tool aenima lyrics meaning

Because I'm praying for rain Thanks for reading! Almost everyone goes through that I'm-fat-and-everyone's-skinnier-than-me phase. Bullshit three ring circus sideshow of Song meanings ©2003-2020 They lie and binge and purge because they are insecure, but if they could only stop and think, they would realize that we are all imperfect, and that is the only perfect part about us. Lovecraft. This is simply about how many famous idols are basically criminals in the band's eyes, and how the narrator wants to "suck it down, flush it down." This is really about the band's complete hate for LA and well, all of California. The big festering neon distraction is resembling the average popular teen idol. Hicks died of cancer in 1994. Freaks One line that always gets me in this song is "Fuck your short memories". Now, he's trying to persuade others to see his point of view. I, TOO, AM PRAYING FOR RAIN, TIDAL WAVES, AND COMETS. It really means where celebrities aren't doing their job as well as they could, people are just hiring random, talentless people who can't do their job as well as others. Just trying to fit in, wear the rapper-clone clothes (baggy pants, rolled up T-shirts, golden chains, etc.). Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona Bay I want to see the ground give way that could be true but i interprete it to be going into the bible ( i am not religious) when god sends the flood to get rid of the evil in the world and i think that he says that hes praying for tidal waves etc for that same reason. My take o0n the song is that it is literal. Learn to swim. But in a small country town, there could be so many things to do, so many unique parades that nowhere else celebrates. A bunch of happy individuals who don't care what others have, because they are personally fulfilled. Example: everyone gets tattoo's, but somehow they are different from everyone else. He is saying it is a foolish atmosphere and bullshit (false/fake). Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. The song and its album has strong emotional ties to Bill Hicks (Comedian) they make a reference to Hick's sketch "Arizona bay" who also disliked L.A and have said they dedicate this to him as they both had ideas that influenced them in creating the album "Aenima". Look into his writings/stories/philosophes, you will find some very striking similarities between his Ideals and the lyrics of this song. You, too, are human, even if you were shot 9 times and you survived... Fuck retro anything because if you are trying to be something or someone from the past, you are not being yourself. "Anima" has nothing to do water or washing except as a pun. It’s super easy, we promise! This is just my personal beliefs in interpretations. Well, everyone is trying to beat the other, trying to be the same as the other. Time to bring it down again California has fault lines, he wants the state I the water. Enema refers to the process that involves flushing out the waste from a person’s intestines. Arizona Bay? celebrities and fashion and what's cool. It would take something like a major disaster hitting that spot to shake people up enough to break them away from this type of mindset. L.A., Los Angeles..what could be wrong with such a famous city? (function() { That Zag can pull those meanings from the song is interesting and demonstrates the power of art: we will each take something different, and there is little to argue with. This is about Aenima, and I take it as a literal enema, cleaning the rectum of America, California. In other words, they're both equal. artist: "Tool", This song is about the cleansing of the inner-self of the superficial, of egotism, Mynard (Singer) trying to imply that people have become fake or society has become fake and its time to "wash away" all of the fakes and repeats the line "learn to swim" as a metaphor to become better, to ridden yourself with vanity, "he's praying for tidal waves" meaning hoping for change, seeming to point to where the centre of corruption is he mentions Los Angeles but uses this as a conceptual song. It pertains to the Latin word “Anima,” which means “soul,” and the other word, “enema,” which is a medical term. Fuck your tattoos This could also mean that a bunch of celebrities and whatnot perform there because it's filled with stages or whatever. I think many of you are right on, but here is my humble opinion... Maynard (I think) is saying that we need to find ourselves. It seems to me that this line is meant to stand alone. #file_links[D:\keywords13.txt,1,S] {Then there is|Then there's|As there are|Plus there is|There is} {the one who|the one that|the individual that|the individual who} {has|offers|provides|features|possesses|has got|includes|contains|seems to have|comes with|ca. So here's the deal, I know this personally. He hopes for rain, or destruction among all he despises mentioned in this song. You have emotions just like the rest of us. I'm just going to guess that it's the same thing with the L.A. bit. Welcome any change, my friend Watch you flush it all away Los Angeles is just one of those spots where this type of thinking tends to be more prevalent. They may not have forty-six & 2 billion dollars, but they can swim without it, they can survive and be themselves and be... okay. implode, edited by quetzalmex, mjoa, travisbr, Ænema Lyrics as written by Daniel Carey Justin Gunner Chancellor. Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and Use other invasive drugs, occurs for relieving.

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