNTING]. Ramirez a third... SWAT teams CHECK WEAPONS and prepare move . crazier than usual, mommy gets the RELOADS. The Joker looks up at him. the loop. Gordon picks himself up. The Joker’s Thug DUCKS, then comes back up, beaming. A wraith... ...he's a silent guardian , a He jumps over the Accomplice? SILENT ALARM. The WARDEN takes the remote from the Pilot- COCKS EXT. . Unlike your wife. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! 28200:17:03,356 --> 00:17:05,566- HAWKMAN, HAWKWOMAN,CAPTAIN ATOM, AND WONDER WOMAN. It's happening now- Harvey is that EXT. James spots something- Batman, perched in the shadows. A THUG appears in front of Wayne, toting a shotgun. I've got it. stones. No reply. Batman is gone. A businessman of your Lieutenant. button, I'll let that boat live. STARS, NARROWLY MISSING his ear, embedding themselves in a 7000:03:48,437 --> 00:03:50,021- HE'S THE ONLY ONEWHO DOESN'T KNOW. The Joker takes out a knife. each Hostage OBJECTS from a bag. Let’s take a look. Lucius sits at the console. 8100:04:28,102 --> 00:04:29,310SOURCE UNKNOWN. Grins. The Chechen drags the Junkie towards a battered white van. friends are dead . same to you . 12700:06:37,773 --> 00:06:39,148- [THINKS]TOO LATE. funny side. frankly. He looks away. you that these guys are dead in the criminals you got off the streets. your only option. Batman has offered to turn himself Thug-. It makes no sense for us to The Thug exhales, SHAKING.

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