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Never mind that Mike, Trevor and I used to literally air drum the entire Reign In Blood album in unison! The band’s third and latest album, Skeletons, shifts the balance firmly in the opposite direction. But knowing that we should always trust Petty’s artistic vision is, nevertheless, one of the foremost takeaways from the sprawling five-CD expanded Wildflowers & All The Rest, an immaculately curated version of Petty’s original plan to make a double album (an idea that his label, Warner Bros, shot down for a variety of reasons), plus several extra albums’ worth of outtakes, live performances, and home recordings. But in that company, with that insane pedigree of band, and the killer-est opening bands you could ever, ever ask for, plus the energy from the surprised and very supportive crowd, it was the best possible way to start down the path of that new ‘job title’! & Matt was drinking the collaborative NEIPA by BreWskey - Pub & Taproom & Emporium Microbrasserie called "Hopburglar". TS: I mean, they inspired us, so their creative input has already been embedded everywhere in this music! TD: I forget how that came up, probably as a joke, and a concurrent one with the joke of American politics. The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo is a re-recording of the band’s first ever 1986 demo of the same name – a scratchy, four-track cassette of thrash metal songs that they wrote as teenagers, and recorded in the garage of their then-drummer Jed Watts, with any mistakes patched over with an overdub of one of Mike Patton’s screams. ", Guitarist reveals Bay Area crew's incendiary influence, How stoner buddies Killer Mike and El-P became accidental heroes, "It was the end of everything in a lot of ways — certainly that era of Possessed", "This album isn't a collaboration. Trey and I re-demoed the songs so that Dave and Scott wouldn’t have to sift through that hiss fest. Many people ask about the amount of money Trey Spruance makes from Instagram. Eracist 8. To find out more, click here. but then we left this guy holding the bag. But the root was solid, and the logic of those songs, and the spirit of that beginning, was what always held things together. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Depending on how big a fan you are of the Eureka-born band Mr. Bungle, maybe 2020 is balancing out. TS: Lombardo is just such a great musician. These are songs that demand real-world action; perhaps Springsteen doesn’t believe he can leave everything up to the power of prayer. According to internet, Trey Spruance's height is 1.75m. Log into your account. According to wikipedia, Trey Spruance was born on August 15, 1990. & Matt enjoyed specially selected beers for each of the other Cryptopsy vocalists. This Hazy IPA was brews with wheat flakes, Citra & Cryo Citra hops. This Czech inspired Pilsner was crisp, had a prefect malt bite & was undeniably refreshing. WHEN WE SPOKE JUST BEFORE THE PANDEMIC LOCKDOWN, YOU SAID THAT YOU DIDN'T SEE AN ALBUM OF NEW MR. BUNGLE MATERIAL IN THE NEAR FUTURE. TD: We were just starting to make some plans for shows toward the end of 2020 and possibly beyond. It clocked in with a 5.7% ABV. He is also leader of the multi-genre outfit Secret Chiefs 3. Welcome! It was really fun to play a set of music that is so intense and relentless and particularly physical. Heavy Montreal is Montreal's premier metal promoter. Smith wanted to call it To Die For, but changed the title because it seemed insensitive during the pandemic. Visit, Mattias Lindeblad & Martin Brändström of Dark Tranquillity (Bandbond), A conversation about coping with 2020, the soundtrack to their youths, their 1st shows, the Swedish Metal Scene, their app Bandbond, making it profitable, if they would ever sell it to Facebook, releasing a record during a Pandemic, bands touring now & their hangover cure. (on the deep-grooved “Smile”), as well as Ella Mai, Skepta, and Damian Marley. That thing is going to slay pretty hard! Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. — D. Schwartz, The burst of creativity from John Darnielle, the word-swilling frontman and piercing singer-songwriter behind the North Carolina-based Mountain Goats, has not receded one bit in recent years. Mr. Bungle thrash songs were the first time they'd ever written music together. CAN YOU ELABORATE ON THAT? Our picks for October include Bruce Springsteen’s first new album with the E Street Band in six years, the highly anticipated debut from K-pop group Blackpink, and a new archive release from Joni Mitchell. The Superdeluxe and Krasnoyarsk arrangements are just two versions of Secret Chief 3's performing "Danse Macabre,” originally a famous classical composition. But it worked, and he’s been a friend and colleague ever since, not just our favourite metal drummer of all time. — J. Bernstein, 1987’s Pleased to Meet Me was the sound of the Replacements trying for once. [Laughs] That took it up a notch or two. Unlike the skeletal meandering of her last solo album, 2018’s Abysskiss, which contained a haunting, if occasionally closed off, beauty, Lenker’s latest is a razor-focused collection, unsparing in its naked vulnerability and unceasing in its steady supply of her trademark sing-song nursery rhyme schemes. — K. Grow, With Savage Mode II, 21 and Metro have created a near-perfect sequel that revisits the moods of its predecessor while simultaneously carving out its own distinctive identity as tribute to the music they grew up on. A Non-Alcoholic IPA that was brewed in collaboration with Lamb Of God. We know Dave as a prince and champion of all things good. TS: Standing on the stage at the first show realizing I'd never once in my life played a full on, 70 minutes of thrash/death speed-picking metal guitar. Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle & Secret Chiefs 3) A conversation about how he has been coping with 2020, Youri Raymond, the soundtrack to his youth, his first shows, playing Montreal, working on Imperial Triumphant's "Alphaville", the return of Mr. Bungle, Web of Mimicry & his hangover cure. I am truly honored & extremely excited to have them involved in the podcast. If you can believe this, Eureka High School was pretty fucking cool, because they had a music theory class—and I think that's where I met Trevor. But by the time the five-disc box wraps up, Mitchell is singing her own words–waxing philosophical, sifting through her neuroses and analyzing the end of her first marriage — and using unconventional tunings that lend her guitar its distinctive wide-screen sound, its rustling-leaves beauty. Trey Spruance: There was no talk of getting Mr. Bungle back together, ever, in almost 20 years. 21 Savage, Adrianne Lenker, Ariana Grande, Beabadoobee, Blackpink, Brothers Osborne, Bruce Springsteen, Gorillaz, Jeff Tweedy, Joni Mitchell, Loma, Low Cut Connie, Machine Gun Kelly, Maggie Roche, Matt Berninger, Metro Boomin, monthly album roundup, Mountain Goats, Sam Smith, The Replacements, Tom Petty, Ty Dolla $ign, WizKid. It was creamy, fruity, mildly sour & absolutely fantastic!!! Bungle Grind 6.

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