the physical region called the canadian shield

[15], The Canadian Shield is one of the world's richest areas in terms of mineral ores. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. [14] In the case of polar bears (Ursus maritimus), the Shield area contains many of their denning locations, such as the Wapusk National Park. The physical region called the Canadian Shield _____. The Sturgeon Lake Caldera in Kenora District, Ontario, is one of the world's best preserved mineralized Neoarchean caldera complexes, which is 2.7 billion years old. Long, cold winters and short, cool summers characterize the region. Throughout the Shield there are many mining towns extracting these minerals. Corrections? Many of Canada's major ore deposits are associated with Precambrian volcanoes. A. is heavily populated B. is bordered on the west by the Appalachian Mountains C. is primarily in Canada. Glacial debris has been deposited in river valleys and lowlands to considerable depths, such as around James Bay and Hudson Bay, giving the landscapes a notable flatness. The region, as a whole, is composed of ancient crystalline rocks whose complex structure attests to a long history of uplift and depression, mountain building (orogeny), and erosion. One sees the sharpest local relief along the southern edge, especially the Laurentide Escarpment in Quebec. During the Pleistocene Epoch (2.6 million to 11,700 years ago), the vast continental glaciers that covered northern North America had this region as a centre. The shield holds great hydroelectric potential, especially along its southern edge where local relief is most abrupt. Each belt probably grew by the coalescence of accumulations erupted from numerous vents, making the tally of volcanoes reach the hundreds. The range's highest peak is Nunavut's Barbeau Peak at 2,616 metres (8,583 ft) above sea level. The Canadian Shield once had jagged peaks, higher than any of today's mountains, but millions of years of erosion have changed these mountains to rolling hills.[5]. The Canadian Shield constitutes the largest mass of exposed Precambrian rock on the face of Earth. [citation needed]. The Midwestern Canadian Shield forests that run westwards from Northwestern Ontario have boreal forests that give way to taiga in the most northerly parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. All in all, transportation networks are not well developed, and communities face ongoing problems of isolation, high costs, and uneven integration into the Canadian economy. The boreal forest area gives way to the Eastern Canadian Shield taiga that covers northern Quebec and most of Labrador. As mountains erode, their roots rise and are eroded in turn. The Canadian Shield is among the oldest on earth, with regions dating from 2.5 to 4.2 billion years. Though primarily rock, water, and ice, the shield also hosts a vast boreal or softwood forest of spruce, fir, pines, and tamaracks, tall and dense in the south to short and sparse in the north. The Canadian Shield constitutes the largest mass of exposed Precambrian rock on the face of Earth. These soils are mainly spodosols, associated with evergreen forest, while the northern TUNDRA soils are heavily moisture laden and frozen for much of the year. This region has many bogs called muskeg. Construction costs are high over vast distances of rocky, ill-drained surfaces where population densities are low. Although these mountains are now heavily eroded, many large mountains still exist in Canada's far north called the Arctic Cordillera.

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