titan accessories on rogue rack

I have a Fitness Gear rack, from Dick’s. One of the things I was most hopeful for when Titan began producing more accessories was compatibility with Rogue racks. The 5/8" hardware also provides maximum security, even when the rack is completely maxed out. This article was originally posted in Which TITAN bench to get? The j-cups that come with the T-3, outside of the brace being on the same side, are high quality with replaceable UHMW plastic inserts. I started seeing Titan Racks being talked about a little over a year ago and the question that always came up was, "how can they sell these racks for so cheap? I don’t wanna throw the whole rack away just for jammer arms! But there is enough ply in the wall connectors to the arms to go up and down, so when folding the rack in, I just have to pick them up a little off the floor and fold them in. Follow the links for details. Using bands is difficult, forget. I'll start looking at the overall rack and then zoom into some of the details. Several attachments are available – I’ll create a list if I find another brand that these fit. The Rogue R-3 features 2x3" 11-gauge steel uprights that are 90" tall with 5/8" holes. The rack’s hole spacing does not matter, as the bottom part of the attachment simply rests against wherever the lower safety bar is. im guessing they are 95-96 inch tall now and you could just move the rear cross member down a little bit if they rear stabilizer holes match up, sounds doable. Can you confirm? I will update when it all arrives. Slaters Hardware, Let me know how well the gel works! And that's exactly what they've done with the Titan T-3 Power Rack. If you're looking for a power rack for your own personal use, these are more than capable of taking the beating that you'll throw at them. 11-Gauge Steel Uprights, This is a sturdy bench for anyone who is big and serious about their bench press. If I had a second muscle man on hand to lift and move, it would have been easier. August 2020 Update: This guide used to denote the hole size in the uprights. ", And I've wondered too. I saw one comments of people adding Titan plate storage racks to an RML-490C. This makes training for competition easier as you do not have to go one inch left, right, forward, and backward each time you want to bench heavy. Hole spacing is 3 inches. Currently only the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial rack fits this spec. This is a great list and saves us the time from guessing/asking everyone for experiences. Although the Rogue R-3 and Titan T-3 power racks look-alike, they are different. I’ll see about adding a more prominent note in the article about it, but it’s unlikely for anything to be compatible across brands that requires a certain height for the holes, even for racks that look like clones at first glance. Hope those for the interior depth between the uprights. Is that incorrect? I’d like to add some front extensions to the bottom my power rack for stability to allow for some work in front of the rack. Thanks again. I believe that rack was discontinued years ago. I have changed everything to the hardware size, which is always a little smaller than the hole size. Titan also uses metric spacing between holes, 50mm/1.98″ instead of 2″. One of the features of the Rogue R-3 Rack that increases its sturdiness is that its uprights are welded together using 2x3" 11-gauge steel cross-members. I am just trying to add 2 more uprights to make a 6 post rack. Oh, they're also much cheaper (like half the price cheaper.). Looking at the stat sheet for the Titan T-3, it appears that there really isn't much difference between it and the Rogue R-3. If minor details like the appearance of the welds on the rack annoy you, then Titan probably isn't a company you'd buy equipment from anyways. Will the Titan Series 24” tentension kit work in order to morph a 6 post rack? Currently have a Rogue RM3 and have acquired more space. Titan Fitness over the past year has introduced their line of power racks (most notably, the Titan T-3) that are in many respects duplicates of the popular Rogue Racks, except for things I'll detail in this review. Read More, The Adidas Adipowers and Nike Romaleos 2 are the most popular weightlifting shoes currently available. When extended, one side is of course not flush with the ground because of the slow, but I just have a couple of wood shims I put under the post. Rather than being connected like Rogue has done, Titan decided to keep them separate adding stability to the rack and allowing for two people to do pull-ups at the same time. But again, there's a reason they're able to keep their costs so low. Here's what mine looks like when it's decked out: Titan Fitness kind of came out of nowhere and had really begun catching the attention of many home gym owners. Just want to confirm before I purchase. Read More, The Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box from 8th Day Performance is one of the best overall plyo boxes available today. The question you need to ask yourself is, how much does that matter to you? Also, RML channel storage pair works perfectly on PR-4000 a well. Lined right up. Like any of Rep’s attachments that use 2 holes, with a peg and a locking pin, they are made for metric hole spacing and won’t line up on Rogue Monster Lite racks’ 2″ hole spacing but will otherwise fit. This article was originally posted in Which TITAN bench to get? Consider for something like that the hole spacing, hole position, and height all have to be identical or it’s not going to fit, and it’s not, because Titan uses metric spacing. I want plate storage and the drop in reverse hyper. What attachments would fit a bridge built rack with 3×3 uprights? 3x3 Steel Tube: used for Rogue Monster Lite series and the new Titan X-3. However, i used a smaller bolt and it worked, but its not as stable. I would like to end with what I truly believe: The Titan T-3 is the best value power rack available today, and nothing comes even close! Are any of the accessories listed above compatible with the Ethos Power Rack? © 2020 Titan Manufacturing and Distributing INC. All Rights Reserved. As this is a TITAN product that is retrofitted into their racks after they have been delivered it is ver likely that some things ill not align smoothly. I have a sloped garage floor, as everyone does. I also so a guy on Youtube do it. I've written an exhaustively detailed article on both racks, but now you have to decide which is best for you. 2x3 Steel Tube: used for Rogue Infinity series and Titan T-3 and T-6. The first con is the price. BOS has a couple pics at the below link where you can see their straps used this way, but between the two I’d trust the Spud straps a little more because Spud has been sewing all kinds of straps like this for years and has a solid reputation for them. 2×3 with 5/8″ hardware is next best. Shop accessories to protect, customize and organize your Nissan Titan today. AND, you can use a drill and a step bit ($6.99) to enlarge all the holes on your Rogue rack by 5/100" of an inch, and everything will fit. i had to cut my rogue uprights a few inches because i failed to measure my garage ceiling prior to purchase. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Powerline PPR200X / PPR500, Best Fitness BFPR100, Valor BD-7 / BD-33, Amstaff DF1161A / TP006D, Rep Fitness PR-1000 / PR-1050 / PR-1100, Fringe Squat Cage, Legend Fitness Varsity Series, Get Rx’d Pro Power Cage, Vanswe Power Rack, TDS 1000lb Power Squat Rack, Fitness Reality 810XLT, Titan Fitness T-2*. Thanks for the resource its super helpful. If you haven’t heard of Bolt it’s a new Houston Tx based company but I have their rack and a bunch of their stuff. Anyone know if Rogue monster crossmembers holes will align with monster lite upright holes? This article was originally posted in, This is an overview of the TITAN Drop-in rack bench  including pros, cons, and alternatives. The model number on it is STE00500. https://www.fitnessreality.com/accessories.html. Hands-On Reviews Highly unlikely that the extension kit would fit. Again, this does not affect the rack's performance, but it is a minor annoyance, especially for the OCD side of me. I've owned or used just about every rack Rogue makes. Has anyone tried to see if the Titan Fitness accessories (which are much, much cheaper) work for the Rogue rack? I’m going to combine those two tables into one shortly. I bought a Ethos 1.0 power rack can you suggest any type or brand of lat pulldown attachment that would be compatible to go with my rack. Titan is too short. So, not much of a reply, but I'd guess it's related to running tight margins, having good relationships with overseas manufacturing plants, and skimping on some features that could be viewed as "non-essential.". In case it helps anyone installing one of these things without the stringers (I didn’t see them necessary), I just basically set up the whole system including my wood stringers on the garage floor, measured everything out, tightened everything down, etc., then picked it up and put it in place against the wall, shimmed up the one side and leveled it, and screwed it in to all the studs, etc. The Rogue Range of bikes offer riders of all levels a lightweight bike with quality spec’d components. You get a hold of a great power rack or squat rack, but then you find out that the company doesn’t make the attachments / accessories that you want. So just throw the one you wanted to upholster again out and replace it with this. The last part of using Rogue equipment that is a significant benefit, although costly, is the available accessories. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(407947, 'a9c5c5bc-b8f0-4121-87e6-079db5dbc44f', {}); The Rogue Monster Utility bench comes in at $265 and is a great addition to your existing gym to widen the possible exercises you can do. Once installed, the rack can not be used for squats, deadlifts, or most other exercises anymore. It is 2×2 with 3/4″ hardware. Yes, the Titan X-3 attachments fit the PR-4000. Any thoughts if any attachments would be compatible with the rack? It’s 3×3 hardware, but I’d like to know if I could use their attachments for my PR5000. Sure, there are bigger, beefier racks; but for the most part, they're unnecessary. FREE SHIPPING, NO MINIMUM. I purchased the RML-690C after being enamored by its beautiful blue color (I also got a killer deal on it.) Their attachments are generally made large enough that they are compatible with 2×2 tubing. Titan T-3 accessories will fit perfectly on a Bolt 2×3 rack. In fact, one could argue, and I will argue that Titan Fitness is trying to fill a need in the industry and that is slightly cheaper made racks, for a whole lot less money. Bolt also makes a 3×3 and those attachments I’m sure will fit other 3×3 racks and vise versa. Compared to other products in the market, you will pay about half for the TITAN products.

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