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We laid back in bed, awake for hours just waiting for something else to happen, but nothing did.. and aside from waking up in the morning with the lights on a few times over the next couple weeks, there was no trace of this “ghost” ever again. We lost her mother, my grandma, just a few months ago, and in her 20s she lost her long-term boyfriend Brett. Essentially, Nova's cold combined with her asthma triggered violent coughing, which burst part of her left and right lungs - the air from her lungs escaped into her chest cavity and started pooling between her wind-pipe and the skin in her neck (compressing her airways and causing breathing problems). Ever since Tom was a kid, he was passionate and interested in rapping and music. The boy spoked first. We creep down the hallway and reach the main room. Being an Independent rapper vs. a Major label artist. Almost transparent. In the last 6 months Tom and I have only left the house a handful of times and pretty much all of my social interactions have been with the Kardashians. I’m not sure if I ever felt so helpless. And this time…when we crossed the traintracks and hiked up the hill, we turned around when we got to the top and looked back down on the town in valley.And guess what? There’s no windows. I was informed that denying a patient care because of their insurance status was illegal. I’m going to hand the keyboard over to Tom for a second so he can tell you his story. I just don’t fuckin like him so I was going to let him leave it behind.”Somehow I managed to let out a muffled laugh. Tom MacDonald is organizing this fundraiser. We walk over and Olivier kneels down to pick it up.“Great” I say, “Lets get the fuck out of here.”With the light in our possession, we turn and start heading back down the hallway towards the door. He just looked at me and did one of those full-teeth smiles that you can’t help but make before doing something incredibly stupid. “Where are we?” I snapped while gasping for breathe.“I don’t know.” Said Olivier, barely able to speak.I took by hands off my knees and pointed the flash light back towards where we’d ran from. Aside from a traffic jam on the highway, it was a rather long and uneventful drive. As clear as day I saw this figure that stood a little over 6’ tall, from about 10 feet away and if it knew i was there it didn’t acknowledge me, it just walked through the room.WHAT THE FUCK? That’s also when I found out those underground tunnels were to move the bodies of the deceased and sick to the laboratory or the morgue in secret without upsetting the rest of the town. There’s NOTHING in this room. The tiny communities dotting the edges of the asphalt were swallowed up as the suffocating Canadian wilderness closed-in all around us. Thats when I found out it was a town for people with Tuberculosis to live out their final days. [Tom MacDonald & Nova Rockafeller:] I'm finally someone that I know again I started climbin' out the hole I'm in Fightin' demons that I know I'll win It's time for me to mend these broken wings Life has been hard I know it gets better This is a war that I'll fight forever Whoa-ayy-oh-ayy-oh Whoa-ayy-oh-ayy-oh I have my scars I'll always remember Another big metal door 6 feet away. The car DIED and they had to have a mechanic come help them out at like 3am. I saw him put it down there and I knew he didn’t pick it back up. A creepy abandon town in the middle of nowhere with an underground mad scientist lab in the mother fucking dark, son. Anyway, we didn’t know any of that. They sat all in a row, JUST on the outskirts of town. On our way back to the surface we pass more doors and as we pass, I push them open. But…THIS IS WHERE THE REALLY HAUNTED SHIT STARTS.We finish the shoot, pack up the gear, hike up the hill, sneak through the trees, go around the gate and end up back at the car. (Tom is the little spoon if anyone is wondering). I’m skeptical by nature and I would never trust a ouija board - however, I would kick someone out for bringing one to my house. I jumped in and slammed the door.“Drive” I said.“What happ-“ started the director.“Fucking drive!” I shouted, “Now!”. I had to constantly be on top of her medication (cough medicine, Ativan, painkillers, upset stomach meds, etc.) This cool musician originating from Vancouver, Canada has a athletic body & long face type. We go up the concrete stairs and gently push open the old, creaky, wooden door then go inside. There was 3 of us. We’re lost. Same windows. But I’m STILL not fucking going.“Well, I don’t give a shit about this stupid fucking game.” I say, “I’m still not going back.”. If you can lend any help at all - it would be greatly appreciated and definitely won't go unnoiticed. After several trips to various clinics, a multitude of steroid injections/breathing treatments and a trip to the Emergency Room - nothing seemed to be helping. These 10 Whopping Homes & Cars Of Celebrities Look Amazing! As we drew closer and closer to Tranquille, things got more and more desolate. Luckily, Nova's condition seemed to be improving. I lose. He started dating Nova Rockafeller in … The specialsit told us that he was going to do a final CAT scan and if it showed little or no improvement - they would have to do surgery. We were simply told to "hang in there".On the evening of Sunday the 10th, I was cooking us dinner at our home. We cant see ten feet in-front of our faces without that light. She was rushed into the main emergency room and given a CAT scan. We barreled through the trees, around the gate and over to the car. I’m not gonna give anymore details. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are ok with it. It was built in the 1900’s - in the middle of nowhere - to home Canadians with Tuberculosis (TB). GHOST ADVENTURES. A shadow. Thats easy. They informed us that they wanted to observe her for one more night. Now, Im not exactly sure how to explain this. More basements of more buildings. This apartment was 50 steps from an infamous abandoned hospital in Edmonton, the Charles Camsell. And with that, Olivier turns and walks off into the dark. While Thomas had my computer I received a couple texts back. Learn more. I put my foot on his ass and shoved him into the back seat. A FUCKING LABYRINTH OF CONCRETE HALLWAYS. You know when you feeling like something is watching you? I shine the light up on the wall to our left as we enter “Please Burn Me Down” is spray painted in black across the wall above a grand old fireplace. That’s when Olivier had about enough of this situation and says “Fuck it, I’ll go get it. She had to choose. The musician his starsign is Virgo and he is now 32 years of age. There were doorways on each of the three walls. Trippy. And what, It’s no secret Hollywood, or acting in big movies in general, pays well. In perfect synchronization, all those things happened…and when we peered into the the padded room on our right - there it was. Sidenote: My dad was staying with us when it happened, who also texted me back…. Except this wasn’t a person. Two teenaged kids. Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988, in Canada. Except something was watching us. A big metal one. They told us that the were going to transfer us to a new hospital. There wasn’t one person in that school who didn’t know my name, there were always rumors and I just felt like a spectacle. Tom MacDonald is single. Im actually going to call him today and read this to him just to make sure I haven’t left anything out. It seemed like, with the exception of three heavily dilapidated houses, time had spared the city from the deterioration you’d expect. Her and her friends had gone there late one night to attempt to break in and check the place out. I was seventeen and sitting with my back to the wall, talking on the phone to one of my friends, in the living room of the two bedroom apartment my mom rented when she moved back to Canada from Jamaica. That thing in the corner of our eye became the only thing we could see. Every dude who touch the Hoover a booty getting me to what you expect from the … Remember those kids I mentioned at the beginning of the story? But, the thing about guys is - not one of us will admit to the others that we’re scared. I squeeze past Olivier and the director and creep up to the door. These Are The 15 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of Hollywood! Tom MacDonald Overview. What we found were just more concrete hallways. It’s as white and blank on the inside as it is on the out…with one exception - a staircase.I’d be lying If I said we weren’t scared. Aesthetically, the town was in surprisingly good shape. Of course I fucking loose. In. “Well, Im not going back.” I say.“Im not going back either.” Says Olivier.“Well, someone has to go back”, says the director, “I need that light. Now, what happens next is probably the most horrendous thing that I’ve ever witnessed in my life. If paid in the next 7 days, the price goes down to $5000. On top of these two bills, Nova was given an Emergency Room bill for our initial visit when she was mis-diagnosed and sent home. WHAT THE FUCK? It literally flickers once or twice and then…nothing. The day’s lessons were still scribbled in chalk on the blackboards. The streetlights gave way to giant pine-trees. The paved roads turned to gravel and eventually to dirt. The hallways is lined with doors on each side. “Have you ever seen a ghost?”. I can’t let him go back by himself. Things started getting weird.

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