vampirina bridget age

"Going Batty" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Poltergeist Pat Grimka Butterfly Version, The Little Mer-Einstein 2: Return to the Sea, ViviAnn Yee, Briana (mother)Gladys (aunt)Molly (great great-grandmother), Poppy PeeplesonEdgar PeeplesonOxana HauntleyBoris HauntleyNanpireDemi HauntleyGregoriaWolfie HauntleyPenelopeChef Remy BonesEdna PeeplesonMr. Bridget plays Alice in Bridget in Wonderland, Bridget plays Wendy Darling in Naveen Pan, Bridget plays Dora in Bridget the Explorer, Bridget plays Lucy in Ready, Dress, Go! The Parody Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. ZombiesMrs. PaquetteBrocknarFrankie BoltFranken BoltFrankensteinFrankenstein's BrideDrakeMr. PaquetteBrocknarFrankie BoltFranken BoltFrankensteinFrankenstein's BrideDrakeMr. Television programs She is one of Vampirina's friends in Pennsylvania. Occupation Zoey Howzer She’s creative, but her imagination can also get the better of her. Gore (teacher)TiffanyBoy in yellowRoxanneReneeOther KidsKing PepiNosferatuOlgaMatildaScream GirlsButtonsHornadette and ShriekiaMs. She's one of Vampirina's friends in Pennsylvania. She is also smart, funny, kind, friendly, but also, shy as she gets scared from getting in front of people. Vampirina "Vee" Hauntley is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior animated series, Vampirina. Likes Her friends, Ms. Cuddlecakes, cats, cute things, rides, the Creepover (currently) Briana (mother)Gladys (aunt)Molly (great great-grandmother) Fincher (teacher)Rusty TopsailMr. ZombiesNarcisaCosminaPennyFangbertLarry MossSir GhoulgoodBeau EerietonBoo EerietonBob. Background information Although her last name has yet to be revealed, Demi interestingly says "goodbye Pennsylvania" while hugging her, implying she might be named Bridget Pennsylvania. Source She is also smart, funny, kind, friendly, but also, shy as she gets scared from getting in front of people. Dislikes Fincher (teacher)Rusty TopsailMr. Vampirina "I am just a little bit nervous!" Miss Cuddlecakes (pet cat)Briana (mother)Gladys (aunt)Molly (great great-grandmother) Bridget is quite a tall girl and has wavy red and orange hair which she wears in a curly ponytail. She has fair skin and her eyes have blue irises. Character information She usually wears a pink shirt with orange rims and purple sleeves, pink-and-white sneakers and a yellow miniskirt/tutu over blue legwear which resemble jeans (even though tights/leggings are what usually accompanies tutus). She is very sensitive to loud noises and bright, flashing lights, things that the Scare B&Bis full of. Woodchuck WoodsieStudentGhoul Girls bassistGhoul Guide Bridget is the tritagonist in Disney Junior's and Disney Channel's "Vampirina". She is one of Vampirina's friends in Pennsylvania. Bridget is a supporting character in Disney Junior's Vampirina. PJs Scary stuff, being locked up, being insecure, being sick, heights (formerly), spiders, being shouted at, thunder, the Creepover (formerly) Bridget • "The Great Esmeralda/Frog's Breath" • "Oh Brother/The Search for Bigfoot" • "Au Revoir Remy/The School Scare Fair" • "Ghoul Guides Save the Day!" She is one of Vampirina's friends in Pennsylvania. Alignment First appearance Personality The Nintendo King 1-3 (Super MarioRockz Style), Ready, Dress, Go!

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