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Two boxes have been found, 10 are still missing. And then 20 years went by and nobody found one. [1] The book was authored by Sean Kelly and Ted Mann and illustrated by John Jude Palencar, John Pierard, and Overton Loyd; JoEllen Trilling, Ben Asen, and Alex Jay also contributed to the book. This book, published in 1982, includes 12 images and 12 verses which need correctly matched together in order to discover the locations of 12 buried ceramic casks. Expedition Unknown airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. In Wednesday’s episode of Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates will interview a Boston family who located buried treasure from the 1982 book The Secret.The tome by … Title: The first cask was found in 1983 in Grant Park, Chicago, shortly after the hunt’s release. Mysterious painting by John Jude Palencar. ", "The 35-Year-Long Hunt to Find a Fantasy Author's Hidden Treasure", "Treasure Hunt Leads to North End Baseball Field", "Six Questions with James Renner: In Search for the New York City Casque of The Secret (A Treasure Hunt)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 October 2020, at 08:46. As of now the most agreed upon locations are as follows: Image 1 matches with Verse 7 : possible location San Francisco, Image 2 matches with Verse 6: possible location Charleston, Image 3 matches with Verse 11: possible location Roanoke Island, Image 4 matches with Verse 4:  CONFIRMED location Cleveland: Found in 2004, Image 5 matches with Verse 12: CONFIRMED location Chicago: Found in 1984, Image 6 matches with Verse 9: possible location St. Augustine, Image 7 matches with Verse 2: possible location New Orleans, Image 8 matches with Verse 1: possible location Houston, Image 9 matches with Verse 5: possible location Montreal CANADA, Image 10 matches with Verse 8: possible location Milwaukee, Image 11 matches with Verse 3: CONFIRMED location Boston: Found in 2019, Image 12 matches with Verse 10: possible location New York City. Then, in a tragic turn of events, Preiss died in a car accident, taking the locations of the remaining 10 to his grave. Of all the romance retoldMen of tales and tunesCruel and boldSeen hereBy eyes of oldStand and listen to the birdsHear the cool, clear song of waterHarken to the words:Freedom at the birth of a centuryOr May 1913Edwin and Edwina named after himOr on the eighth a sceneWhere law defendedBetween two arms extendedBelow the bar that bindsBeside the long palm’s shadowEmbedded in the sandWaits the Fair remunerationWhite house close at hand. Still to this day, there are treasure hunters dedicated to solving all 12 riddles. I’ve been making TV for 11 or 12 years now. .Click on the following links to take you to specific categories or postings on The Secret: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to The Secret Treasure Hunt, Believed General Locations of Buried Casques (State and City). Treasures have been found (in Chicago and Cleveland) and Josh teams up with one of the successful searchers to see if they can find one in St. Petersburg. The Secret: A Treasure Hunt Cleveland, OH, Image 4, Verse 4. But did you know that it’s where 51 million people call home as well? But there could still be one, maybe more, that could be physically found! Sounds easy. He meets with members of the book's cult following, who each think they're on the verge of finding one of the 10 remaining treasures. This FAQ is empty. Let’s meet The Explorers Club Discovery Grant awardees. Can Coach John Calipari Survive the Alaskan Frontier? I had read the 2006 "Secret" book and thought it was going io be about that. Beneath two countriesAs the road curvesIn a rectangular plotBeneath the tenth stoneFrom right to leftBeneath the ninth row from the topOf the wall including small bricksSeven steps up you can hopFrom the bottom levelSocrates, Pindar, ApellesFree speech, couplet, birchTo find casques destinationSeek the columnsFor the search. The Secret A Treasure Hunt. The treasure casques themselves are of incalculable value, never having been owned by man or woman." Preiss may have overestimated how complicated the riddles were. Earlier this year, the Kentucky Wildcats’ head coach claimed he had the chops to go off-grid, so the Kilchers quizzed him on his survival skills. For example, within image 4 (shown right), which was used to locate the Cleveland cask (along with verse 4), the numbers 1442 and 1881 are clearly visible. In 1982, author Byron Preiss published a puzzle book that combines 12 short poems and 12 elaborate paintings by renowned fantasy illustrator, John Jude Palencar. So I called him up immediately. It is known that Byron Preiss (author of hunt) once said he felt the treasures would have been found within months. [4] The Boston treasure box's recovery was filmed for Discovery Channel's television show Expedition Unknown and aired on Wednesday, October 30, 2019. Okay, onto the good stuff. On The Secret: “Like a lot of people, I heard about it third-hand somewhere. The puzzle-solver won’t say much other than that he believes he’s located one of the hidden treasures and has part of the box to prove it. All rights reserved. Together, the correct image and verse, provide clues to the exact location of the buried cask. For almost 40 years, The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, has taunted searchers. The Secret Treasure Hunt Explained for Beginners. It contained 12 paintings and 12 verses. Add the first question. Both the written and visual clues are cryptic to decipher. The tome by Bryon Preiss featured 12 puzzles for readers to solve so they can unearth forgotten goodies in parks around the country. Josh travels all over the US to find the treasures featured in The Secret, a cryptic book published in the 1980s. The above are ‘ideas’ based on sound reasoning and years of research. [6] [7], "Hidden treasure, a family's quest, and 'The Secret, "EPIC SEASON FINALE OF DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S 'EXPEDITION UNKNOWN' STARRING JOSH GATES UNCOVERS FAMED HIDDEN TREASURE", "Expedition Unknown: 'The Secret' Treasure Found in Boston", "Treasure Hunters May Be Closing In On Prize In Golden Gate Park", "S.F. Our interest was near the gate, coast line, and bench area. Not to be confused with the popular 2006 self-help book about using the laws of attraction, Expedition Unknown | The Return Of The Secret, Meet the First 6 Awardees of The Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grant Program, The AuthaGraph Is The World's Most Accurate Map, Exorcisms, the Ark of the Covenant, and Ethiopia: The Adventures of Justin Fornal, The House on the Rock Is the Tourist Trap to End All Tourist Traps, The Eight Faces Of The Great Pyramid Of Giza. Thank you for visiting. American Page / Japanese PageAcrostic: ITALIAN FENWAY. In the casques were keys that could be redeemed for a gem. Summaries will be shared about different believed locations in the coming months here. Preiss engaged the artist John Jude Palencar to create masterful paintings revealing what cities held the treasures. For almost 40 years, The Secret: A Treasure Hunt, has taunted searchers. Can You Name the New Seven Wonders of the World? Which makes him very dedicated. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

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