tung oil pine

Your final coat(s) of Tung oil should be applied full strength. Removing it is really hard. You don’t notice the dog hair and foot prints like you may on shinier floors. Like all oils, Tung oil is flexible so it moves easily with woods natural seasonal expansion and contraction. Fixing Polyurethane Bubble, Puddles, Runs and Brush Marks. For pine wood, wait 4 to 5 days before applying Shellac or oil-based finishes over wood treated with Danish oil. Pure Tung oil gives off a deep, rich, matte-like finish. Surface Coatings (polyurethane, lacquer and shellac) lay on the surface of the wood. I’m restoring my 120 yr old pine floor and only using pure Tung oil on it. You sand between coats not for grain raise but for better adhesion. Pure tung oil is easy to identify because it contains no solvents. If you are not using stain just applying either tung or linseed oil you don’t need a pre-stain conditioner. The less viscid (thinner) the oil the easier and consequently deeper the wood absorbs that liquid. Not sure the condition of your deck but it needs to be clean and should be free of old finishes. Unlike other finishes, it is not a film-type which means it dries and harden in (not on) the wood. Most oils are water resistant, tung oil is water repellent!! Do you think we would still need to wait 30 days for it to cure? I used a quality paint respirator in january. I love the color. This is a factor based on temperature, humidity and thickness of the coat. There are a number of products out there Waterlox Pure Tung Oil is a good choice that’s readily available. x 20 in. They all share the benefits that tung oil imparts to a finish—durability, water resistance, resilient hardness, and color stability—depending on how much of the oil … Rushing the process, or applying too thick a coat, causes wrinkling, which has to be sanded off. Thank you so much for your prompt and very helpful responses. I would scuff up the bowls with a few grades of steel wool (coarser to finer) and see if the wool clogs with wax then try applying pure polymerized tung oil on the bottom of one of your bowls to see if it absorbs. After discussing this with a few of my woodworking friends it seems you have a slight problem here. Tung oil will require a minimum of 5-8 coats with many woodworkers moving well into the teens. If properly sealed Tung Oil will probably outlast you me and our kids (I’m old, so maybe even my grandkids)! Already finished 5 coats, gradually lessening the amount of mineral spirits. The floors came out great! But you really have to be sure that you want an oil finish. The problem with this is I wouldn’t use any of the chemicals on food bowls (if infact they for food). GizmoPlans.com LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, Print on Wood DIY (10 Unique Methods and Ideas). . DH (and MIL, whom I love) think that this will be better in terms of not highlighting the difference between the two batches of wood we've mixed for the floor (they are both old, but one is reclaimed from rafters and darker, and narrower, and the other was just sitting around as boards in a barn for 50 years, lighter and wider). Since Danish oil is a penetrating (not surface) oil finish, it will darken wood (including pine) a bit. Would anyone care to update this thread with their pine floor refinishing experiences, having used tung oil or not? As a bonus – the yellow pine planks have beautiful grain and color variety. What are your thoughts? This makes it an excellent finishing choice for softwoods, such as pine. You can use a spray bottle or a wet rag to moisten (not soak) the surface. Sorry off-topic and rambling. Here is a step by step guide to applying Tung Oil the right way. Unlike most other oils and top coats in its pure form it contains no harmful VOC’s or other chemicals. So does anyone have any pictures or comments on their Waterlox finished floors? Also, any brand recommendations for a 100% oil product? Wish I would have found this sooner. Her floors are gorgeous as mine are too. Wax can be dissolved in a few chemicals the most common and readily available (depending on newer state eco laws) is turpentine. ), Do you want a shiny finish? The “drip” occured when I was doing the first coat on what I plan to use as the bottom of the desk top and edges. Perhaps the wood grain changes within the wood itself. These countertop materials look great with little effort, Save valuable elbow grease and time with these ideas for easy-to-maintain cabinets, Turf isn't the only ground cover in town. No problems at all and the finish is gorgeous! Danish is hard-drying, meaning it can polymerize into a solid form when it comes in contact with oxygen or air. Wood oil isn't a surface treatment; it soaks into wood and becomes part of it. Thinning helps. For the record I have laid yellow/heart pine and used poly to finish, I laid 900sq' of eastern white pine and covered with Waterlox. Sanding Efficiently At this point I might try following the thinning steps and see if the wood takes it. Anything I should know? – My YouTube Library: Chemical Strippers vs Heat Gun The top looks good but the legs look they have a crust and you can scrap them with your nail. Glad you asked. Based on that we are going to shoot to get the oil as deep as possible into the woods underlying fibrous layers. The floor butts up against the carrera tiles in the bathroom and I have gold fixtures. In the rest of the house (all bathrooms and laundry room are tiled) I just dust mop and occasionally use a damp mop on those floors. Thank you! Tung oil comes from the seeds of the nuts from the Chinese Tung tree, so if you have a nut or seed allergy proceed with caution, it may not be the best choice for surfaces or utensils that will be in direct contact with food. Some furniture polishes contain silicone which is virtually impossible to remove from a surface. . The big debate. I love the natural look of these floors and the natural ingredients used on them. (Nope. I will post a picture of my Waterlox samples on red and white oak when I get the last two satin coats finished and dryed next week. 4. best . That may be a good thing in terms of limiting your exposure to VOCs, but applying it is an exacting, drawn-out process. For this reason, I don’t recommend it for cutting boards, wooden utensils and wooden serving dishes and bowls. Older and reclaimed woods will suck it up like a camel in the dessert. This will also be a wife test!! One of the toughest problems is a bad stain job. I would not call my end results worthy of repeating, but adding your initial coats and allowing it to dry is what I needed for my next project. The steps to finishing pine wood with Danish oil can be done in one or two ways as follows: Sand the pine wood with 80-grit sandpaper working in a circular motion. best . Not sure if it's true, just what he told us. Pure Tung Oil enhances wood by accentuating its grain and adding depth to its patterns. As far as smells are concerned I personally don’t think they’re as bad a s urethanes but I’m not overly sensitive. Danish oil provides a durable finish for pine wood furniture, flooring, panelling, framing and cabinetry and provides superior protection from warping, rotting and other forms of moisture damage. Think of prepping wood for finishing like getting a haircut. It can be easily mixed with other oil-based pigments to create wood stain with a smooth, satin finish. The wide pine … Watch for the next couple hours and if any excess oil has bubbled to the surface wipe it off. Helpful stuff! Here are some photos.

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