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It includes, among other bizarre artifacts and personalities, reportage on the dark journeys and impulses of the Manson family, a visit to a Black Panther Party press conference, the story of John Paul Getty's museum, a meditation on the romanc. The impression conveyed is one of a city and nation pervaded by paranoia and detachment. This Study Guide consists of approximately 39 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - This collection is a revealing narrative of events that occurred in the 1960's and 1970's. . Not in the most traditional sense (there is no talk of Star Trek), but she’s capable of relentlessly focusing on everything from California water systems and traffic control to biker movies and the design of shopping malls. Through all of these essays Didion also presents herself up for the examination of the reader in a uniquely post-modern style of her times. I was curious to read "The White Album" because I live in Los Angeles. And she is. [2] The opening sentence of this essay—"We tell ourselves stories in order to live"—would become one of Didion's best-known[3] sayings, and was used as the title of a 2006 collection of Didion's nonfiction. She does make everything she writes about as part of her character. With a simple repetition of "it was," she links ideas in one long sentence leaving the reader breathless: "It was Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger and John Densmore who made The Doors sound the way they sounded, and maybe it was Manzarek and Krieger and Densmore who made seventeen out of twenty interviewees on American Bandstand prefer The Doors over all other bands, but it was Morrison who got up there in his black vinyl pants with no underwear and projected the idea, and it was Morrison they were waiting for now." She writes about the events around the famous Manson family incidents, where a number of people followed the cult leader Charles Manson, who directed them to kill people. Explore the scintillating November 2020 issue of Commentary. “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”. Didion’s sense of structure is stunning. James A. Pike, late Episcopal bishop of California, rambled “through every charlatan thicket in American life, from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions to the Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies” before dying in the Jordanian desert. People did not want to drive in car pools, and as a result 25 per cent of the freeway surface was reserved for 3 per cent of the cars, all at the price of a sharp increase in auto accidents. Didion captures the essence quite well, but it doesn't explain why one would feel dread. Refresh and try again. In the third part, “Women,” Didion praises Georgia O’Keeffe but attacks Doris Lessing for her “torrent of fiction that increasingly seems conceived in a stubborn rage against the very idea of fiction.” In “The Women’s Movement” (1972), Didion takes on a bigger target by claiming that American feminism is essentially a kind of Marxism mixed oddly with New England transcendentalism, that feminist criticism fails because fiction is “in most ways hostile to ideology,” and that many feminists seem averse to “adult sexual life itself” and would prefer “to stay forever children.”. The book is composed of selected pieces of her essays and articles published at that time, and examines the themes of the American Dream, Celebrity, and the chaos of the Sixties in general. It's hinted at but not fully explained. But that doesn’t mean that the examples given are equally vague. The answer cannot be that Miss Didion shuns political subjects. To see what your friends thought of this book. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. Perhaps she is so widely admired because, though she treats of political subjects, she bases her judgments on nonpolitical grounds. This is my first Joan Didion book, and for me, it's a hit and miss. All of these essays, directly or indirectly, ask the question 'What is Wrong With Society?' The language is not formal–a mixture of colloquial turns of phrase and unusual vocabulary. I deeply enjoyed Didion's writing style and liked her reflections. I didn’t love these essays until about the midpoint, “The Women’s Movement”, a devastatingly good piece about the watering-down of feminism in mid-century America, about the heartbreaking shift of a vitally important revolutionary movement as it lost touch with its ideological base and became ever more a vehicle appropriated by a leisure class, its goals moving away from seeking the possibility for an individual to create their own unique destiny unfettered by traditional obstacles and bias, and. Beneath these rival adult camps are various kinds of children who have either denied the need to choose sides or who missed their opportunity to do so. It is divided into five Parts, the first self-titled "The White Album" ranging through 'The Californian Republic', the 'Women's Movement', 'Sojourns' and finally 'The Morning After The Sixties.' interspersed with some gems. This Study Guide consists of approximately 39 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The White Album. [4], In this essay Didion recalls James Pike, the charismatic and controversial fifth Episcopalian Bishop of California at once eulogizing and raising questions about his legacy, unpacking the ways in which the remarkably diversity of accomplishments and passions are riddled with contradictions in a manner that makes his character, in some way, a microcosm for the psychology of the state where he was made bishop. "[Driving on the freeway is] the only secular communion Los Angeles has. Didion deplores the decline in American language usage and level of education without carrying on, seemingly simply observing. (How annoying, my need to drone on about it. The White Album is a 1979 book of essays by Joan Didion. Her range of topics for commentary is broad and kaleidoscopic, ranging among adaptations to migraine headaches, California water management, LA traffic management, biker movies, Charles Manson, Doris Lessing, and Georgia O'Keefe. She quotes a film producer: "How can anyone protest a book that has withstood the critical test of time since last October?" And it was. The result is a volatile, occasionally brilliant, distinctly female contribution to the new New Journalism, diffident and imperious by turns, intimate yet categorical, self-effacingly listless and at the same time often subtly self-serving. 0 likes. On a book tour she gives a series of radio interviews, in the course of which she is often asked where America is heading. She describes riveting details of the decor of both, taking a strong stance against the bland banality of the decorating style of the Reagans’ residence. I apologize! With a title echoing the unofficial title of an album that the Beatles recorded in 1968, The White Album comprises mainly essays previously published in some form in various magazines, with each essay showing Didion’s insight, precise diction, and ability to create powerful images. I didn't love the book at first, but after a couple of essays, Didion's quiet style started to grow on me. I started reading this book after joining a Facebook group that set out to read all of the 10 books Greta Gerwig mentions in a Vulture article as her “desert island books.”. These essays do not provide answers to the questions raised by the Sixties, but they do paint a picture of those times, and of the sorts of people who lived there. Martin Amis wrote critically of the book: [Didion] stands revealed, in The White Album, as a human being who has managed to gouge another book out of herself, rather than as a writer who gets her living done on the side, or between the lines. It consists of 20 essays arranged in five sections, including one about California phenomena, one about women, a third entitled "Sojourns" ranging from a shopping mall to Hollywood to the author’s all too frequent migraine headaches.

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